The 60 Most Unique And Bizarre Hotels In The World


Hotels are not just a place to sleep and stay. They are an experience of their own. That is why many hotels worldwide have created the most unique and unusual places for people to stay. They will drop your jaw and make you want to stay there.

These hotels feature tree houses, glass igloos, and much more. What are you waiting for then? Let’s begin looking at the world’s sixty most unique and bizarre hotels. You will surely fall in love with what they have to offer.

1. Giraffe Manor, Kenya

Staying at Giraffe Manor in Kenya • The Blonde Abroad

Giraffe Manor is considered to be one of the most iconic buildings in Nairobi. It was created in the 30s when Europeans used to come to Kenya to enjoy safaris. The herd of Rothschild’s giraffes lives next to the manor, and they are always looking to be friendly with the guests.

If you open the windows while eating, they might poke their heads inside to look for a treat. If you love animals and giraffes and want to experience living next to these adorable creatures, then the Giraffe Manor is a perfect place. No hotel around the world offers this experience.

2. Jumbo Stay, Sweden

Airplane Hotel Stockholm | 2018 World's Best Hotels

Have you ever wanted to experience what it feels like to sleep on a Jumbo Jet? If you do, then the Jumbo Stay at Stockholm Arlanda Airport is an ideal choice. You have various options, which include twin rooms, a budget dorm, or an ensuite room.

Of course, the Jumbo Jet’s best room is in the cockpit that offers a panoramic view. It is best for overnight accommodation as you may not like all the noise coming from the airport next door. However, if you want to experience sleeping on a jet, then this is the ideal way you can come close to it.

3. Free Spirit Spheres, Canada

Travelettes » Free Spirit Spheres 4 | Travelettes

Enjoy what nature has to offer in the middle of the rainforest on Vancouver Island. The rooms are floating between the trees in UFO-shaped spheres that are made of wood and fiberglass. These pods are tethered to the trees with ropes, and if there is a gentle breeze, they will sway with it.

It is a once in a lifetime experience you will not find anywhere else. The pods may look small, but they are cozy and comfortable. You can look through the glass and enjoy the beauty of the rainforest at night.

4. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finland

Marry in Lapland Glass Igloo village and see the Northern Lights

Have you ever wanted to sleep beneath the sky in Finland and watch the Northern Lights? If this has been on your bucket list, then the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort can make all your dreams come true. The resort is filled with wooden chalets and glass igloos.

You can opt for a glass igloo to sleep beneath the sky and watch the Northern Lights dance at night. It is one of the most beautiful sights you will experience in your lifetime. The resort has a few restaurants, six saunas, bathrooms, WiFi, parking, and much more. You will get a luxury experience.

5. Hurawalhi, Maldives

Hurawalhi Island Resort | Classic Vacations

The Maldives is known for its beautiful resorts all around the sea. Hurawalhi is no exception. It features the world’s largest underwater restaurant, as you can see. You can sit here, enjoy a meal, and look at the beautiful fish swimming in the waters.

The rooms are also underwater, and it feels like living in an underwater aquarium. If you love the sea, the fish, and want to experience something unique, then this is a great hotel to experience all that. The food is delicious, and you will enjoy the calm and soothing experience this place has to offer.

6. Rifugio Lagazuoi, Italy

Unique hotel Rifugio Lagazuoi, Italy

Rifugio Lagazuoi is a mountain inn that is located at 2,700 meters on the summit of Mount Lagazuoi. It is an inn that offers one of the most breathtaking views you will find in all of Italy. The days are just as beautiful as the nights as you can just get outside and stargaze.

The inn features private rooms, saunas, dorms, and much more. Any adventure seeker will love this place because it is nothing like they will ever experience on top of a mountain. It is one of the most unusual yet beautiful hotels out there.

7. The Dog Bark Park Inn, Idhaho, USA


The Dog Bark Park Inn is one of the most bizarre-looking hotels you will find in the United States. If you love canines and dogs, this hotel might be the place for you to stay in Idaho. The hotel is built inside a giant beagle and a puppy beagle by its side.

It only sleeps four guests, and you get to enter the hotel through a deck that leads you to the second story. You can also bring your pets here and have a great time with them. After all, they deserve to have a vacation with you too.

