Making a move to Mauritius? Then make sure to explore these must-see places to stay


With the world becoming increasingly easier to travel, those who love to jet-set are finding new places to come visit. One of the most upwardly popular places in the world to come and visit, though, is Mauritius. This beautiful island region is the perfect picture of a paradisial landscape to come and visit. Immersed in beauty and charisma all around you, few places in the world can feel quite as tremendous to walk around as Mauritius.

The Indian Ocean is home to many nations, but Mauritius is a go-to spot thanks to its tremendous beaches and reefs. If you do choose to come here, though, what kind of hospitality venues should you look to check out?

Belle Mare

A fine resort to stay at for anyone looking for a place to reside. LUX* Bella Mare is a great place to head to if you are looking for a starting point for every day on the island. Pop-up dining options are in abundance here, as are many in-house brands that are made using produce and ingredients found on the island itself.

It is a location that is well worth starting any journey from, not least one in such a paradise as Mauritius.

Four Seasons Mauritius

This beautiful resort is easily one of the best to choose if you are looking for a more all-natural experience. The Four Seasons is a location that uses only natural materials to ensure that it feels like a natural part of its surroundings.

The rooms are packed with charisma and character, offering you one of the most unique staying experiences you are likely to find in the world today. On top of that, you get to enjoy private sports at your leisure as well as private beaches for a touch more control over who sees you.

Dinarobin Golf Resort

For anyone who is thinking of taking in some golf whilst on holiday, you might wish to take the time to try out this amazing golf resort. With a package of swimming pools to relax in before and after hitting up their 18-hole course, you can have all of the time that you want to rest, relax, and simple enjoy the quality of life that you have earned.

It’s also a location with spas, water sport venues, and even restaurants hosting world-class cuisine.

Ambre A Sun

Another fine resort to add to your list of places to check out is this tremendous venue. The Ambre A Sun Resort is a location that allows you to have an awesome time away from the hustle and bustle fond elsewhere. The rooms here provide you with an affordable chance to enjoy a unique, satisfying experience without having to pay through the nose.

Staff are friendly, amenities are all nearby, and the views that you get to enjoy in the mornings and evenings make coming here truly worthwhile.

So, which resort do you see yourself enjoying staying at the most?