From The U.S? What Are The Top 5 Countries To Visit Right Now?


In recent months, the State Department has lifted its half-a-year long “Do not travel.” advisory. Now they have a rating for each country on how safe each individual one is. While the U.S is allowing international travel, many of these other countries have their own set of restrictions.

So, if you must travel, which are the best countries you can visit?


While having large political demonstrations, U.S citizens are allowed to visit Belarus without any restrictions. Belarus is a country rich in heritage and culture. Your U.S dollar also goes a very long way in this country. Coupled with the fact that there are no restrictions for entry, it’s high on our list.


Another country with no restrictions. Although you may have to undergo a health screening if you appear to have any symptoms on arrival, there is no quarantine and no pre-test necessary. For obvious reasons, Mexico is hot on this list due to it neighboring the U.S, its tropical vistas, and its all-inclusive resorts that provide everything you need in one spot. Mexico is perfect for a quick getaway.


Tourists can visit Croatia with proof of their paid accommodation in the country. You must also present a negative Covid test no later than 48 hours upon entry or accept a mandatory 14-day quarantine period. Croatia is a little more difficult to enter than the first two on our list, but Croatia’s amazing waterfalls, sailing excursions, affordability, and amazing food culture make it all worth it!

United Arab Emirates

The restrictions here actually vary by which city you fly into and stay in. If you enter through Dubai, travelers must present a negative Covid test within 96 hours of their arrival and have a medical travel insurance policy that covers any Covid-19 illness-related expenses. If you fly into Abu Dhabi on the other hand, the restrictions are more scrutinizing. Travelers must provide a negative Covid test as well as quarantine for 14 days. If that isn’t intense enough, you must also wear a tracking bracelet to ensure that you comply with the quarantine.

What makes the United Arab Emirates attractive to U.S travelers? Dubai is an incredible and cultured city. It is home to the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa and is known as a large international business hub. For a limited time during the pandemic, they are offering one year visas to anyone that wishes to bring their own work with them. This makes the UAE a great destination for business-savvy individuals.

Costa Rica

Entry was only permitted from residents of just eight of the fifty United States back in September, but has slowly been opening up to more states. Travelers are required to present a negative Covid test upon arrival that is no older than 72 hours. Costa Rica makes this list due to having some of world’s most beautiful national parks, volcanoes, biodiverse wildlife, world-class resorts, and yeah, their coffee is pretty good!