Planning for a vacation with your partner but do not know which country to visit?. Deciding the particular country and places to go to with your partner can be quite difficult as there are many places to visit in the world today. If you’ve been worried about that, do not bother yourself anymore. California, the second largest city in the United States of America got you covered. The city has many exciting places of visit, you can visit the world’s beautiful and clearest lakes, excite your taste buds with the nation’s biggest wine producing region, visit lots and lots of cool beaches as well as visit the city’s desert. There are so many beautiful and amazing reasons why you should definitely choose California as the next place for your romantic getaway. The U. S news have researched over the years and identified the top romantic getaways in the state, starting from top beautiful beaches to small towns and other places. Here is the list of the best romantic getaways in California :


Napa valley is generally known for its fascinating wine producing companies, with over 475 wineries. The government has approved 16 American Viticulture Areas to become wine producing region and hence why it is popular for it’s premier wines. There are top rated restaurants such as Bistro Don Giovanni as well as 30 Michelin starred restaurants that would give the exact date night setting you’ve always wanted with your partner with tasty meals. That’s not all, the beautiful and quiet vineyard-lined landscape you will get to see will sweep you off your feet. The landscape valleys would give you the perfect quiet and special moments you need with your partner. If you want to get more fun, try walking around the town either on a bike, trolley or hot air balloon. When you talk about places with beautiful and luxurious accommodations without mentioning Napa valley, your list isn’t  complete because napa Valley has top, affordable and well equipped hotels where you can stay in with your partner in downtown Napa.


Malibu is known for its fascinating beaches and state parks, when we talk of state parks we are talking about top quality parks such as Malibu Creek State Parks. Going to Malibu without visiting beaches like the Robert H Meyer Memorial State Beach, El matador state beach, Zuma beach etc then the  tour was incomplete. Make sure to visit and explore there places when you get to Malibu. There are varieties of shorelines and paranomic ocean views. You do not need to worry about accommodation as there are various hotels like the Surfrider Malibu, Calamyos Geust Ranch and beach club etc.


Carmel is a small town with lots of charming and beautiful places that makes it perfect for vacation with your partner. The houses on the streets are decorated with beautiful styles such as Spanish styles and turdor-styles. There are varieties of beautiful restaurants offering tasty meals such as the popular La Bicyclette or the Italian-made La Belana. They have top hotels for accommodation like the Bernadus lodge & spa, Carmel Valley Ranch, Casa palmero etc. Another popular sight seeing is the Carmel Rivee state beach which is great if you want to have moments with your partner in a quiet place.


You can never choose wrong with the Riltz- Carlton Bacara, Santa Barbara, this is perfect if you prefer some R&R at a great hotel. The Ritz-Carlton is decorated with beautiful spaniel styles that would give you the perfect romantic atmosphere you need with your partner. All the rooms in the building has a balcony and a very large bath tub. It is advisable for you to upgrade to one of the top rooms so as to have access to an ocean view and a fireplace. Interested in getting a sunset view with your partner, the waterfront Angel Oak restaurant would give you the exact sunset moments you want. You can also go for wine tours as there are also many wineries available.