A Guide to Holidaying in Berlin


Are you planning a trip to Berlin? Here is a quick guide around the German capital.

Sites of Interest

Berlin has something for everyone. If  history is your cup of tea, you cannot leave Berlin without visiting these places:

  • The Berlin Wall: No trip to Berlin is complete without a visit to the Wall that kept the metropolis divided for thirty long years. Known as the “Wall of Shame” or the “Iron Curtain”, what once divided the city ideologically, is now a site of thriving street art.
  • The Holocaust Memorial: You will want to take a walk through the huge sloping field of concrete slabs to pay homage to those killed by NAzi atrocities. This memorial is also fittingly called the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.
  • The Jewish Museum: Take a tour of the exhibits here to learn more about the Holocaust and its impact on Jewish life.
  • The DDR Museum: If the Cold War era fascinates you, this museum is your go-to place. From furniture to spy planes, this site houses a motley of fascinating artifacts from that time.

If music and cuisine are the more important determiners of your trip, then the following are a must on your bucket list:

  • Check out the Punk Scene: Yes it emerges from the city’s intense political history, but you cannot miss it to experience present-day Berlin
  • Experience Electronic Nights: The capital of Germany is also one of the coolest electronic capitals. With clubs like Berghain drawing super-exclusive crowds from near and far, Berlin boasts of some of the best DJs in this genre. You will really miss out on a major Berlin experience if you decide to give its electronic nightlife a skip.
  • Chug down some Berlin Beer: A city with no open container law, soak in the Berlin experience with a local beer in your hand. Visit Eschenbrau, one of the oldest breweries in the capital to check how vart the variety of local brews here is.
  • Hog on the Currywurst: Even if you are not much of a street-food person, you cannot miss trying out this delicious soul food of the city. A dish made with sausage and curry sauce, nearly every road has a vendor that sells currywurst in Berlin.
  • Fine Dine at Tim Raue: Do not forget to try a meal at this famous two Michelin star restaurant. Your tastebuds are sure to enjoy the international fusion take on Asian fare in this elegant eatery.

Berlin has much to offer to the traveler in you. Now that you have a list of things to do and sites to see, it’s time to mark your dates and set your travel plans rolling. Enjoy the Berlin that beckons most to you!