OMG! 60 Most Risky And Dangerous Selfies Ever Taken


Imagine if your final headline read, “Death by Selfie!” It’s unthinkable to most, but for some risking it all to get that perfect selfie picture seems to be worth it all. Or, maybe they’re simply not thinking it through. Not every selfie ends well. According to the Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care, 259 people actually ended their lives in pursuit of a selfie in a six-year period between 2011 and 2017. Of course, some smiling risk takers make sure safety is in place before they snap the breathtaking picture that hopefully doesn’t literally take their breath away. But, here are 60 risky and dangerous selfies that some have attempted.

Russia Selfie Hotspot

Does it make you dizzy just looking at it? Of all places in the world, there is one place that has realized there is a huge problem with risk-taking selfie snappers. The problem has become so severe that Russia actually issued a campaign instructing people how to take selfies safely. It was called a “safe selfie” campaign claiming that your next selfie could be your last. It appears that these folks didn’t listen. This selfie was snapped in Yekaterinburg, Russia. The area has seen such an increase of young people who are looking for the perfect thrill to capture in a picture. Many injuries and even deaths have occurred because of this new trend.

Daredevil Alexander Remnev

No ropes, no harness, and no safety gear in sight. Just a young man gambling with his very life to get a bone-chilling selfie to share. Alexander Remnev is a daredevil that takes things to the extreme. Here he is perched atop the Hong Kong skyline. He is now in his 20s, but when he was 19 he made quite a mark on social media with his death-defying selfies. At 19, he was a Russian photographer and IT student at Moscow State University. Technically, some of his photographic images may not be selfies. He travels with a buddy who uses a Go-Pro with a telephonic lens.

Taking A Risk On A Train Trestle

In Rio de Janeiro, there is a mountain range known as Serra do Mar. Translated it means “Mountain Range of the Sea.” It features a breathtakingly high gorge bridge where active trains run. For several years recently, selfie takers have ventured onto the train trestle to capture themselves defying gravity. Not only is the bridge positioned very high above the gorge, but thrill seekers also seem to be drawn to train tracks. This offers both with a huge risk. Sadly, nearly a dozen selfie-takers have fallen off of similar bridges since 2014. One woman plummeted from the Puente de Triana bridge in Spain.

Train Selfies

Please keep your hands and head inside the moving train! Many thrill seekers tend to completely ignore this warning especially in Sri Lanka and India. These locales have completely banned people from taking train selfies. If the thrill of standing on a railroad track with an oncoming train isn’t enough, many have taken to hanging out the window of a moving train for the sole purpose of snapping a selfie. One newlywed man in Sri Lanka lost his life when trying to take a picture of his bride in front of a moving train. Many injuries or deaths are likely to occur when a train is traveling at such a high speed.

Regular Selfie Risk Taker Angela Nikolau

Risking her life is pretty much a daily occurrence for this girl. Angela Nikolau is seen here standing above Tianjin, China in a picture she posted to her Instagram account which has more than 400,000 followers. But, then again, she was raised by a Moscow trapeze artist who performs for a well-known circus. While she realizes her feats are dangerous, she continues to seek and share more selfie thrills. When she is not standing high atop cities or dangerously perched on a ledge, she is promoting fashion brands, and sponsoring camera companies. As long as she has an audience, she will continue to share her selfie pics.

Daredevil Daniel Lau

If you find yourself screaming, “Get down from there!” You are not alone. It’s not enough to be a talented photographer, Daniel Lau takes his skill to a dangerous level. He is among the world’s most well-known daredevil photographers. In the eyes, or behind the camera lens, of Daniel Lau, the more dangerous the better. This one is taken high atop a skyscraper in Hong Kong. Notice, he doesn’t just snap a quick shot. Instead, he takes time to frame the picture to the most gut-dropping extremes. This one makes the viewer squeamish, especially if they are afraid of heights.

In The Arms of Jesus

If you’re gong to risk your life and limb for the sake of capturing a death-defying selfie, what better place than in the arms of Jesus. Lee Thompson is a travel blogger and skilled photographer. While he doesn’t always travel to such heights, he was actually challenged by the Brazilian tourism Board. He rose to the occasion and took them up on the challenge to stand a top Rio’s Christ the Redeemer statue and snap a selfie. Not many traveler buffs have this kind of story to tell or the pictures to show for their attempts to meet a challenge.

