Best Spots to Go Ziplining


If you are an adventure enthusiast, you need no introduction to the excitement of ziplining. There is an indescribable thrill in being able to swing from one hill to another like a bird. The sense of freedom and adventure that accompanies a zipliner over islands and through forest glades is an intense one.  The simultaneous joy and fear of zooming from one height to another is something best experienced in person. Indeed there is nothing quite exhilarating as gliding over nature in a gravity-challenging sport.

In the recent past, ziplining has grown popular among tourists as well as serious nature sports followers. IF you are looking for a ziplining spot to take your next plunge in, you would want to put the following destinations on your bucket list:

Labadee – Haiti

Home to the world’s longest overwater zip line, treat yourself for a vacation here if the thrill of zipping over the sea is your thing. Scenic and breathtaking, the spot is a tourist favorite.  The line here is set up 500 feet above sea level and you could glide across at a speed of 50 mph. Starting at Labadee, sip into the cove on the opposite side of the mountain which is aptly named Dragon’s Breath Rock. The experience is sure to be one to be treasured for a lifetime.

Jaguar Cave – Belize

The caverns where the line is set up have craggy edges that give the impression you are traveling into the mouth of a beast. Zipliners flock to the JAguar Cave lines to experience a thrill that is an odd concoction of fear and excitement. Try ziplining here to truly understand that feeling!

Icy Strait Point – Alaska

Have you thought of ziplining in beautiful scenery dotted with glaciers and white mountain tops?  If you have, then the Icy Strain Point in Alaska is where you should be packing your bags to. YOu will want to fly to the destination from Strait Point ZipRider. No more than six members are allowed in a group if you want to try out the group ziplining experience.

Orocovis – Puerto Rico

Not for the lighthearted, this ziplining course is one of the trickiest courses around.  The La Bestia zipline, at 1.5 miles, is the longest zip line in the world. YOu will need to cover a stretch face down to cross over to the Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park. The drop can be thrilling as well as unnerving at 65 mph speed. Serious connoisseurs of the sport proclaim this as the ultimate destination for ziplining.

So now that you have your list of destinations, get your tickets and head down for the thrill of your life. Get on your harness and helmet and prepare yourself for an adventure you will never regret. It only takes a little push of will to experience the excitement.  All you need for ziplining is your courage to take the plunge. So go ahead and give yourself an unforgettable trip through the sky.