8. Capsulevalue Kanda, Japan

Capsulevalue Kanda, Tokyo, Japan

Capsule hotels are the new trend in Japan. It is an affordable option that allows people to sleep in pods while maximizing space. The idea became so popular that Helsinki airport decided to introduce its own version of these capsule hotels.

All capsules are side by side and also on top of each other. These are just for sleeping, so don’t expect any luxury. You can keep your bags in the lockers outside and sleep peacefully in the pods. Of course, if you are claustrophobic, then these sleeping pods are not an ideal choice for you.

9. Skylodge Adventure Suites, Peru

Skylodge Adventure Suites, Sacred Valley, Peru

Have you ever wanted to sleep on a spaceship? If you have, then the Skylodge Suites are the closest you will ever get to it. These suites are pods made of polycarbonate and aluminum. They are placed in such a way that they cling to the granite slopes of the valley.

They are mostly transparent, so you will be able to enjoy the beautiful night sky through your pods. It is the perfect place for adventure lovers who want to sleep in an adventurous place. It is definitely not for the faint-hearted as the pods rest on a slope.

10. The Retreat, Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland | NUVO

Iceland is a planet of its own, and Blue Lagoon is one of the most visited places. That is because it is one of the twenty-five wonders of the world that leaves everyone in awe. There are astonishing thermal springs everywhere where people love to bathe because it is considered healing.

The Blue Lagoon surrounds The Retreat, and it features many amenities. These include a spa, a restaurant that serves the most delicious Icelandic food, and a geothermal lagoon. What more could you want from a hotel besides these amazing amenities? You can stay at the hotel and take a dip in the lagoon anytime.

11. Wieliczka Salt Mine, Poland

Getting from Krakow to the Salt Mines of Wieliczka | Info + tours + photos

The Wieliczka mine is one of the most famous salt mines in Poland. You can take a tour of the mine, but the best part is that you can also book a stay here if you want to spend the night and enjoy a unique experience. The place to stay is located 125 meters below the ground, where you can choose between two chambers.

Don’t worry though because you will not get bored at all here. The stay area features arcade games, table tennis, multimedia stands, and much more. It is a unique experience that will be educational and fun for you.

12. InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland

Luxury Hotel in Songjiang | InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland

The InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland is known as the world’s first underground five-star hotel, and rightly so. It is located in the middle of a quarry that was abandoned a long time. Even two of the floors are submerged in water.

However, you will get to experience the majestic views of cascading waterfalls from every room. Of course, the two floors inside the water will have views of beautiful fish going about their business. It is one of the most unique but great hotels in Shanghai that offer their guests a wildly unique experience. You will never get bored here.

13. The Old Railway Station Hotel, United Kingdom

Unique hotel Old Railway Station Hotel, United Kingdom

The Old Railway Station is one of the unique bed and breakfasts in the United Kingdom. It used to be a railway station that has been transformed into a quaint little bed and breakfast hotel. You will be able to stay in any of the famous Pulman carriages.

Of course, the decor has been completely transformed, but some articles have remained to give you the sense of living in a train carriage. The Station House also has two rooms where you can stay. However, if you want a unique and unusual yet great experience, you need to stay in one of the carriages.

14. The Manta Resort, Tanzania

Manta Resort Underwater Room Offers Enchanting Views of Indian Ocean

If you love the sea, this is the best unique hotel for you. The Manta Resort in Tanzania is a one-of-a-kind hotel that has three stories. One is the roof that you can utilize to dive in the water. The middle story is a spacious area to relax, and the bedroom is located below the water.

Through your bedroom, you will be able to experience varieties of fish floating in the water, such as squid, batfish, octopus, and much more. If you love exploring the ocean and indulging in water-based activities, this unusual hotel is the perfect choice for you.

15. Sharma Springs, Bali, Indonesia

Unique hotel Sharma Springs, Indonesia

Sharma Springs is currently the biggest and tallest bamboo structure in Bali. It is a work of art and an architectural feat that you will not find anywhere else. The structure has six stories, features four bedrooms, bathrooms, a pool, a living room, and a spacious guest house.

