30+ People Who Forgot to Check Their Selfie Background


Ever experienced the frustration of having a flawless photo ruined by an unexpected individual in the background? Well, these individuals surely had a tough lesson, as they discovered that what’s happening behind you can make or break a picture. Feast your eyes on this collection of more than 30 people who unfortunately neglected to assess their backgrounds before capturing their shots.

Mom Wanted A Selfie

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The main question we have is whether these individuals are siblings or romantic partners, as there seems to be a lot happening secretly. It is evident that both men did not pay much attention to their reflection, which ultimately revealed the true nature of this interaction for an indefinite period.

Selfie Fails Are Probably The Best Fails


There are numerous unresolved questions evoked by this image, notably the rationale behind the transparent mirrors used for bathroom stalls. If those surfaces are not actually mirrors, one must wonder why the girl in the picture is comfortably perched on a sink without her pants. It appears imperative for someone to engage in a conversation with her regarding the concept of appropriateness and understanding the boundaries of attractiveness.

Get My Good Angle Also…

Untitled 1 1

Ginger in the background desires to catch the attention of some boys too. She has certainly perfected the flirting gaze and is also focusing on her delicate paws. If someone could provide her with some red-eye remover, she would be on the right track to finding companions to join her at the dog park.

Hiding In The Shadows

Untitled 3

Based on the photo, it appears that the reason behind this person’s smile might not be solely due to the picturesque view. Instead, we speculate that there is another motive for his smile, and it would be preferable if this trail is adequately isolated for his well-being.

Puppy Pee Pad Fail


If the puppy pee pads weren’t visible in the background, we would likely perceive this photo as more alluring. The presence of such objects calls for the application of an image editing tool like object remover. However, it’s worth mentioning that the individual in the photo deserves credit for their impressive belly button piercing, which we would rate as a perfect ten.

Caught The Peeper On Camera

So Busted

Until these girls recorded it, we had only heard of occurrences like this, but now we have visual proof of a peeper. To prevent the situation from escalating further at the wedding, it is necessary to seize that phone immediately.

Embarrassing Prom Photo

Untitled 16

This father has gained an important insight into the importance of remembering to dress appropriately before taking prom photos in the future. The embarrassment resulting from this photo is uncertain, but considering the presence of a checkered cumber band on the child, it is safe to say that both individuals were affected.

Eyes Reveal All

Untitled 18

The fact that she was perusing the internet for sex toys and then had the idea to take a self-portrait suggests that she had a sudden desire to join the Grindr app. However, it is generally advised against wearing sunglasses in a selfie, unless the intention is to divulge certain undisclosed information to others. Hopefully, she is not connected with her mother on Facebook.

Obnoxious Rave Face

Rave Face

While you may be enjoying yourself, it’s evident that the woman standing behind the enthusiastic individual who keeps exaggerating their hand gestures is not having a pleasant experience. It would be prudent for the person at the front to reduce their level of enthusiasm.

Not How You Wanna Be Trending

Untitled 10

During every get-together with relatives, it is guaranteed that there will always be a particular Uncle who believes he is a skilled plumber. When will individuals of the male gender comprehend that there are negative consequences associated with wearing their trousers low? If you happen to surpass the age of 20, it is strongly advised that you abstain from partaking in this fashion trend at any point in time.

Little Brother In Da House

Little Brothers

We were nearly convinced that these two girls were enjoying a wild night out, until we realized that someone’s brother was in the bathroom downstairs wrapping up his business. The fact that they still decided to share this photo is probably a reflection of how intoxicated they were.

Beach Bomb

if you re gonna bomb  do it right

Though it must be acknowledged that this photograph was captured at a beach, it is possible that the woman in the background is simply adjusting her bathing suit discreetly underneath her clothing. Nevertheless, the timing of this incident gives off a negative impression for all parties concerned.

Holding On Tight

Untitled 9

The photo was initially charming, but it has now veered in a different direction, leaving us intrigued with the various potential scenarios depicted. Could they be in a karaoke lounge, a gentlemen’s club, or perhaps a bustling Las Vegas casino? The range of possibilities is vast, and we are left longing to uncover the truth.

Stranger Danger

Stranger Danger

There are two possible explanations for the expression on the lady’s face: either a bug accidentally entered her nose from behind, or she has a particular aversion towards attractive girls being accompanied by their boyfriends. We are inclined to believe it is more likely the latter, although regardless of the reason, it is a facial expression that nobody desires to have captured in their photographs.

