Male Passenger Found Snarling And Growling During An American Airlines Flight


Everyone has seen their fair share of rowdy passengers on a flight. Some people talk loud, snore loudly, or do other things that cause disruptions to passengers. However, we are sure you have never seen a man snarling and growling for no reason during a flight.

The flight was headed towards the Salt Lake City International Airport, and his behavior was punished by law. It is all on video, and you can witness the passenger too. Here is everything you need to know about this eccentric man.

What Took Place On The Flight

The male passenger snarling and growling was a sixty-one-year-old man, Timothy Armstrong. The flight was going from Los Angeles to Salk Lake City. You can see in the video that he is constantly yelling at the flight attendant, who keeps telling him to sit down.

After that, we see Armstrong yelling the name Joe Biden before he went back to his seat. Throughout this entire debacle, we see that the passenger keeps adjusting his mask and growls at the attendant. We don’t know why he kept doing this, but we know that such behavior is not unacceptable.

Who Filmed The Video?

The video of Armstrong was filmed by another passenger, Dennis Busch. He shared the video on his Facebook, and they gained traction. The post of Busch also says that Armstrong also says that he kept on yelling at an Asian woman in front of him who stood for a minute to deal with her back issues.

After that, Armstrong kept telling the flight attendants that the woman with the back issue and her companion did not belong in the place. After the flight attendant requested Armstrong to calm down, he broke down and began making sexist and racist comments.

What Happened When The Flight Landed In Salt Lake City

After the flight landed in Salt Lake City, the police removed Armstrong from the aircraft and took him into custody. The paramedics took Armstrong to a nearby hospital. Because of this, Armstrong was cited for disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

Even American Airlines said something regarding the incident after it took place. The guaranteed that the matter was taken care of and the passenger was charged with the crimes he committed. The airline also thanked the crew for not losing their cool and dealing with such intolerable customers.

Armstrong is now on American Airlines’ “internal refuse list.” It serves him right for acting so rowdy and having such behavior that disrupts many people’s lives on the plane. We hope he does better next time he is on a flight.

Final Words

We are sure you have never seen such behavior before, and such incidents have increased since the pandemic. It is a lesson that we need to become better human beings and do our best to make other people’s lives easier instead of complex. After all, each of us could use some understanding in such uncertain times.