Missing home when traveling? Use these tips to bring home to you


Even for those who are always traveling and seeing the world, it is easy to start missing home. It is often the simple things; the street you see when you wake up; the people you spot in the morning; the foods that you eat; the smells that linger in the sky. Whatever you are looking for, though, it is easy for a spot of nostalgia to make your next trip feel a bit harder to go through with.

How, then, can you bring a little bit of home with you when on-the-go?

Fill up your phone

A good way to have some memories of home is to have some good photos on your phone that you can browse through. Look through old snaps of good times back home with people. Have some photos saved of things like DIY projects you undertook, or even just some photos of you outside your home.

Little things like this can go a very long way to making you feel much happier when traveling.

Follow your home routine

Another good idea is to try and make sure that you start to follow your day-to-day routine you have at home. If you get up at 9AM when at home, get up at 9AM when traveling. At the very least, try and follow your morning routine that you stick to on a daily basis. You will be surprised at just how big a difference this can have on your mood and mind-set every day spend traveling.

Bring a little scent

A good idea is to try and find something that you could use that reminds you of home. Maybe a candle that your fellow housemates leave around the place, or something that your mother used to put on as a scent to fill your home.

You could bring the same scent with you, or even something simple like using the same car air freshener that you use at home. Simple things like this can go a long way to make your trip more bearable overall.

Find home-based music

Think about the kind of music that is the soundtrack to your life. Having a little reminiscing listen about the good times in your life to the music that you always consider as the sound to a particular life event is quite cathartic.

We recommend that you look to find home-based music, even songs from your earlier life, to give you some opportunity to bring home with you wherever you go.

Find something to care for

When traveling, those evenings where nothing is happening are often the worst. Instead of wishing you could go home, find something to change your mind-set. Look for something like a pet you could help out while you are in the area, even down at an animal shelter. Even just simply plant some plants and care for them; anything that requires care and attention is sure to give you a chance to shut off from negative thinking.