Do You Have A Short Stay In Denmark? Here’s How To Spend Your Time Like A Local


Let’s face it, Denmark isn’t a cheap country, in fact, it’s among the top five most expensive countries in Europe. Whether you’re a backpacker or just a traveler passing through, I’m going to tell you how to get a genuine taste of Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is a city abundant with waterfront views and hidden holes in the wall leading to some real gems.

The first thing you’re going to want to do on a budget is to rent or borrow a bicycle. It is by far the cheapest and easiest way to get around the city.

Hit up a coffee shop. Café Pixie is one that comes highly recommended by the locals. Its slogan; “Bringing love and coziness since 2006.” They offer a delicious brunch, and it doubles as a popular spot to hang out in the evening.

Now this is a cool one: you can go kayaking for free. There is a catch, however, in return you must grab and collect any garbage you see floating in the water. You get to go for a nice paddle in the water and you get to feel good about doing something to help the environment. Win, win for everyone. The place is called, “The Environment Kayak.”

Since we’re on the topic of being in the water, why not go for a swim. There are a couple of great swimming spots that the locals love. Nordhavn Basin and Kastrup Sobad. They are designated for this purpose so you’ll see little boat traffic.

Try sailing with a twist. CopenHot! is a business that is essentially a floating spa with a hot tub. You’ll get a designated captain/DJ who will take care of everything as you enjoy the harbor views in a beyond relaxing environment.

If water activities aren’t your fancy, you can pay a visit to The White Tube Playground that is bound to make you feel like an excited kid again. It’s an art installation, sculpture, playground, and jungle gym all-in-one. The installation is filled with twinkling LED lights really give off an otherworldly feel.

The Culture Tower is where you go if you want to see the entire city from a 360 degree bird’s eye view. The tower is the most iconic landmark in Copenhagen and acts as the marine traffic control tower, raising and lowering the canal bridges for arriving and departing boats.

Are you a music lover? Copenhagen is known for great live music venues across the city. Loppen comes recommended by the locals as one of the best venues to enjoy a concert. Its mostly lit by candles for a cool atmospheric tone. There slogan is, “Been going out of business since 1973.

You can try out a game of disco golf. It’s a mix of golf and frisbee. You can find this course at the Valbyparken park, the cities largest park that’s only a 15-minute bike ride from the city’s core. It’s also worth a stop to see the beautiful rose garden of over 12,000 roses.