Every room has a custom theme, and all of them have a spectacular view of Bali that you will not find anywhere else. You can be one with nature while living in the hotel and experience living in something made of a material other than concrete. The experience is entirely magical and one-of-a-kind.

16. Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort, Huzhou, China

Hotel Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort - 5 HRS star hotel in Huzhou  (Zhejiang Province)

As you can see from the shape, the hotel is nicknamed the doughnut hotel. Two floors of this beautiful resort are inside the water, and twenty-seven floors are above the water. The floors were made in this way to create a perfect oval.

The resort is the epitome of luxury, and you will find every amenity inside the hotel. Every material that has been used in the construction of this hotel is sourced from its country of origin for the highest-quality. The views are also spectacular, and you will never get tired of looking at them.

17. Henn Na Hotel, Maihama Tokyo Bay, Japan

Unique hotel Henn Na Hotel, Japan

Japan is one of the most advanced and unique countries out there in terms of technology. You will get to see this uniqueness through this hotel in Tokyo. Robots will check you in as well as store your luggage for you.

Guests register with face recognition, so they don’t have to carry their keys around with them everywhere. If you feel weird in the hotel and need some human contact and experience, there is an available staff to cater to your needs. All you have to do is contact them, and they will be at your service in no time.

18. The Caves, Negril, Jamaica

The Caves, Negril, Jamaica

Have you ever wanted to experience living in a cave? If you have, then you can experience it luxuriously with The Caves Hotel. It is located on a majestic cliffside in Negril.

The hotel features twelve cabins that are secluded and offer a unique experience to the guests. These cabins are located between the jungle on top of the cliffs. You can also come here with your significant other and enjoy a romantic experience.

The caves are utilized for private candle-lit dinners as the views are majestic and the food is amazing. It can be the perfect romantic getaway in one of the most unique hotels.

19. La Balade Des Gnomes, Belgium

Unique hotel La Balade Des Gnomes, Belgium

La Balade des Gnomes translates to the walk of the gnomes. The hotel is incredibly unique and unusual because you will not find a structure anywhere else. It features eleven rooms with a unique theme and unusual characteristics.

Each room inside the hotel was created by local artists who took the hotel’s theme to the next level with their creativity. The main attraction of this hotel is the Trojan Horse suite. The suite’s inside is filled with a comfy bed, various themed furniture, and much more. If you want to have a fun-filled unique stay, this hotel is perfect for that.

20. The Hobbit Motel, New Zealand

Hobbiton™ Movie Set Tours

Are you a big fan of The Lord of the Rings? If you are, this motel is a dream come true for you. The movie inspires every room, and the owners have paid attention to all the small details. It is located almost two hours away from Auckland, but the drive is worth it.

You will be able to have a well-rounded Lord of the Rings experience that you will not find anywhere else. Many amenities will keep you entertained for the duration of your stay. If you have always loved Lord of the Rings, this motel is the perfect choice for you.

21. KA BRU Forest Villa, Brazil

Unique hotel Ka Bru Forest Villa, Brazil

Experience living in a treehouse in the middle of the rainforest with this unique villa. It is perhaps one of the most luxurious treehouses you will find out there. It has rain showers, gardens, a pool, and you can enjoy food from a private chef on request.

There is always something going on here, such as yoga sessions, cooking sessions, and much more. So, you will never get bored, and you will be able to experience different things during your stay. If you want to relax and be one with nature in a unique hotel, this villa is the ideal choice.

22. Perivolas Hotel, Greece

Unique hotel Perivolas, Greece

If you love to relax by the beaches, this unique hotel is perfect for you. Just looking at the pictures will give you a sense of peace and tranquility you have never experienced before. That is what Greece is all about.

The five-star hotel has twenty-two private houses that have been built inside 300-year old caves. The hotel also offers an infinity that faces the sea. The restaurant is also sea-facing, where you can enjoy a romantic candle-lit dinner.

It is one of the most beautiful hotels where you can go to unwind and relax. The experience is like no other.

23. The Library Hotel, NYC, USA

Library Hotel | New York | United States | New York | AFAR

If you are a book lover, The Library Hotel is right up your alley. The hotel is divided into ten floors, and each floor is a category from the Dewey Decimal System. For example, technology, literature, arts, etc.

