COVID-19 likely to have a lasting impact on the cruise industry


For years, getting away from our countries during the summer months was seen as a must. Being able to hop on a cruise ship in particular was seen as a tremendous way to get away from it all. However, with COVID-19, just about all forms of recreational travel has become a thing of the past – and cruises especially have suffered. However, it is likely that as time progresses we will begin to see more effort come into the cruise industry to make people feel confident of heading out to sea during and after the pandemic. How, then, is COVD-19 likely to impact on the cruise industry?

With over 30 million people per year taking cruises around the world, there will be a clamour to get back out there and see the world once again. However, it is likely that the cruise industry will need to get smart to try and make up for the $1bn-a-month losses the industry has faced during the COVID lockdown season. Changes are coming that might, for years to come anyway, become the norm as you head out to see on a cruise liner.

What changes are cruise liners making to combat COVID-19?

So, the main thing that you will notice is that testing is likely to become a major part of the talking point moving forward. If you wish to head off to see on a cruise, it is likely that you will need to go and get tested and receive a negative test before you would be allowed to go on the boat in the first place.

At the same time, cruise numbers will likely be limited for the medium-term to avoid crowding and the risk of missed infections spreading. Also, it is likely that many ships will need to go through renovations in a bid to make them more spacious and suitable to the number of people who are likely to be taking part in the cruise itself.

These simple but important changes are expected to come into place during cruises for years to come, with many ships built around the concept of giving people plenty of room to explore the ship. With minimised capacity and room made clear for social distancing, at least cruise-goers should be allowed to explore the ship with freedom.

You will also likely need to get used to things like reduced entertainment and amenities. Sadly, cruise trips are going to be nothing like they were for years – it will take a long time to get back to the case where we can walk around ships and other enclosed spaces without feeling fear, trepidation, or uncertainty.

COVID-19 has changed everything, even including on smaller spaces like private cruise journeys. Testing, lesser people, and lesser amenities; there is nothing to say that cruise liner trips will be boring, but they will simply not be as free-form and as bombastic as they used to be. That’s why, if you are thinking of going on a cruise once COVID is over with, you shouldn’t expect everything to be back to normality quite so soon.