Pandemic Travel Update: Countries And Their Travel Restrictions


Ever since the pandemic started, travelers have faced a setback. Due to high positivity rates and cases, many countries had to ban travel. Even now, after almost two years, the pandemic isn’t going anywhere.

While many countries have eased their restrictions, some are still in hot waters. Here is a pandemic travel update that will help you if you are planning to travel.

Traveling In The US

The United States is one of the first countries that has allowed traveling. However, now as positivity rates increase, more and more locations are being added to high-risk categories. Recently, Aruba, as well as six other places, have been promoted to level four.

Level four is described as the highest risk category. While a ban has not been put on these locations, the CDC has advised tourists to avoid putting themselves at risk.

Besides that, the Bahamas and Jamaica remain at level three. So if you are unvaccinated, these two destinations should be avoided too.

Traveling In Canada

Canada is one of the countries in which strict regulations have been implemented. Since March 2020, the government had banned unnecessary trips, particularly by Americans. However, that changed two weeks ago.

On August 9, it finally opened its border to the US. The restriction has been eased because of the increase in vaccination rates. Besides that, the positivity rate is also declining in the country.

However, it is to be noted that only fully vaccinated individuals are allowed to enter the city. You also have to ensure that two weeks have passed since the last dose before booking your flight. Otherwise, you won’t be eligible for entry.

Other than that, if any of you have unvaccinated minors, no need to worry. Canadian officials have said that fully vaccinated parents with kids can enter.

Traveling In New Zealand

New Zealand is the country that has taken the best safety precautions against the virus. Since the discovery of the first case, Prime Minister Jacinda Arden placed the country at the highest level of lockdown. And since then, traveling has been banned for all non-residents.

Because of these strict rules, New Zealand has one of the lowest positivity rates. However, recently the Prime Minister has revealed that the border cannot remain closed forever. That is why in early, 2022 outsiders will be allowed to enter the country.

The Prime Minister said that only vaccinated individuals from low-risk countries would be able to enter New Zealand. But it is to be noted that no details about the risk levels of different countries have been revealed. And it will be quite a while until that happens. After all, there are still months left till 2022.

Final Words

That was your complete pandemic travel update. So far, in almost all countries, only vaccinated individuals are allowed to travel. That is why if you haven’t been vaccinated, we urge you to do so. It will keep you, your loved ones, and your fellow countrymen safe.