The hotel features sixty rooms, and each room has a wide selection of books depending on the category of the floor. You can choose a room on a floor that suits books to your liking and enjoy a stay with the best collection of books. The hotel also has a reading room, a terrace, a poetry garden, and a writer’s den.

24. Quetzalcoatl’s Nest, Mexico

Unique hotel Quetzalcoatl's Nest, Mexico

Quetzalcoatl is the Aztec God of Wind that is symbolized in this hotel. The hotel is located inside the giant snake and was created by a Mexican architect known as Javier Senosiain. As soon as he saw the cave, he thought it looked like a snake’s mouth, which is when inspiration struck.

The hotel consists of ten apartments that are located inside the serpent. Each apartment is surrounded by majestic gardens and beautiful art that will drop your jaw. If you want to visit one of the most unique yet relaxing hotels in Mexico, this is a perfect choice.

25. The Boot Bed’n’Breakfast, New Zealand

The Boot Bed’n’Breakfast, Tasman, New Zealand

The cute little quaint guesthouse was created by a couple 20 years ago. The couple is named Judy and Steve, and this eccentric boot guesthouse is their beautiful creation. Everything inside and outside has been custom-made to provide guests with a tailored experience.

The guesthouse can only host two people simultaneously, so it is the ideal getaway for couples. It features one bedroom, one bathroom, and a beautiful garden where you can relax with your significant other. Everything has been designed keeping couples in mind, so it is the perfect romantic weekend getaway.

26. Attrap Reves, France

Unique hotel Attrap Reves, France

Designer Pierre Stephane Dumas has made the dream of everyone wanting to live in a bubble come true. Located in the heart of the countryside, these bubbles are created for a romantic getaway. You can sleep in a bubble while watching the stars and take in the surrounding nature.

Each bubble features a private bathroom, a king-sized bed, electricity, and much more. There are also various options you can choose for the bubbles. You can go for a fully transparent bubble, a half-tinted bubble, or a fully-tinted bubble. That depends on your preferences and what you are most comfortable with.

27. Hotel CasAnus, Belgium

Hotel CasAnus, Antwerp, Belgium

The Hotel CasAnus is perhaps one of the most bizarre places to sleep on our list. It is an art sculpture that has been created to look like a giant intestine, as you can see from the picture. The sculpture is created for a one-person stay or a maximum of two people.

The hotel features a heater, a shower, and a double bed. The experience is not of luxury but uniqueness. After all, how many people can say they have slept inside a giant intestine? If you are looking for a bizarre place to sleep in Belgium, this is it.

28. Hotel Schafbergspitze, Austria

Unique hotel Hotel Schafbergspitze, Austria

The Hotel Schafbergspitze is perhaps the most scenic and beautiful hotel you will find in all of Austria. It is located on top of the Schafsberg Mountain at the edge of a cliff. All the rooms face the scenic view, and you can spend hours here without getting bored.

However, you can’t get to the hotel normally. You will either have to hike a trail of 6km or reach through a cog-wheel train that will take you to the top in half an hour. Once you reach, you will be amazed by the views, and you will not want to go back.

29. Hang En Cave, Vietnam

Unique hotel Hang En Cave, Viet Nam

Hang En is located in Vietnam and is the third-largest cave in the world. Some tours and activities happen here, and the best part is that you can book a stay here. The cave has its own water and beach where you can camp and get a restful night’s sleep.

It is an incredibly affordable experience compared to the other caves in Vietnam. The beach inside the cave is spectacular, and you will be able to enjoy nature for two days without any access to the outside world. The perfect and most unique stay to disconnect and enjoy what nature has to offer.

30. Treehotel, Sweden

Treehotel, Sweden

The Treehotel is situated in a forest in Sweden, around the Harads. The hotel has seven distinct tree rooms that look like they are from the future. The hotel plans on opening many more shortly because they have grown in popularity in recent years. People from all over the world come to enjoy this experience.

The tree room is glass-like, and the hotel also includes a tree sauna. You can go there to relax and enjoy the hot temperature. If you have ever wanted to live in a treehouse of the future, look no further than the Treehotel in Sweden.

