5 Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Trip


We are always full of pleasant expectations and experiences before traveling. And in order not to spoil all the happy moments, it is important to provide for all the little things. This article lists the five most common mistakes travelers make. Remember about them while getting ready to go, and you will save time and money.

  1. We Do Not Print Boarding Tickets

The 21st century, the latest technologies and parcels are delivered by drones and prostheses are printed on 3D printers. Print your ticket? Seriously? What are you talking about, what kind of paper, what dinosaurs are using it now? We received a ticket purchased online by email and uploaded it to Dropbox or iPhone’s Wallet. It won’t get lost even if you drown your phone.

Now imagine that at the airport you have no Internet connection or, even worse, your phone’s battery has run out. And these are just a couple of examples of situations in which you will be left without a reserved seat. Yes, your airline does not require you to present your ticket. But, believe me, not every airline does this. Conclusion: print your boarding tickets for planes, trains, and buses.

2. We Don’t Have Enough Time For A Transfer

We always want to quickly get to our destination, and there is no desire to spend, for example, a day and a half on the road to the sea. This is normal thinking for everybody. Therefore, if we need to make a change on the way, we choose the option where the minimum time is spent. And then we ran around the airport in search of the desired exit. Try to plan your route so that you have at least 60 minutes between the landing of one plane and the takeoff of another. In Japan, trains arrive a second later, while in Germany the train may be an hour late, or it may be cancelled altogether. If you travel by bus, consider traffic jams.

3. We Trust The Description Of The Hotel On The Web

When choosing a hotel, we read its description on the website. Spacious rooms, high-speed internet, magnificent views, lovely staff, everything is great. If you are looking for the cheapest option, or you just need a place to sleep, hell with it, you can trust this description of the hotel. But if you are looking for a place to stay where you will spend a few days and do not want your room to look like a barn, then carefully read the reviews of tourists who have visited this hotel (or apartment) before.

4. We Do Not Make Backups Of Our Photos

We take a lot of photographs while travelling. Lots of. Previously, there were only two reasons for a photo: some kind of holiday and a trip to the mountains or the sea. Well, okay, there is also a photo for documents. Photos are a great opportunity to plunge into pleasant memories of a merry time travelling.

But, do you remember the famous phrase “Everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”? This can turn into reality for you, if you do not take backups of your photos.
Turn on autoloading of pics to the Icloud, upload pictures from cameras to Dropbox or any other cloud service. Anything can happen to memory cards and our electronic devices. Then you will be left without photos.

5. We Pack Badly

We always try to fit as many things as possible into suitcases as small as possible. And if your T-shirts might be wrinkled as much as possible, then liquids may spill. And then your favorite T-shirts will be in something sweet or smelly. Just imagine how upset it would be ifafter the flight, you open your suitcase and find out that the wine that you brought as a gift to your friend poured out on the things that you just bought while shopping.