How To Overcome Aerophobia?


Every person has something in this life that they are fearful of. For instance, you may feel anxious around a specific animal. Besides that, you may have agoraphobia, making it difficult to feel safe in a crowd.

Aerophobia is another common condition that affects many people. It refers to the fear of flying in a plane. You may not feel safe when the transport is moving.

Many people also understand that flying is relatively safe but may still be fearful. If you suffer from this condition and want to overcome it, here are the top things to do.

  1. Research The Condition

Education yourself about aerophobia is helpful for overcoming the fear. You can read books about the condition or watch videos online. Attending group classes with people who also have aerophobia will also help.

You can meet similar people and understand your condition better. Many airline companies also offer resources to help people overcome their fear of flying. The resources will allow you to learn more about a plane’s mechanics and safety features.

Besides that, learning more about turbulence will also help relieve pressure. You can also understand safety measures that will allow you to fly comfortably.

  • Think Positively

Many times, overthinking can empower your thoughts and make you experience an irrational fear. You may think negatively when taking your seat on a plane. However, this will only strengthen your phobia and make you comfortable.

This is why you should try to think positively when boarding the plane. You may think about the things you will do on the trip. Imagining mesmerizing places will also distract your mind from negative thoughts.

Of course, you don’t always have to think about the trip. The primary aim is to remember things that have a positive impact on your psyche.

  • Exposure Therapy

Learning the mechanism of a plane and safety features comes under cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). However, you can also use exposure therapy to tackle your fear. This involves visiting places that expose you to thoughts about air travel.

You may go to an airport to watch various planes arrive and depart safely. Virtual programs may also help you with flying comfortably. For instance, you may use computer flight simulations to control your aerophobia.

  • Understand Your Triggers

This is another step that will help you significantly. Aerophobia comes with many triggers that are different for each person. You may be affected by the plane’s movement significantly. So you may be more fearful during take-off and landing.

You may also feel anxious in a plane’s environment and think negatively. So understanding the different triggers will help you tackle them. You can use relaxation techniques to distract yourself during specific movements.

Closing Thoughts

These are the top four things you can do to overcome aerophobia. The fear may be irrational at times, but that does not mean you’re alone. Many people experience aerophobia.

So group therapy will be helpful to accept your condition and control it better. These solutions are more advisable than taking medication for the phobia.