31. Helicopter Glamping, Scotland

Unique hotel Helicopter Glamping1, United Kingdom

Do you love camping and helicopters? Why not combine the love for both of these by glamping in style inside a helicopter? The helicopter glamping hotel is located in Stirling, Scotland. The owners have transformed a Sea King helicopter into a luxurious accommodation space.

It features a cockpit sitting area that has a panoramic view. There are a shower room and mini kitchen to fulfill all your overnight stay needs. Experience sleeping in a helicopter with this one-of-a-kind glamping experience. It is the perfect unusual place to stay for people that love eccentric stays.

Sea King helicopter converted to glamping accommodation at Mains Farm Wigwams, by Stirling, Scotland. As featured on Channel 4 TV series, Amazing Spaces.

32. SiloStay, New Zealand

SiloStay, New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most eco-friendly and innovative countries in the world. SiloStay is one hotel option that is also both these things. The round silos and the peaceful surroundings are the perfect places to stay for people that want to connect with nature.

The silos feature balconies, kitchens, televisions, and much more. If you want takeout or have a gourmet meal, then all you have to do is ask. It is the perfect place to get away for people who want to spend some time introspecting in peace. So, if you want an unusual yet peaceful place to stay, this is perfect.

33. Palacio De Sal, Uyuni, Bolivia

The Palacio de Sal, Uyuni, Bolivia

Palacio de Sal translates to Salt Palace. The hotel is located on the majestic salt flats of Uyuni, right beneath a blanket of stars. The air there is crisp, and the sky is beautiful as many people go there to stargaze.

A unique part about this hotel is that it is constructed entirely from salt. Yes, that is correct. Even the furniture that is placed inside is constructed from salt.

The hotel has a big lobby, sixteen rooms with their own bathrooms, a bar, and much more. Do you know what the specialty of their kitchen is? It’s salt chicken.

34. Canvas Hotel, Norway

Unique hotel Canvas Hotel, Norway

Norway is filled with one-of-a-king hotels, and the Canvas Hotel is no exception. The hotel is situated on a small island, and you will have to get there through cycling or trekking. Once you have reached the hotel, you will see nine yurts.

There is also a bar and a dining area where guests can socialize and have delicious meals. If you want to relax in the evening, the hotel also features a sauna to cater to your needs. There is a fireplace in every yurt, and they are incredibly cozy to stay in.

35. Magic Mountain Hotel, Chile

Magic Mountain Hotel, Huilo Huilo Reserve, Chile

The Magic Mountain Hotel is a magical place to be in Chile. It is located in the Valdivian forest, and it has many beautiful features that you will not get to experience in other hotels. The main lodge of the hotel has a beautiful waterfall that cascades from the top of the roof.

If you want more privacy, there are secluded forest lodges too. There are undiscovered lakes all around with waterfalls and hot springs. It is a dream come true for every nature lover as there is so much to explore just outside this magical hotel.

36. Snowhotel Kirkenes, Norway

Unique hotel Kirkenes Snowhotel, Norway

Are you a brave adventure seeker? Can you survive freezing temperatures? If you want to test your adventure limits, this hotel is the perfect place. It features twenty rooms that are frosty and freezing as the temperature goes below -4 degrees Celcius.

Don’t worry, though, because the owners will not let you freeze to death while sleeping. There are thermal sleeping bags and insulated mattresses, which means you can sleep in peace. There is a bar, sauna, and much more. The hotel offers a well-rounded experience to all snow lovers out there that want to experience something unique.

37. Hotel Marques De Riscal, Spain

Hotel Marqués De Riscal, La Rioja, Spain

Hotel Marqués de Riscal was created by an architect named Frank Gehry. It is his first and last hotel as he did not make any after that. Of course, this one is also a masterpiece and a work of art.

The hotel features a spa wing, a delicious restaurant, a bar, and has a surrounding vineyard. The hotel’s exterior is avant-garde, and you will fall in love with this architectural feat as soon as you see it. It is located right in the heart of Rioja. So, you will have many vineyards to visit if you love wine.

