Experience The Slow Midnight Train Through Europe


Traveling is an interesting activity. It lets you explore some of the most beautiful areas on earth while discovering the history of every location. However, the popularity of social media has reduced the experience of traveling down to finding Instagram-worthy locations and trying to record every moment instead of savoring it.

If you are experiencing any type of tourism burnout, then it might be time to try something different. With the spread of the coronavirus, travel restrictions such as PCR testing and quarantining have become the norm globally. To avoid such complications, you can just opt for a slower, longer trip instead.

One of the few advantages of the coronavirus is the opportunity to work from home. With flexible working hours, employees now have more time to themselves that they can invest in slow travel as they continue working remotely. There has even been a shift in the consumption pattern of newer generations – namely Gen Z – who is now preferring to invest their money in experiences rather than consumer goods.

In such changing dynamics of the world, slow traveling is slowly rising to fame. Instead of taking a flight to a popular tourist destination and staying at a five-star hotel, slow traveling focuses on sustainability as these travelers stay at one location for a longer period of time and rent out guesthouses for themselves to stay.

With slow traveling, you can turn down the pace and enjoy the luxury of spending some time by yourself. If you are looking to experience slow travel in its authentic form, then we suggest opting for the railway.

Here are a few top train experiences that you can enjoy as you travel across Europe.

1. Venice Simplon Orient Express

If you ever dreamed about having a hotel on wheels, then this slow travel experience can give you exactly that. Guests on the Venice Simplon Orient Express have the luxury to dine in style as they travel on the original early 1900s carriages. Their routes span across top tourist destinations including London, Paris, Berlin, and Venice.

2. The Bernina Express

If you don’t have much time to spare but still want to experience the luxury of slow travel, then we suggest the Bernina Express. In only four hours, the picturesque windows of this rail can give you breathtaking views of the wintery alpine as well as some palm tree landscapes. You can ride the train from Chur to Tirano in Italy and sit back as you move through 55 tunnels and enjoy an experience of a lifetime.

3. Golden Eagle Danube Express

If you have eleven days to spare, then we suggest boarding on the Balkan Explorer route of the Golden Eagle Danube Express. On your vacation, you will have the luxury to experience a diverse range of cultures, landscapes, and languages as you travel between Venice and Istanbul.

While slow travel is certainly different from traditional travel, it offers an experience that allows travelers to take some time off from the hustle of everyday life and spend some time relaxing and enjoying the view.