Bull Running Selfie

In Pamplona, the running of the bulls is not a new event. It dates back all the way to 1591. Since that time, many have risked their lives to take part in the event. In 2019 alone, three people were gored by bulls. And, they weren’t even trying to take a selfie. This person saw the need to not only be present during the invigorating and adrenaline rushing event, but to also whip out his camera for a selfie in the midst of it all. While it looks as if he is fairly safely positioned on the sidelines and not in the path of danger, he may want to rethink that red scarf next time.

On Top Of Old Shanghai

Despite warnings of the dangers of climbing to the rooftops of tall buildings or risking your life for a selfie, there are a few names who have made themselves known for doing just that. Like Daniel Lau, Alexander Remnev has become popular for his death-defying selfie stunts. It’s one thing to seek a selfie thrill alone, but Remnev also enlists the help of a couple friends in this shot high atop Shanghai. While this is an amazing view of the city, it looks like at least one of his friends is more concerned about holding on tight to his camera than he is about slipping to his death.

Till Death Do Us Part And Hanging On For Life

Is he risking both of their lives for the sake of making a point about danger? It’s not enough to bring a girlfriend, or perhaps a sister or wife, along for the challenging and extremely dangerous shot. This guy knows the risks and brags about it to his social media followers. He posted a caption to this picture that read, “Do you know how many people in the world have died due to selfie incidents?” It looks as if the two stepped off of a fairly safe platform to instead sit on the brink of death just for the sake of a good photo.

A Hot Mess

No, it’s not a green screen photoshopped image. That’s burning lava she’s pointing at with a smile. Maybe they wanted documentation for the insurance paperwork, but that’s burning lava from an active volcano in the background. If a volcano happens to erupt behind you when you are standing there, maybe it’s time to evacuate and not stop for a selfie. Picture takers have become such an issue in the UK that The Royal Geographic Society has been warning people to stop because of a rise in deadly falls. On top of the risk of falling, these two look like they may be a bit overheated as well.

Volcanic Eruption

At least this guy came dressed for the raging inferno volcanic eruption behind him. If you’re going to chase after danger, be smart enough to dress for the occasion with full body armor. After all, safety first! George Kourounis is a National Geographic explorer and a bit of a storm chaser. If there is a natural disaster, he is likely to run into it with camera in hand. This picture was snapped near the very dangerous Vanuatu Ambrym volcano. This pyroclastic shield volcano features gradually-sloping sides formed from fragments of explosive eruptions and has been known to billow ash and steam.

Dangerous Selfie

This photographer found his way atop a canyon in Utah’s Canyonlands National Park. The park preserves 337,598 acres of rugged landscape that offers extremely colorful canyons, mesas, buttes, arches, spires, and fins for hikers to explore. Of course, what else do you do when you reach this type of summit looking down? You snap a selfie to share with everyone on social media, of course. At least he was fully aware of the death-defying position he was standing in. He captioned this picture with saying, “I don’t always take selfies, but when I do, they’re dangerous.” So, in other words, Kids, don’t try this at home.

Bitten For A Selfie

This ocean site seer may have bitten off a bit more than he could chew when he grabs his camera and smiles on the side of what looks to be a boat. These water animals may look sweet and amazing when you watch them in a sea lion show with a trained attendant. But, they can weigh as much as 660 pounds. Turning your back on this massive creature is not such a good idea. When this guy went to snap a selfie, he realized very quickly that one wrong move and the sea lion could have the best of him if he chose to bite.

Dangling Feet

For death-defying selfie takers, climbing atop great heights and positioning the camera to aim downward adds to their thrill. But, it truly is dangerous. This selfie taker climbed to the top of the Tiger Leaping Gorge trail in China. While the picture angle looks like it is at an alarmingly high altitude, it really doesn’t do justice to the risk she took. As she whipped out her camera to snap a selfie, it makes you wonder if the thought of dropping the phone crossed her mind. Her feet are dangling 8,694 feet above what lies below. It is considered to be a very dangerous trek for hikers let alone someone stopping to take a picture.

Horseshoe Bend Selfie Deaths

Is the beauty worth the risk? Horseshoe Bend, Arizona offers one of the most breathtaking views for hikers to look down and behold. Many hikers make the trek in hopes of getting a glimpse of the panoramic scenery below. Tons of other hikers make the journey with one goal in mind. They want to snap the perfect selfie when they reach the top. While the imagery is nothing short of beautiful, it comes at a price for those who don’t realize the dangers. At least two deaths have taken place on this very spot since 2018 that were related to taking a selfie.

