Coming to Baltimore? Make sure you make time for the Inner Harbour


As one of the most interesting places in America to come visit, Baltimore makes a fantastic stopping point for any tourist. It is a location with a rich culture, impressive architecture, and no shortage of intriguing things to do on a daily basis. However, while many people tend to stick to the ‘hotspots’ in town, one place you need to make time to come visit is the famous Inner Harbour.

The Inner Harbour area of Baltimore is like walking into a different place entirely. You should definitely make the time to come to this part of Maryland’s most exciting city. As one of the oldest seaports in the country, the Inner Harbour as both a recent renewal to show off and some classic structures and cultural artefacts worth looking at in person.

Inner Harbour is packed with plenty of things to do, from luxurious restaurants to informative museums. Those who enjoy spending time by the water will find the harbour itself has plenty of water-based activities to enjoy, helping you to turn a trip to this particular part of the city even more varied in activities than you might have expected. What, though, are particularly impressive attractions?

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Make a trip to the National Aquarium

A brilliant starting point for any trip to the Inner Harbour is the wonderful National Aquarium. This location packs in quite a lot of things to do and see into quite a small area, with some 20,000 animals across 700 different species to enjoy seeing up-close.

Take the kids to the Children’s Museum

For kids who are a fan of the maritime theme of this part of town, be sure to visit the Children’s Museum. Here, the kids will be wowed as they learn about many intriguing world facts in a four-story jungle gym. They will get to enjoy a creative, interactive learning experience that is sure to leave them with a small army of facts to tell friends later!

Visit the Power Plant

If you are looking for a good way to have lots of fun in many different ways, visit the Power Plant. This hosts bars, restaurants, night clubs, and even gig concerts that you could come along and enjoy a wild evening. It’s the perfect setting for a quality night out whether you are here for a drink and a dance, some escape room entertainment or even an indoor axe-throwing competition to really test your throwing skills!

Learn about Maryland scientific exploits

Of course, the Maryland Science Center should be a place that you take the time to come check out if you have the time. This location has three floors of quality scientific exhibits to check out. You will find many interesting insights into the human body, the mind, and even the planet that we all reside upon.

It is a veritable treasure trove of facts about humans, about our world, and about everything else that makes life so special.

Baltimore is a special place, made even more special by the presence of its world-class Inner Harbour. Why not come check it out for yourself?