Don’t Look Behind You

pics_086_clean_790 611fae2b90b56

There are two major concerns regarding this photograph. Firstly, the individual in the picture appears remarkably calm despite the presence of impending danger behind him. Secondly, it is worth noting that the person capturing this image did not consider informing their companion about the situation occurring in the background.

Woman posts engagement photo on Facebook and accidentally reveals the reason behind it

Getting Married

Although it may have spoiled the unexpected proposal, it’s highly likely that everyone would have deduced the reason behind her being asked to marry by the time she made her way to the altar. Concealing a visible nine-month pregnancy bump, even under a white gown, is quite challenging.

Lana Spelled Backwards Leads Nowhere Good


Upon initial observation, the primary issue apparent in this image is the presence of a noticeable mark on her neck, resembling a love bite. It may be advisable to utilize a portion of her hair to conceal it. The secondary concern pertains to the reverse spelling of “Lana,” which, when depicted in the picture, seems to lead to unfavorable outcomes.

Jerk Alert

Drive By

Ever experienced that moment when you appear quite attractive in a vehicle? It appears that these two gentlemen positioned behind this young lady are also aware of it. Admittedly, their actions could be regarded as unkind, but we couldn’t help but chuckle at it. Therefore, we should show a bit of appreciation for the humor in what these individuals are attempting to do.

When You See It

When You See It

If only the photo didn’t feature the unfortunate neglected child in the center, it would have been a great picture. To avoid any unsettling elements, it’s advisable for the photographer to be more aware and remove such factors before capturing the shot.

Daughter Like Father

Untitled 8

Fathers possess great skills in interfering with their daughters’ romantic endeavors, and this particular father is demonstrating remarkable proficiency in that area. While his daughter believes she is capturing an adorable selfie, her dad ensures that all attention is shifted away from her. It might be advisable for them to consider pursuing a career in this, as they could potentially achieve significant success through their viral videos.

Getting The Message Across

pics_186_clean_790 611fa8a7111f2

Do you want to know what can eliminate the allure of a bathroom selfie? Capturing the image with your child still visible within the frame. It would be wise to wait a mere two minutes until your child is out of sight before taking the photograph. Such actions do not necessarily convey a child-friendly impression.

Recreating The Pose

Untitled 1 2

This duo demonstrates that individuals possessing elongated arms and puckered lips can successfully achieve an attractive appearance while by the seaside. The recreation of this scenario would have been even more impressive if the individuals in the background had shared their photograph, thereby allowing us to catch a glimpse of a picture within a picture. Such an addition would have created a fascinating illusion reminiscent of an Escher-esque staircase scenario.

Formal Wear Fail

Untitled 1

Weddings are disliked by many individuals, even young children who are forced to wear uncomfortable tuxedos and endure them for a lengthy four-hour duration. We understand your sentiment, kiddo, as we also detest the need to wear a tie for any occasion.

Stay Hydrated Doggo

Untitled 1 3

This situation should serve as a reminder that taking a bathroom selfie is never advisable when the toilet is visible in the background. If she had edited the picture to remove the toilet, she wouldn’t have had to be concerned about her dog entering the bathroom and taking a sip while she was posing.

Mom’s The Best With Photos

Untitled 21

No matter how much time you dedicate to working out in the gym or how many romantic partners and social media likes you accumulate, your mother will always remain your most ardent supporter, as indicated by this picture. Although this individual may have found this situation somewhat embarrassing, we find it to be a rather endearing photograph.



Even cats crave some excitement when they’re alone. This girl should acquire knowledge about how to strategically position products before capturing a selfie in front of the glass doors. At least everyone found it amusing this Halloween, except for perhaps Jayme who may consider updating her profile picture.

Tough Guy Persona

Look For It

The intentions behind this individual’s actions in this photograph are unclear. However, if he aims to demonstrate his muscular and stylish persona, it may be advisable for him to exclude his companion from the frame since her presence is significantly detracting from the desired aesthetic. In future instances, it would be more suitable for the subject to opt for a solo selfie.

Check Your Background People


The girl is incredibly adorable, but it is rather unappealing to see her grandfather’s undergarments seemingly drying on the radiator. We can only assume that this is a family home for older individuals, given the pictures on the wall. If it happens that the undergarments belong to her boyfriend, there would be no way to overlook that situation.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall


Every time, siblings will ruin your picture, as illustrated by the guy in the mirror flaunting his exposed nipple. Perhaps in the future, she should double-check the photo before sharing it on social media, as he seems to be stealing the spotlight from her.