Don’t Fall

Another Horseshoe Bend selfie taker. This one looks as though one small bump, and her life could go tumbling down the rocks. It’s true that Arizona is not all dessert and heat, but just make sure you live to show any photographic proof of the hidden water beauty. While Horseshoe Bend does make a pretty spectacular and stunning picture backdrop, it’s important that you make sure your back is not the one dropping as you snap the pic. Just making the hike alone comes with plenty of warnings and danger signs. Literally, one slip and a tumble down the cliff could mean it’s all over.

Shark Attacks Are Safer Than Selfies

Well, they look innocent and cute. Statistics show that more people have died taking selfies than from shark attacks. So, it looks like this deep sea risk taker is really wanting to tempt his fate. Though, his caption on his social media account where he posted this picture explains why he did what he did. He said, “I have been diving for over a decade and done 1000’s of dives around the world,” “It is important that you get specific training before just jumping in the water with sharks.” It’s a good thing he gave the warning, since these sharks look too cute to cause the harm they are capable of causing.

Falling For A Rapid Selfie

She took her falls selfie at Rolley Falls in British Columbia. Maybe she looks like her footing is solid against a rock, but how did she get there? And, how is she going to make it back across to the other side safely? At least when daredevils used to risk their lives going over Niagara Falls in a barrel, they weren’t doing it for the sake of a selfie. Was this woman’s boyfriend secretly bragging or honestly warning others when he posted the pic with a series of hash tag warnings. His hash tags read: #don’t try this at home, #leave it to the selfie pros, and #dangerous woman.

Skywalking Roofing Selfies

There is a trend called “skywalking”. Or, some call it “roofing”. If you didn’t know about it before, you do now. Though, you may wish you didn’t. It happens when travelers, often times it is young men, scale to the top of a tall building. Once they arrive, they are not content to merely be grateful they are still alive and take in the breathtaking view. Their main purpose is to take a selfie of their great feat. In doing so, they prove that they have defied death and successfully arrived at the top in one piece. Hopefully they come down the same way. This selfie was taken high atop a building in New York City.

Rooftop Selfie Falls

Roofies are selfies that are taken from atop a roof. Usually they are not taken from just any roof. They are typically shot from a very high roof that the picture taker has gone to great lengths to get to. Sometimes this means scaling the side of a building. Other times, it means finding a way to open a sealed door to get to the top. Obviously, roofies can be fatal. Many stories have circulated about roofies becoming fatal. There was one teen who fell to his death from off of the top of the roof of a mall. These alarming news stories of deadly falls don’t seem to stop those determined to get a shocking roofie.

Taking Selfies To Dangerous Heights

Going to a higher level is usually applauded by those who long to encourage others. However, when it means risking a deadly fall from extreme heights just to get a perfect picture, it might be a good time to think twice. This high-level selfie-taker captioned this picture with the words, “Needed to take my artistic mind to a higher level…” We just hope that he was able to safely come back to earth and get a bit grounded before attempting such a feat again. Hopefully, he won’t have to go to such extreme heights to clear his mind in the future.

Grand Canyon Risks

The Grand Canyon is an amazing natural wonder to behold. That is, it is amazing to behold from a safe distance. For some, the railings positioned for safety in the tourist areas are too tame. They long for more adventure that takes them to the edge of the cliff looking down at the canyons. At least one man fell to his death at the Grand Canyon. But, the news of his demise has not deterred other risk takers from going to the edge to snap a selfie. At least in this shot, the selfie taker is not quite at the very tip of the edge. Still, it’s too close for comfort for many.

Washed Ashore

All ashore that’s going ashore! You’ve got to admit that the vast foam created by the extreme waves crashing against the shoreline is mesmerizing. But, the mighty waves from a hurricane-like gust is nothing to mess around with. These photographers from San Diego took their best shot just seconds before the two were drenched with crashing waves. The ocean is a mighty force to be reckoned with, and it is quite unpredictable. Even expert oceanographers take extra precautions when dealing with the vast waters with waves calmer than these. Thankfully, the couple didn’t get washed out to the ocean to drift away.