38. Esjan, Iceland

Unique hotel Esjan, Iceland

Esjan is a majestic farm where an old bus has been entirely transformed into an accommodation space. The bus loos incredibly charming and is a comfortable place to stay while enjoying the farm’s views. The bus features a large bed, table with bus seats, kitchenette, and electricity.

If you love outdoor activities, this stay is just for you. You can opt for various activities here, such as trekking, hiking, horse riding, bird watching, and much more. It is a paradise for every nature lover that wants to enjoy a comfortable and cozy stay with nature all around.

39. Quinta Real Zacatecas, Mexico

Quinta Real Zacatecas, Zacatecas, Mexico

The Quinta Real Zacatecas used to be a bullfighting ring, but now it has been restored and turned into a luxurious hotel. The last time a bull ran on these grounds was during the end of the 20th century. Ever since then, it is a hotel.

The restaurant of the hotel is next to the old arena where all the bullpens were situated. It is now known to serve the most delicious food and offer a unique experience to all guests. The hotel is open, spacious, and has a unique history. If you are ever in Mexico, check out this interesting hotel.

40. Desert Lotus Hotel, Mongolia

Unique hotel Desert Lotus Hotel, Mongolia

If you have ever wanted to experience the life of the desert, you can now do it luxuriously through this hotel. It is situated in the middle of a dune desert in Mongolia. Recently, it has become a top-rated destination for Chinese tourists.

That is because the wind in this desert is so powerful that it makes singing sounds. Besides that, there are many activities this hotel offers that are enjoyable. These include camel riding, sandboarding, cultural performances, hiking, and much more. Experience the desert like never before with this unique yet magnificent hotel that will take your breath away.

41. Hotel Palafitte, Switzerland

Unique hotel Hotel Palafitte, Switzerland

The Hotel Palafitte is located on Lake Neuchâtel and built on stilts. There 24 pavilions in this hotel. 12 are located on land, while the other 12 are located over the lake water. That is why if you want to enjoy the best views and the lake, you should get a pavilion built on the lake.

The pavilions include a private balcony where you can sit and enjoy the view of the lake. There is a restaurant, a bar, and a private beach. This is a perfect choice if you want to enjoy one of the most unique hotels built on stilts.

42. Yotel, New York

Unique hotel Yotel, United States

Technology is taking over the world, and this hotel is a prime example of that. Yotels are cost-effective hotels where robots take care of all your needs. The check-in process is automated, there is a robotic arm that will store your luggage, iPod docks, and WiFi access in the entire hotel.

The hotel also features a restaurant that offers high-quality food. Don’t worry, though, because robots do not prepare the food. There is a roof terrace where you can sit and relax in the evenings. Yotel is a one-of-a-kind experience that is all about technology making our lives easier.

43. Elephant Safari Park Lodge, Bali

section-package-bottom-dinner • Mason Elephant Lodge

Not many places in the world offer you a place to live next to the elephants. However, Bali is one of those countries that is one with nature and everything it has to offer. That is why you can live in harmony with the elephants here without any fear.

The lodge features a pool, restaurant, bar, and many other amenities. You can come here to relax and watch the herd of elephants go about their day and business. The rooms are spacious, there are many outdoor areas, and the restaurant serves delicious local food. What more could you need?

44. The Museum Hotel, Turkey

Unique hotel The Museum Hotel Antakya, Turkey

The Museum Hotel is where history and modernity meet. You can stay on this archaeological site and have a one-of-a-kind experience as no other archaeological site offers this. The hotel is located in Antalya, Turkey.

You can discover the site and see ancient civilizations that can be traced back to the 3rd Century BC. There are two-hundred rooms on this site. It features the largest spa in Antalya, has a rooftop pool, and five restaurants.

So, it guarantees that you will have a fun experience while exploring the archaeological site and staying in the hotel. There is so much to discover that you will never get bored.

45. Amangiri, Utah

Amangiri, Utah

If you have been to Utah, you have probably heard of Canyon Point. Amangiri resort is located deep inside Canyon Point, where you can enjoy a unique experience. There is a spa above the resort, and the entire resort feels natural because it blends in incredibly well with the canyon’s surrounding features.