Passed Out Selfie Fail

Untitled 4

The positive information is that the young lady in the picture managed to achieve an almost adorable selfie. On the downside, there happens to be a man without a shirt in the background, who is far from cute and is potentially spoiling the photo. What we are truly curious about is whether they have a connection or if he is simply an unsettling stranger observing from a distance.

Slipping In The Tub


Parents need to be more attentive to their surroundings, especially when they have children. It is evident that this photograph would have been significantly improved if the woman had been aware of her child’s drowning situation instead of posing with a smile. It can be assumed that the child faced consequences following the capture of this image.

Creeper Bomb

Untitled 5

In situations like this, many phones come equipped with a cropping tool that would come in handy. If it weren’t for the presence of an individual purposely trying to look strange in the background, this photo of the joyful couple would have been exceptional.

Taking A Subtle Selfie

Very Subtle

Although this individual seems to have a higher threshold for directly requesting celebrities to take pictures with him, he does not hesitate to discreetly capture selfies with them while they are wrapping up their bathroom visits. This behavior could be perceived as equally unsettling as the previous method.

Wonder What Mom Would Think?


Have you ever considered what your mother’s reaction would be if she were to visit your social media profile? We have a strong inclination that her response would closely resemble the expression on this mother’s face, who regrettably entered her child’s sorority house at an inopportune moment.

Can You Spot The Rat?


This image serves as a reminiscence of the Full House episode where Danny Tanner faced difficulty in dating a girl due to her untidy living conditions. It would undoubtedly pose a substantial challenge to pursue a romantic relationship with this woman if one were to discover a room like this upon returning.

Bathroom Break

Untitled 7 3

To begin with, one wonders where exactly this girl is located that lacks stall doors. Although men may understand the situation, it is common for women’s restrooms to have stall doors precisely to avoid this kind of issue. This girl has now gained a valuable insight into situations where taking a selfie is not appropriate.

Grabby Hands

Booty Grab

It appears that the person standing at the rear is experiencing a period of limited success or romantic drought, although this is purely speculative. Regarding the individual attempting a somewhat artistic half-selfie, it might be advisable to capture a photograph of your entire face in the future, as it would eliminate any unsettling elements in the background.

50 Shades Of Grey

Untitled 3

Although we understand that there may be a logical explanation for the activities taking place in the background of this photograph, we personally find it more appealing to envision a scenario where one person assumes a dominant role while the other person faces consequences for a mischievous decision. This perception could be influenced by the influence of popular culture, such as the lessons taught in books like 50 Shades of Grey.

Crappy Head

Untitled 4

On occasion, there are situations where one must answer nature’s call, and in this instance, the circumstances were arranged in such a way that it appeared as if the unfortunate infant had become the target of the dog’s excrement. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case, otherwise the father’s smile would likely have diminished slightly.

Busted Stopping The Photo Yourself

Untitled 6

We are not fully aware of the situation here, except for the fact that this girl has somehow spoiled her own selfie. However, it is certain that she has something lodged in her teeth that she should address before taking another selfie.

Just Me, Myself And I

Just Me  Myself And I

While striking a tough guy posture may seem impressive, it becomes slightly unsettling when you unintentionally capture the shot and realize your reflection popping up in the mirror behind you. This individual should perhaps focus on improving their camera angles to avoid such an eerie effect.

Don’t Step On My Toes

In Da Club

The girl in the front is still composed and having a great time, but unfortunately, the girl standing behind her appears to be under the influence of a potent and potentially harmful substance. It is worrisome to imagine the events that unfolded after this picture was taken.

Prime Review Gone Wrong

Prime Review

This review photo of prime quality essentially reaffirms our existing notion about individuals who possess a large quantity of firearms and believe it necessary to establish their own militia. Can one perhaps assert that this individual is compensating excessively?

Fake Sleeping

Untitled 11

We were nearly convinced that you dozed off while indulging in food, but our perception changed when we realized you were holding an iPad and capturing a selfie. From now on, our confidence in any content shared by this woman will never be the same. Another failed attempt on Instagram.

Everyone Has To Go

Untitled 12 2

By the time most individuals enter their twenties, it is generally assumed that they have a solid understanding of bathroom manners. It is an absolute imperative to consistently and promptly flush the toilet. While we acknowledge that everyone has bodily functions, we fail to comprehend the rationale behind intentionally deciding not to flush. We kindly request that you simply execute this basic action without hesitation.

Eyes Are Up Here

Untitled 12

She is simply seeking a playful way to sport her new glasses, but her boyfriend has different intentions. While he may be directing the camera towards her face, his focus seems to be more on her rear. Looks like he got caught in the act, pal.

