New Travel Guidelines in England for the Year-End


England’s lockdown will be lifted on December 2, 2020. However, Covid restrictions will still be in place, and traveling in this holiday season is going to be very different from previous years.

FAQs regarding Year-end Travel 2020

  • What are the present rules for travel within the UK?

One is only allowed to travel for essential reasons like work, medicare, and education in the current times. All travel for leisure and non-essential reasons remain barred until December 2, 2020.

  • When is the lockdown expected to end?

The UK government plans on lifting the nationwide lockdown on Wednesday, December 2, 2020.

  • When the lockdown ends, what changes are to be expected in the current travel guidelines within and around England?

When the current lockdown gets lifted, most existing restrictions will remain effective. England’s areas will be mapped into 3 tiers depending on the intensity of Covid spread. Rules of travel will vary from tier to tier.

Here are the basic guidelines:

  • Residents of areas classified as tier 1 and 2 should avoid traveling to tier 3 areas. They may safely vacation or visit any area marked as tier 1 or 2.
  • Residents of tier 3 areas are advised to curtail their movement within the boundaries of their area.
  • You may pass through tier 3 areas en-route to your final destination as long as you do not make a halt or stay overnight therein.
  • What are the rules for vacationing with an overnight stay going to be like?

Overnight stay at hotels or in private accommodations is allowed during Christmas Ease as long as the area is marked as tier 1 or 2. You may stay with up to 5 persons (a total of 6 persons) in tier 1 areas. In tier 2, you may stay with members of your household only.

  • Are there any rules restricting travel with friends and family?

You may travel with persons outside your household with safe distance practices in tier 1 areas. For residents of tier 2 and tier 3, travel is permitted with household members only.

  • Will the UK allow international travel In December 2020?

Yes, International travel is allowed in December 2020 regardless of which tier your area of residence falls under. You will be subject to various screenings and tests. Your destination country will likely have its own rules and regulations.

Upon return, England’s current mandatory quarantine rules will apply. The quarantine rules are expected to change in December. Remember to keep yourself updated about them.

  • What does Christmas Ease mean?

The government plans to relax some of its regulations in the days before and after Christmas to enable the people to celebrate the holiday even though Christmas this year is not going to be like it has been in any other year. This relaxation period is referred to as Christmas ease.

The relaxations are yet to be specified by the government.

  • What is expected after Christmas Ease?

The pre- Christmas ease rules and regulations are likely to be reinforced once the designated period of relaxation ends.