On The Edge

The stunning and breathtaking views of Mistras, Greece is something of amazement. From the top of Villehardouin’s Castle, the landscape below looks spectacular. But, most don’t take in the views sitting on the edge of a mountain defying gravity just for the sake of a picture. It’s okay to stand safely behind the stone wall to snap a shot. This girl looks as if one huge gust of air could carry her away with arms out ready to fly. Let’s just hope she is not caught off guard. Otherwise, the next few pictures on the camera will look a lot more grim.

Hanging On For A Selfie

No, it’s not photoshopped. If it were, it would still make many of us gasp. Look out below! One wrong move, and this girl is going to be dashed against the side of a cliff. What friend thought that it was a good idea to grab a camera to snap a photo instead of searching for a rope and a way for her to tie off? What is she even holding onto? Hopefully, she has a good grip on that rock and her footing isn’t hitting some unexpected ice. When the photographer posted this to Instagram, it translated to exclaim, “What some people would not do for a selfie!”

Don’t Mess With Wildlife

You can see by the look in his eyes that he realizes the danger that lurks behind him. So, why doesn’t he run instead of standing there trying to get the best expression for the selife? A trip to the Florida Everglades turned this selfie taker into a fearless photographer. Sure, it is actually rare for an alligator to attack in this kind of scenario, but why would anyone risk it? Since 1973, there have been more than two dozen fatal alligator attacks reported. On a side note, let’s hope that phone is in a waterproof case so he doesn’t lose his life and his phone all in one day.

Gator Selfies

So, as we mentioned, fatal alligator attacks are actually somewhat rare. But, do you think she realizes that alligators are capable of running 20 miles per hour? From the look on her face, she does not seem to be too concerned. But, hey. She’s got a nice smile for the shot. It’s unclear where this photo was taken, but if it’s America, it’s likely to be somewhere in the southeast where it’s often illegal to harm the gator. Hopefully she won’t have any reason to need to defend herself anytime soon. Though, considering we are viewing the selfie, it looks like she made it away safely.

Barely Alive

Do you think she is aware that bears can run 25miles per hour? Humans don’t usually run that fast. This is not your cute, cuddly teddy bear variety of bears. That is a real bear. It’s hard to tell from the camera angle, but that bear looks closer even though she doesn’t look as though she is planning a fast escape. Instead, she seems to be pleasantly surprised that her hair is in place, and her sparkling eyes and white teeth look great on camera. At least she’ll look good if that bear ends up attacking. Thankfully, it looks like that didn’t end that way.

Full of Pride

These two may be full of pride. OK, so it’s not their pride but a lion’s pride that they captured in their duo selfie. Thankfully, the lions are too busy eating their kill to notice the selfie takers. Otherwise, this is an extremely dangerous and risky selfie. At any moment, these lions could decide that they have had enough of the dinner that is capturing their attention and turn their efforts to attacking the people, camera and all. We don’t know for sure, but can only assume that the two made it out alive since we have the picture to show for it.

Jellyfish Ready To Sting

If you’ve ever been stunk by a jellyfish, you know how painful of an experience it can be. This selfie taker seems to throw caution to the wind in regard to potential consequences. The lake he dove into should have been a dead giveaway. The photo is taken from Jellyfish Lake in Palau, Oceania. It is actually considered safe for tourists to snorkel in. So, maybe he’s not as risky as it appears. Scuba diving, however, is off limits to tourists but not because of the jellyfish. Snorkeling is off limits because of the high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide in the water.

Outer Space Selfie

The first known space selfie was taken on Gemini 10 by Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin during Gemini 12. If the selfie is taken in outer space, shouldn’t it be called a “spacie” instead? At least that’s what colleagues joked it should be called after this selfie was taken. Regardless, this Japanese astronaut Akihiko Hoshide went out of this world to bravely take a shot in September, 2012. One slip, and he may have been lost in space forever. Instead, the world gets to see a spectacular image. The picture required the use of a special camera. He got the amazing selfie when visiting the International space Station.

Watch Your Pets

Forget the duck lips selfie pose. This one is downright catty. Animal puns aside, this cat seems to be getting in on the dangerous selfie trend. Look at the look on this cat’s face. it’s as if the feline is thoroughly enjoying messing with his fellow dogs in the background. So many questions arise. What is going on in their heads and what happens when the pet owner is away? How did a cat manage to snap a photo using a paw? Whatever happened to the fingerprint scanning safety feature after all? What is about to happen? Or, is this cat crying out for help and documenting the evidence?