Creepy Third Wheel

Untitled 13

In every group, there is that one friend who gives off a creepy vibe, and in this photo, he fully embraces that persona. Interestingly, he is also the sole individual among the trio who managed to keep his eyes open for the picture, which we find quite amusing.

Bathroom Selfie Fail

Now That s A Selphie

Every girl is familiar with that indescribable desire to take a selfie in the bathroom. There is just something about the lighting in bathrooms that makes it perfect for capturing selfies. However, this man could benefit from a few pointers, such as ensuring he has finished using the restroom before taking the photo.

Sexy Vs Realistic

Untitled 14

While it’s commonly understood that finding the right angle can enhance one’s appearance, this lady’s example vividly demonstrates how the wrong angle can result in an unflattering outcome. To offer a helpful suggestion for beginners, it’s important to avoid having a mirror positioned behind oneself when attempting to conceal the backside.

Not So Cute Dog

Untitled 15

Let’s make an assumption that the adorable dog unexpectedly appearing in the background of this couple’s photo is a male. Normally, having a cute dog in your photo would be delightful, but in this particular instance, it seems that the dog inadvertently spoiled the picture.

Butterfly Attack

Untitled 4

Although the butterfly exhibit was anticipated to be an enjoyable experience, it turned out to be rather distressing for certain visitors, resembling a hostile assault rather than a whimsical outing. Despite their size, malevolent butterflies have the capability to swiftly swoop down on an individual’s eye without any consideration for the circumstances.

How Did That Cat Get In Here

Untitled 19

It’s important to mention that this gentleman’s bathroom has an outdated design, reminiscent of the 1980s. However, considering the fact that he is holding an iPhone, it’s evident that the photo was taken in a more modern era. Now that we have addressed this discrepancy, let’s shift our attention to the mischievous cat that unexpectedly appeared in the photo, demonstrating that cats can exhibit similar levels of messiness as dogs.

Nose Closeup

Untitled 25

This girl’s impeccably flat abdomen may go unnoticed as our attention is drawn to her noticeably large nostrils reflected in the mirror. Fortunately, she appears to be free of any unsightly nasal hairs. However, when viewed at such a magnified level, her resemblance leans more towards a pig than a charming teenager.

Bathroom Selfie Issues

Untitled 26

It’s difficult to determine which element in this photo is more amusing to us. It’s unfortunate for this girl that her friend is using the toilet, but it’s quite remarkable how extensively her underwear is stretched out. Could she possibly be doing leg exercises while using the restroom? The addition of Uggs to the equation makes our exploration of this photo all the more enjoyable.

Wrong Place Wrong Time

Untitled 27

While some could argue that the foot in this image is positioned unfavorably, we believe that every aspect of this photograph is flawless. This group picture has the potential to be the most exceptional one we have encountered in a long time, and we predict that it will be repeatedly shared whenever it resurfaces as a Facebook memory.

Lighting Is Important

Untitled 5

Although it is evident that these individuals are engaging in a game of beer pong, the narrative depicted by the shadows offers a more intriguing perspective. By cropping the photo to solely display the shadows, one can create a captivating image that showcases the artistry of skillful shadow manipulation.

Everyone Is Getting Involved In The Photo

Untitled 7 1

This particular image falls into the category of fortuitous optical illusions, where chance creates a captivating effect. Undoubtedly, this photograph is enchanting and will leave a lasting impression on the individuals who were originally capturing a group picture on a ferry. Despite not being directly involved, the newfound presence of this gentleman ensures that he will remain ingrained in their memory as they share this remarkable photo for years to come. The perspective truly gives the illusion of a diminutive cowboy leaping aboard for an adventurous journey.

Mirrors Are Everything

Untitled 11 1

Despite feeling attractive while sitting on the toilet, this picture serves as evidence for why it is unadvisable to take photographs in such a situation. Although she does successfully portray an endearing appearance, the revelation that her happiness may stem from successfully excreting a substantial fecal matter detracts from the overall charm.

When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go

Untitled 14 1

The younger sister is thrilled about catching her fish, while the older brother is too busy to join in the celebration. It is obvious that spending countless hours on the water has forced him to relieve himself in the same environment. We hope they don’t intend to catch and throw the fish, as someone might currently be vulnerable and wants to avoid getting hit by a struggling fish.

Booty Shot

Untitled 15 1

The expression on the dog’s face indicates that he is fully aware of the situation and is completely indifferent. He does not feel any embarrassment or hesitation and will happily wag his tail for anyone who pays attention. In contrast, the girls seem unaware of the activities taking place behind them.