If you want to experience relaxation, luxury, and some time off, this is a perfect choice. The resort is one-of-a-kind, and there is a lot to do. You can just relax by the pool or mingle with other guests. You can also explore the surrounding areas.

46. Lake Palace Hotel, India

Unique hotel Lake Palace Hotel, India

The Lake Palace Hotel is your chance to experience a floating royal palace in Udaipur, India. It was built in 1746, and it is a beautiful piece of architecture. If you want to feel like royalty, this is how you can come close to that feeling.

Many royals, celebrities, and important people have visited the Lake Palace Hotel. It features four restaurants, bars, a swimming pool, spa, fitness area, and much more. There are boats outside the palace at all times. If you want to experience a magical sunset, you can do it on one of these boats.

47. The Woodpecker Hotel, Sweden

The Woodpecker Hotel, Västerås, Sweden

The Woodpecker Hotel is locally known as the Hackspett Hotel, and you can live here among the trees. Do keep in mind that the hotel is only open from April to October, so you can’t enjoy it during the rest of the months. It is located a hundred and thirty meters up a tree that is more than a hundred years old.

Mikael Genberg designed and executed this hotel, and it is suspended from wires. When you are inside the hotel, you can take in the beautiful park’s views surrounding the area. It is a sight to see.

48. Village Flottant De Pressac, France

Unique hotel Village Flottant, France

The Village Flottant de Pressac consists of many wooden huts floating on the water. Each hut has a sleeping place, toilet, open eating area, and a boat to take you back to the shore whenever you want. The unique hotel features a restaurant, bar, swimming pool, bbq facilities, and much more.

You can fish on-site or go cycling and hiking in the nearby areas. If you love fishing and participating in outdoor activities, you can do it in this unique hotel. The experience is unique, and it can be a romantic getaway with your significant other.

49. Hapuku Lodge, New Zealand

Unique hotel Hapuku Lodge, New Zealand

Hapuku Lodge and treehouses are located between the mountains of Hapuku in New Zealand. Every accommodation consists of a two-person spa bath, a terrace, a fireplace, and much more. The treehouses are located ten meters up the trees.

It features a restaurant, a swimming pool, a sauna, and much more. They also offer free bikes to guests so that they can explore the surrounding area. It is a unique hotel because it is built between the trees, and the village that surrounds it offers the most spectacular scenery. It is one of the best places for nature lovers.

50. Om Dom Hotel, Russia

Unique hotel Om Dom Hotel, Russia

The Om Dom Hotel looks like a hotel right out of a fairytale. It is incredibly charming and includes ten rooms. Besides that, the hotel has a magnificent viewing deck where you can just sit and take in the stunning views around you.

The hotel has a restaurant and WiFi service all the time. Outside the hotel, you can participate in hiking, horse riding, skiing, and much more. When you enter the hotel, you will fall in love with the fairytale decor at first glance. It is one of the most unique hotels you will find in Russia.

51. Das Park Hotel, Austria

Das Park Hotel, Linz, Austria

Das Park Hotel has taken old sewage pipes and renovated them to create a comfortable and clean hotel. Yes, sewage and cleanliness are not synonymous, but you will have to see it to believe it. The new sewage pipes are functional, clean, and offer a comfortable stay to the guests.

They are located on the Danube banks, so you can get outside your pipe and enjoy the view. The hotel is the perfect place for people that want to do some adventurous and eccentric living. After all, how many people can say they have stayed inside a sewage pipe?

52. Euromast, Netherlands

Unique hotel Euromast, Netherlands

Rotterdam’s most iconic landmark is open for guests to stay. It is located more than 100 meters high among the Euromast. The viewing tower features a terrace that will provide you with the most iconic view of the city. Besides that, it also has a jacuzzi where you can just relax with your significant other.

The tower also includes a restaurant that offers the most delectable food to its guests. The best part about this hotel is that if you want to get down, you can do it through a zipline. It is one of the fastest ziplines in entire Europe.

53. Good Hotel London, England

Good Hotel London, England

A former detention center was docked in London and turned into a hotel. All the furnishings are up-cycled, and it is an incredibly chic space that is perfect for the city’s hip and urban population. There is also a rooftop bar where one can sit and enjoy the Thames River’s beautiful view.

