Heading on a journey? Should you bring a suitcase or a backpack?


When it comes to planning a trip around anywhere in the world, packing is so important. While many of us are very much improvised packers, it pays to know at least what you are going to pack. For example, have you thought about carrying either a suitcase or a backpack?

Many traveling types might look to bring either, but this can become too much of a burden. By instead choosing one style, you make sure that you are much more likely to come back with some actual storage space. What, though, should you choose for your next trip?

How long are you traveling for?

First off, work out how long you will be away for. Anything more than a few days and you might find that a backpack can begin to become problematic. For the ease of planning, we would recommend that you avoid bringing a backpack if you are going to be traveling for any more than one week.

Anything beyond seven days probably requires a suitcase-level of space.

Where are you going?

The location that you are visiting also matters when you are deciding what to bring with you. You need to understand the amenities available. For example, if you are going on a backpacking trip then you would naturally want a backpack. If you are going to stay a tourist resort in a plush hotel, though, you might find that a suitcase is more suitable to you.

Really, where you will be staying dictates packing.

Where are you situated?

Following on from the above, make sure you pack based on where you are staying. Heading to a location where you will need to deal with either many flights of stairs and/or a beaten path? Then go for a backpack.

If you think that you will have the chance to get situated relatively comfortably, though, a suitcase can make a fine choice. Just make sure you have the means to get your suitcase into a safe location; if you don’t think you can get to the top flight of stairs with your suitcase, consider a larger bag.

Do you need anything specific?

Many people who go traveling will bring something with them like a laptop, tablet, or some other form of equipment. Make sure that you have the space to bring your essentials as well as your extras. If you do this, you are much more likely to end up avoiding running out of space.

However, you might find that carrying key equipment in a separate bag could be wise if you cannot fit it all into a suitcase.

Are you buying or not?

Always try and factor in how commercial you intend to be. Some of us go for the culture, others go for the commerce. If you intend to come back with some goodies for friends and family, or with some cheap garments, you should bring a suitcase.

If you are not planning on spending much and/or simply intend to come back with the majority of what you arrived with, then a backpack should easily suffice.