Sexy Smiles

Untitled 23 1

It’s uncertain whether that individual is a peculiar and eerie child or a deranged and petite adult. Nevertheless, the appearance of their face is undeniably one of the most unsettling we have witnessed in a considerable period of time. The absence of the straw and their persisting bizarre posture only amplifies the creepiness, especially for these girls.

Creeper In The Shower

Untitled 25 1

We commend this girl for capturing a photo in the bathroom without inadvertently including a toilet in the mirror, which appears to be a significant concern among girls, as suggested by this list. However, the presence of a disturbing eyeball protruding from the shower door is arguably even more disconcerting. When attempting to appear presentable in the bathroom, the last thing one desires is their boyfriend unexpectedly popping up in the background.

Catching The Queen In A Shot

Untitled 26 1

To be frank, there is nothing negative to be mentioned about this photo as it is certainly a delightful experience to have the Queen unexpectedly appear in the background. It is highly probable that the two girls were overjoyed when they discovered the Queen photobombing their picture, especially with her dazzling smile.

Not Everyone Is A Fan

Untitled 29

This valuable lesson applies to all educators – simply believing that you possess the ability to bond and engage with students doesn’t guarantee it. It seems evident that the student seated in the front row has distinct perspectives on how they manage situations within their school. Perhaps, in the future, consider capturing a photo of oneself alongside the student.

Is She Alive?

Untitled 6 2

With the recent surge in overdoses, it’s apparent that either Granny is at risk of being the next casualty or she has once again confused her medications. Either way, it is advisable for someone to promptly go back and verify her condition before being overly concerned about their appearance in the photograph. Additionally, it is puzzling why the adjacent grannies appear completely nonchalant about the unfolding situation.

All Fun And Games Till A Spider Shows Up


What’s great about this selfie is that it gives us a unique opportunity to witness the three phases of encountering a spider up close. Initially, you are blissfully unaware, experiencing a state of contentment. Then, as your mind gradually comprehends the presence of a large spider nearby, your eyes widen in astonishment. Lastly, you unleash a scream in sheer terror, desperately hoping that the spider retreats and this incident remains unspoken of in the future.

Photobombed By Your Boss

Untitled 10 2

Work becomes a source of enjoyment and amusement until the moment you choose to capture a few self-portraits while being on the clock, only to unexpectedly find your boss appearing in the background of those images. Consequently, justifying to Bill Gates that you have been diligently engaged in work for the past hour might prove to be quite challenging.

Just A Little Squished

Untitled 14 2

We sincerely wish that this photo was captured prior to the COVID era. As the pandemic continues, our main concern shifts towards the potential germ contamination on the divider, now covering the child’s face and nose. It’s situations like these that might lead one to question whether certain individuals are suitable for parenthood.

Well There Is A Reason Her Hair Is Like That

Untitled 16 2

It appears that the beach is not the most effective method for achieving wavy sun-kissed hair. Surprisingly, the optimal technique involves embracing the ocean’s emotional energy while lying in a bed. Yet, we are puzzled as to why only one individual in the scenario is wearing clothing. This begs the question: What is the thought process of that particular person at this moment?

Fake It Till You Make It

Untitled 17 2

We were initially impressed for a brief moment, but upon realizing the true situation, we quickly formed an accurate opinion about the character of this individual. Currently, we are amusing ourselves by experimenting with our own forearms, wondering if we can replicate this same feat, albeit without the conspicuous use of a mirror.

Happened At The Crack Of Dawn

Untitled 19 2

It is evident that this person is attempting to display their war injuries, but it becomes challenging to regard their battle scars with seriousness upon noticing the prominent exposed buttock crack in the background. While these individuals may feel at ease in each other’s company, it may be advisable to maintain some discretion regarding such displays.

Big Wad Of Nothing

Untitled 22 1

If you plan on pretending to be wealthy, it is advisable to ensure that your counterfeit money is not coming undone at the edges. Faking affluence can be worse than financial hardship itself, especially if your true financial status is lacking.

Supporting Hand

Untitled 13 2

It is a rare occurrence when all the factors align perfectly. We have a strong admiration for the Leaning Tower of Pisa and are now inclined to visit Italy in an attempt to imitate its iconic stance. It is essential that we accompany our fathers to form the complete chain.

That’s An Odd Table Centerpiece

That s An Odd Table Centerpiece

This girl has found a clever approach to let potential suitors know that she is independent and capable of taking care of herself. If the date doesn’t go smoothly, she is confident in her ability to handle things on her own. Therefore, in order to earn her approval and be invited back to her home, you will need to put in some effort.