Cliffside Danger

Mount Evans is located just 60 miles west of Denver, and it is listed as one of the things to see while in the area. But, it’s usually the scenic byway that is encouraged to travel by car. It winds through about 9,000 feet of elevation gain from the high plains of Denver and goes through five climate zones until you reach the 14,264 foot summit. Though, there is a hiking trail as well, When he climbed Mount Evans in the Rocky Mountains, he was well aware of how dangerous the hike was. But, once he arrived at a summit, he could not resist the urge to snap a photo of himself. When he posted it, he joked in the caption about giving his mom a heart attack. That’s enough to make any mama’s heart jump a bit.

Volcanic Sacrifice

Maybe she should have gone with her gut-level feelings about this pic. When your partner talks you into posing for a dangerous selfie on top of a volcano and then hash tags it, “havin fun” and calls you “so brave,” maybe it’s time to rethink the relationship’s trust issues. These two went out on a ledge on the edge of Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh just to share their adventure with friends who couldn’t make the trip. You cannot get a clear realization of exactly how high up they are in the photo, but the ancient volcano they are perched atop is more than 800 feet high.

Steep Staircase Selfie

In 2015, one tourist tried to snap a picture at the Taj Mahal and fell down a staircase to their death. Knowing that makes this selfie all the more heart skipping. This selfie taker was balanced on a rock staircase that is located in Oran, Algeria. He stands on the edge and holds up his camera to get the right shot. Before he risks slipping and falling, phone and all, he does one more risky gesture. He flashes a peace sign with his other hand. Thankfully, it did not throw him off balance, and we have the selfie picture to show for it, but how did he get down from there?

Ski Lift Selfie

Not many people who ski down the side of a snow-capped mountain have the coordination to or even give any thought to taking a selfie stick and camera with them. Not only that, once in mid-air ski jump, this skier had to hang onto the selfie stick in one hand and a ski pole in the other while flashing a peace sign. Notice when selfie takers attempt a live-action sports shot, we rarely see the after pictures. For instance, this French skier captures a fantastic shot while in mid air. The selfie makes it look easy to glide through the air on top of a mountainside of snow in skis. But, we will never know whether or not he landed on his feet or needed to be rescued by the ski patrol or avalanche team.

Keep Your Hands And Head Inside The Moving Vehicle

Maybe keep your head and hands inside the vehicle at all times, especially if you are the one driving! This selfie taking daredevil was proud of his accomplishment, but was it worth the risk? He took this picture while driving and then posted it to his social media account with the caption, “clowning around.” The National Safety Council statistics has another thing to say about his antics. According to their reports, 1.6 million crashes take place every year because of cell phone use while driving. Though, sticking your head out the window to snap a selfie while driving is a far cry from glancing down to check a text.

No Monkeying Around

Keep a close eye on your camera, because this fella behind you is about to monkey around. A lot of mishaps can occur when you’re dealing with wild animals. They are called wild for a reason, even if they appear to be cute and cuddly or harmless. This Instagrammer claims she was attacked by her monkey co-star just seconds after the selfie was snapped. It turns out that it wasn’t the camera he was after, though. He wanted her beads. Still, just because a wild animal is intriguing or curious doesn’t mean they’re ready for a photo session behind your back.

Camel Breath

Even the somewhat tamed animals can surprise you during a photo shoot. It doesn’t look like this is this guy’s first time next to the camel. But, the camel has a thing to say about having his picture taken. Look how wide the animal’s mouth can open. It looks as if the man’s head could easily fit inside. Even tamed or trained animals can turn on you and take you for a wild ride. The best idea is to stay at a safe distance and not mess with animals especially if they are larger than you with a wide-opened mouth big enough to swallow your head.

A Near Miss

Safe! It was just another day at Fenway park, and this reporter went to take a selfie during batting practice. The ballpark is known for a large wall that has been dubbed the “Green Monster.” But, it wasn’t the Green Monster that almost did her in. A stray ball that was hit by one of the players came soaring passed her head barely missing her. It is a good thing that she was standing even slightly to the side, or this would have ended much differently. As it is, she was able to live to laugh about the close call at Fenway.