It is one of the most unique hotels you will see in London that offers its guests a lot. You can simply book a stay here to enjoy the unique culture inside the hotel. It never feels like you are in a detention center when inside the hotel.

54. Boulders Lodge, South Africa

Unique hotel Singita Boulders Lodge, South Africa

The Boulder Lodge is situated deep inside the private game reserve of Singita. The lodge is reputable for the luxury safaris it offers to its guests. It is right next to the Sand River, and you will be able to enjoy great views while living there.

The lodge features bbq facilities, a swimming pool, a restaurant, a bar, and much more. The best part is that you can take part in the daily game safaris that this lodge is known for. Besides that, you can relax and enjoy the peaceful and beautiful lodge that is great for enjoying nature.

55. Jabali Ridge, Tanzania

Unique hotel Jabali Ridge, Tanzania

Jabali Ridge is one of the most beautiful and unique lodges in entire Tanzania. It is a hidden gem you will find in Ruaha National Park. You will be able to see the majestic Mwagusi River through the hotel. It features a bar, a restaurant, a fireplace, a swimming pool, bbq facilities, and much more.

The hotel features eight rooms. All rooms have a private bathroom and king-sized beds. However, if you want the room with the best sunrise view, you should opt for Room 1. The hotel is the best way to enjoy Tanzania.

56. Berggasthaus Aescher, Switzerland

Unique hotel Berggasthaus Aescher, Switzerland

The hotel is built in an incredibly unusual place, but it was built a long time ago by the shepherds in the area. They needed a place to stay when they were looking after their livestock in the mountains. The shepherds had to make a tough journey to the mountains.

Of course, you don’t have to do that. You can simply arrive there in a cable car and enjoy the stay. It has a bar and a restaurant that offers the best local cuisine. The viewing deck is gorgeous, and the hotel is worth all the money.

57. Utter Inn, Sweden

Utter Inn, Lake Mälaren, Sweden

The Utter Inn is created by the same person that created The Woodpecker Hotel in Sweden. It rests on Lake Malaren. The inn looks the same as The Woodpecker Hotel from the outside with its red exterior and panoramic windows.

The bedroom is submerged in the water and has panoramic windows. You can observe the lake life and animals through the glass and enjoy a stay that feels like being in a submarine. It is a quaint art project that is unusual because it is the only inn that rests in the middle of the lake. From afar, it looks like a floating birdhouse.

58. Timamoon Lodge, South Africa

Unique hotel Timamoon Lodge1, South Africa

The Tinamoon Lodge was used as a banana farm till Maurice and Gaylun converted it into a lodge. Some of the plot is still used as a banana farm. It features outdoor daybeds, private swimming pools, fireplaces, and much more. The views from the lodge are breathtaking.

You can do many things outside the lodge that include safety, hiking, paragliding, trekking, and much more. The restaurant here serves the best local cuisine that is a treat for the palate and the eyes. You can spot many safari animals from your windows, and you will never get bored here.

59. Featherbed Railroad, California

Featherbed Railroad, Clear Lake, California, USA

Nine vintage caboose cars lay on the shore of Clear Lake in California. Each caboose car has a unique theme that guests can enjoy while staying. For example, one caboose car is Casablanca themed, another is tropical themed, and so on.

If you want to experience these unique themed caboose cars, you need to book your stay here. Each caboose car has a sleeping bed and an outdoor area where you can sit and enjoy the view of the lake. It is one of the best unusual hotels in California that will give you many memories.

60. Nayara Alto Atacama, Chile

Alto Atacama, disfruta de la belleza de San Pedro de Atacama | Smartrip

The Alto Atacama is located deep inside a valley in Chile. It is right at the footsteps of the Atacama desert. The hotel has over 40 guest rooms with private bathrooms and a balcony. It also features a gourmet restaurant, a spa, a swimming pool, a sauna, and much more.

Local guides here provide more than 35 tours that you can choose from. You can also visit the hot springs nearby to relax and enjoy some peace. It is one of the most beautiful hotels in Chile that is unique from the outside and inside. You will never get bored here.