The Best Natural Wonders of Greek Islands for your Next Trip


If there is one thing that is particularly attractive about Greece, then it has to be the natural landscapes that are worth seeing at least once in your lifetime. Many tend to claim that philosophy began in the area of Greece due to the peaceful scenery present in the country, and we would not suggest otherwise. 

From the endless blue sea to the scenic landscapes of mountains, there are one too many natural wonders to discover in Greece. If you are making a trip to the country, then one of the best attractions that you can find is to go on a tour amongst the best natural wonders in Greece. 

Here is our list for the best natural wonders of the Greek islands for your next travel itinerary: 

1. Balos Lagoon, Kissamos

Crete is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece, and we would account that to the utterly beautiful Balos Lagoon. This beach sets itself apart from the rest of the world with the emerald-green waters and the bright sunshine that lingers all day long. Even though the roads to Balos Lagoon are not as developed as anyone would prefer, taking a trip down to the beautiful sea is surely worth it. 

2. Natural Pool of Giola, Astris

Located in Thassos Island, the Natural Pool of Giola tends to attract many tourists from all over the world. If you are one to go diving, then the Natural Pool of Giola ranks high on our list of the best places to experience diving all throughout Europe.

This natural seawater pool is near the Kavala Airport – roughly a two-hour drive. If you are looking for the easiest route to add this destination to your travel plans, then we suggest booking a flight to Kavala and reaching the Keramoti port via car or a ferry ride. 

3. Blue Caves, Zakynthos

If you are a fan of discovering some of the most exquisite islands in the world, then you must take a trip down to the Blue Caves in Greece. This natural wonder was once a fishing village in Agios Nikolaos that has now been transformed into what we know as the Blue Caves. The best part about discovering the Blue Caves in Greece is that there is so much natural beauty to ponder at that you are unlikely to ever get bored. With over 150 blue caves, Zakynthos is becoming one of the most popular islands in all of Greece. 

4. Melissani Cave, Sami

If you are visiting the Kefalonia Island in Greece, there is no going back without taking a trip to the Melissani Cave. Once you see how the light pierces through the vault and makes it way towards the wild forest, you are unlikely to ever forget the remarkable natural scenery that this place provides. 

Although the tour would only last for about 20 minutes, visiting the Melissani Cave can be the experience of a lifetime. We suggest taking a trip around midday when the sun is shining bright above the well for the best experience.