Dirt Bike Selfie

Riding and racing a dirt bike requires special equipment and safety gear. That’s on a typical good day. Imagine taking the risk of adding a selfie stick and camera to your attire while racing? That’s what this dirt bike rider did. Imagine making this jump while holding onto the bike and the camera? But, look even closer, there is another rider holding on for dear life off the back of the bike. It looks like a child, but it could be the camera angle. Not sure he’s going to land this thing, but we can hope it ended well for the passenger.

Domino Effect Skyscraper Style

Let’s hope this group of selfie takers don’t topple down like Dominos, one on top of the other causing a chain reaction. While it is an interesting concept to have a picture of a friend taking a selfie of a friend taking a selfie and so on, when it’s done high atop a building, it’s a very dangerous idea. This group of friends are hanging on the edge of a skyscraper to get the perfect shot. Not sure which friend has the safest spot in the line up. Even just one of these selfie takers is in a precarious position.

Selfie Of A Selfie Up High

Looks like this time, risk-taking Angela Nikolau is taking a selfie of herself taking a picture with her phone. Never mind the fact that she is doing so on top of roof’s ledge of a very high building. That’s a long way down, but she appears to be standing firm as if it’s just a typical walk in the park or a jump off the high dive at the community pool. The question is, even if her footing is stable, how is she so confident that she won’t drop her phone or her selfie stick? That’s a long way to fall.

Mach 1 Madness

As impressive as this shot was to this girl’s boyfriend, we might feel a little more assured knowing your full focus is on operating that plane. Of course, she may be a passenger. It’s not clear. But, if it is dangerous to take a selfie while traveling in a car at 60 miles an hour, what damage could happen when hitting Mach 1? Though, anyone will admit that the image is amazing. The reflection of the back end of the clouds beneath her is breathtaking in and of itself. Though, the fact that she is hooked up to oxygen just to keep breathing should indicate it’s not the time to snap a photo.

Watch For The Spotted Wildlife

Is a cheetah still considered to be the fastest land animal, or does this girl have some getaway legs? What do you do when a wild cheetah shows up behind you? Well, this woman whips out a camera and starts filming herself as the wild cheetah checks her out by sniffing her. This cat is not your typical house lap cat. It is a wild animal regardless of how sweet and furry it may look. When cheetahs are running at full speed, their stride is 6 to 7 meters, or 21 feet, and their feet only touch the ground twice during each stride. If their speed doesn’t frighten you, their hard padded paws with semi-non-retractable claws probably should.

Tornado Warning

If the tornado sirens are blaring, and you look out in the field to see a big black cloud roping off to form a funnel, it’s time to take cover. But, storm chasers have it in their blood to run toward these types of clouds known as tornadoes or twisters. It’s true that it’s when it looks more like a black wall ahead of you that you are directly in it’s path, but is it worth taking a chance just for the sake of death-defying selfie? He looks pretty confident that he’s not going to be caught up in a whirlwind in a matter seconds, but tornadoes are capable of switching directions quickly.

Training For Combat

If you’re in the middle of boot camp or military training, you might not want to take your eyes off of your job at hand. Certainly, taking a selfie while jumping out of a plane may not be part of the military combat training manual. We can only hope that this parachuter remembered to pull the rip cord at the right moment and to not drop the camera. Though, the fact that we are seeing the image indicates that the landing was safe. Even so, some times it’s just safer to give full focus to your work than to try to capture the best photo shot.

Before The Jump

Look mom! I made it to the war site in one piece. Nothing much happening today. We are almost at the highest altitude to make a safe jump. I’m just about ready to jump out of a plane with my buddies. Talk to you later, mom. let’s hope he put away that selfie stick safely tucked away inside the plane long before the three jumped off of the paratrooper door. Better still, let’s hope he remembered to properly fold and pack that parachute before packing the camera. Otherwise, it’s going to be a very rough landing. We don’t want to see the after photos.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Fall

Get down from there! What exactly is going on here? Who thought this was a good idea? Or, what did this guy’s buddies do to him that made him want to line them all up in a death-defying stunt? Instead of one risk-taking selfie taker falling to their death from the side of the cliff, let’s line everybody up. This way those who come to rescue them can count up all of the fatalities at once. And, who drew the short straw to wind up on the farthest peak having to wait until everyone else got in position and then having to wait until everyone else got to safety before he could even move?

