If You Dream About Visiting Fascinating African Safari, Here The Article To Guide You


You know that the continent of Africa is the storehouse of primaeval natural beauty. But where are the most picturesque places? Obviously, in Ethiopia! Despite its scenic landscapes and unsurpassed wealth of national parks, the African country is a pale spot on the tourist map. But time changes rapidly and more and more tourists are leaving their rave reviews and remain in love with Ethiopia after visiting it.

Amazing to know that there are 279 species of mammals found in Ethiopia, 175 species of fish and almost one thousand of birds, making Ethiopia not only a bird watcher’s paradise but all nature-lover heaven!

If you also draw inspiration from mother-nature and admire the enduring gifts and beauty that it shows us, be sure to visit Ethiopian national parks.

Ethiopia’s network of national parks is so versatile that it will amaze anyone! Travelling through the parks, you can enjoy the beauty of the mighty high-mountain forests, see huge peat bogs, hear the musical murmur of turbulent mountain rivers and the roar of powerful waterfalls. What’s more, you can visit some of the largest jungles in Africa and even get close to the deep Danakil Basin, one of the lowest arid lands on Earth. Ethiopia is truly a land of contrasts and therefore it has countless colourful landscapes, namely, visiting several national parks will allow the country’s guests enjoy the variety of special views, wildlife and sharp adventures that can happen only in Africa and nowhere else.

The diamond in Ethiopia’s Crown is Simien National Park.

This National Park in Ethiopia is included in a UNESCO World Heritage List. On the Ethiopian plateau, rapid erosion over 1,000,000 years has produced one of the world’s most stunning landscapes, with jagged mountain peaks, deep valleys and sharp precipices. Some very rare species, such as the Gelada baboon, live in the forest.

But this is not the only highlight! For a multitude of reasons, Bale Mountains National Park is overwhelmingly important, not the least of which is its gorgeous vistas. Visitors have quite a spectrum of viewpoints specific to the Ethiopian highlands owing to its large mountains, sweeping valleys, breathtaking hillsides and vast tracts of forests. An officially acknowledged area for endemic species and wildlife is the Bale Mountains ecosystem and its accompanying diversity of habitats, with either a fourth of primates and five per cent of birds in the region.

The cherry on top is Nechisar National Park. No matter what time you visit this park, its beauty and wildlife certainly make it exciting. This is the perfect pick for watching tigers and mountain lions in the wild in East Africa.

Just estimate the size of this park! It is divided into the North, South, East, West and Central parts. A unique safari driving experience is established in each of the locations.

In and around the park, there are all varieties of accommodation-from simplistic tents to the luxurious Four Seasons. This park can be drily observed as a day, or even a month or two.  You would not get bored!

So, if you unite rich flora and fauna with the eternal beauty of nature, you could realize the spirit of colourful Ethiopia.