How Can You Make A Trip To France Feel More Localized?


If you have your eyes set on a trip to the beautiful European nation of France, you might not be sure where to begin. France is a truly mesmeric place, the kind of location that makes it easy to see why this is a country of romance. However, if you were to travel around the city like a tourist then a ‘real’ French person will spot you from a mile away!

How, then, can you make sure that you enjoy your trip through France in a more, well, French way?

Look outside the big cities

While major cities like Paris, Marseille and Nice might attract the bulk of visitors, it is often the small towns you ignore along the way that are the true gems of France. Try and make the time to head out to a small town, especially if you spend a day or two in the major cities.

The attitude towards life and general life experiences is so different outside the cities. You really do need to experience it to believe it!

Take the Alsatian Wine Route

Many people come to France to sample their amazing foods, but it is also the globally revered French wine that should excite you. Head on the famous Alsatian Wine Route, and you will take in around 170km of distance. You’ll come across tiny villages that are lit up by their pastel coloured homes, and you will find all manner of beautiful architecture to take in as you go through ‘little’ France.

Attend Christmas markets

If you happen to time your trip to France during festive season, be sure to visit every town that is within geographical real. Each town tends to be home to amazing little Christmas markets, where each market should allow for a simpler, easier discovery. Who knows? You might just come home from your jaunt to France with a bag packed with awesome goodies and gifts for the people who are waiting for you back home.

Head to Hyeres

While many people choose to take the trip to Cannes for a touch of culture, head off to the Hyeres Islands instead. These are a great place to come, based just offshore between Toulon and Saint-Tropez. Those who enjoy a spot of hiking and some countryside activity will find these islands absolutely make the ideal place to come exploring on.

Failing that, you could dive underwater and enjoy some snorkeling or you could look to enjoy a spot of sunbathing across one of the many beaches here.

Enjoy proper French Alps skiing

Most visitors to France will look to hit up a grandiose ski resort, but we recommend you try something more ‘real’ and visit the Meribel Ski Resort in Tarentaise Valley. This beautiful location is one that should give you three valleys to choose from, allowing for you to enjoy a skiing experience that is as fun for beginners as it is for veterans of the sport simply looking for new geography to try out.