Pilot Selfie

Ladies and gentlemen, it is now safe to move about the cabin, but please do not open the windows. Leave that to the pilot. Wait, what? What a cool concept to snap a photo from the outside of an airplane. Though, it is definitely not a safe idea. We would be satisfied to see aerial shots from a camera safely affixed to the plane and not in the hands of the pilot. Thankfully, this selfie taker actually edits his photos using Photoshop to make spectacular and mesmerizing images. He wasn’t really hanging out of the plane’s window to snap a selfie.

Both Hands On The Wheel

Never text and drive! And, that goes for taking pictures while flying around a racetrack at dangerously fast record-setting speeds. Is this race car driver in the lead? As if it is not enough to risk your life traveling at high speeds around a racetrack, let’s hope this driver was at a pit stop when this selfie was snapped. Otherwise, it is an insane feat to not only take your hand off the wheel long enough to snap a picture but to take your eyes off of the road track to make sure you’re posed properly. After all, you want to make sure you look good for the crash.

Tethered Trust

Hey, honey! Let’s stop here to get a picture to share with our friends and family so they can see how much fun we are having on our adventure. Let’s hope she is tethered to something other than him. As if rock climbing isn’t a risk in and of itself, attempting to also hold onto a camera and get the right angle is a risk too dangerous to take. She does look as if she is on a small summit, but how far of a fall is this going to be if he slips? Maybe it’s time to revisit those trust issues in the relationship once again.

Skyscraper Snack

Hey, guys! I have a great idea for a fun afternoon. Why don’t we climb to the tippy top of the tallest building in the city. Once we get there, how about we stop to take some selfies. But, first we might be hungry after the climb. So, let’s pack some bananas and take a picture of us all clustered together holding on for dear life while eating bananas? Sounds like a good idea, right? It did to these three. Or, is there significance in what they are eating? Are they trying to say they climb and swing from building to building like monkeys do in the jungle?

Come On In The Water’s Fine

Eek! You see it too, right! Is there a giant snake lurking behind this man? He dove into the water to snap a selfie after spotting the snake. As if it is reassuring at all, he does seem to understand enough about this kind of snake to have confidence that he would not be squeezed to death and turned into lunch for the reptile. The man claimed that the snake was floating, which apparently means it had already eaten. For anyone whose skin starts to crawl at the very mention of a snake, this picture will leave them wiping that smile off of this selfie taker’s face.

Free Falling Freeze Frame

Tell me it’s Photoshopped? No, it wasn’t. One wrong move, and he’s dead. At least he has the camera positioned somewhere other than his hand. So, at least he doesn’t have to think of holding onto the camera while balancing on one foot high above this body of water. Though, perhaps if he falls he may land in the water like an ultimate high-diving experience. But, it looks as though there’s plenty of hard land in his path as well. And, of course, the question in everyone’s mind is, “How did he even get up there?” And, how is he getting safely down? Or, did he?

Canyoning Selfie

Canyoning is a sport that is rapidly growing in popularity. Unfortunately, it has also captured the interest of selfie takers who are not necessarily skilled in the sport. If you like rock climbing, scaling walls, and venturing to great heights, it may be considered fun so long as you have all of the proper safety gear. At least this guy has a helmet and what looks to be some solid climbing shoes on. But, he’s also holding his rope line with one hand while holding a selfie stick with the other as he snaps a selfie looking way down the canyon.

Hang Gliding Selfie

Out of all of the dangerous selfies posted, this one may have actually taken into account some safety measures. It looks like both hands are firmly gripping the hang glider, and the camera appears to be secured to the pole and not in his hand. Also, hang gliding is a lot safer by today’s standards than it used to be a few decades ago. So, viewers of this selfie can breathe a breath of fresh air knowing that all safety measures seem to be in place. Leave the hang gliding, and certainly the hand gliding selfies, to the professionals. It’s not something an amateur should attempt.

Evacuate, Don’t Stop For A Selfie

By all means, when there is a raging volcano erupting in your path, follow the voices of authority warning you to evacuate. Whatever you do, don’t stop along the side of the road to capture a selfie of your dangerous rush to safety. When Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano erupted, every second would count for people to evacuate to safety. But, so many people took the time to capture selfies of the getaway that the authorities issued official warnings about the dangers of posing for pictures. It looks like this woman threw caution to the wind. Let’s hope she didn’t need to get rescued.