The Funniest Fishing Photos Ever Caught On Camera


Fishing is one of the best ways to spend a day — simply grab your fishing rod and off you go. While some prefer to fish off the coast, others are drawn to deep-sea fishing in hopes of landing the big one. Fishing can be as relaxing or as intense as you want, but despite an overall quiet atmosphere, things can still go wrong. Luckily, we now live in the age of technology, where every unfortunate (and entertaining) moment tends to be captured by a fast-acting person with their smartphone at the ready. Here, we share some of the funniest fishing photos ever caught on camera.

Catch Of The Day

Life is full of surprises and so is fishing. It takes patience to spend hours just sitting and waiting for a bite, never knowing if you’ll actually catch something. But some things are worth the wait, which is true for this bloke who clearly hit the jackpot.

This is a whopping catch that anyone would want to show off, and that’s exactly what this guy did! With his wife happily accommodating his need to prove just how big this catch is – she makes a pretty great model for size comparison.

The Power Of Nature

Fishing is all fun and games until something takes your bait and tries to drag you off the shore. Whatever he caught, it’s clearly determined to escape his clutches, but this guy is putting up a fierce fight — just look at the grip he has on the rod!

This goes to show that no-one should ever underestimate the power of nature, especially when it comes to fish. We hope the struggle was worth it. Whatever was on the end of the line looks like it could’ve taken a bite out of the fisherman.

Seize The Moment

Not all days can be sunny, but even a flood won’t stop this man from doing what he loves best — fishing. It’s like what they say, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. So that’s exactly what he did. While taking out a chair and a rod isn’t the first thing that comes to mind for most people when disaster strikes, this guy wanted to enjoy himself.

Well, having a fun and relaxing time is what fishing is all about. Hopefully, he was able to inspire others and deliver the message that people should try to look on the bright side and make the best out of unfortunate situations if they can.

A Smart Fish

Fishing is a game of wit. At times, it takes a brilliant mind to outsmart the fish. However, there are times when they are the ones to outsmart the human trying to reel them in. Fish tend to learn quickly when they’re being hunted, so lures and bait aren’t always enough to hook them.

This particular fish apparently realized he was in a dangerous situation, so he swam underneath the poles in front of these fishers to show them who’s boss. Bold move fish, bold move!

Rule Breakers

Signs are essential to the modern world, with stop signs, speed limits, and other important notices acting to protect us. But for some reason, people seem to think that rules are meant to be broken on this bridge.

There must be some great fishing to be had here. Otherwise, these people wouldn’t risk getting caught and copping a hefty fine for rule-breaking. Rules aside, these guys are enjoying a great afternoon of fishing on what seems to be a perfect day in a not-so-perfect place for throwing a line in.

Caught In A Net

While there are many ways to fish, the rod has become the weapon of choice for most fishing enthusiasts due to its ease, sturdiness, and reliability. After fishing rods, nets are the second most popular way of catching fish, but they are harder to use.

This woman clearly has all the confidence in her netting abilities. But one net isn’t enough for her — aside from the one that she’s holding, she has another net stuck to her head. We won’t throw shade though, her wardrobe seems to be working effectively, judging by that fish in her net.

Fish Photos

Sometimes, it’s nice to dive underwater just to see what’s beneath the waves. This snorkeler, along with his talented friend, didn’t really aim to catch any fish, but they certainly caught something. Lucky for us, his friend was able to take a perfectly timed photo of his adventures — giving him a fish head stuck to his body.

It’s crazy how little you know about what’s going on below the surface when you cast out your line. Next time you go fishing, remember this image and who knows, you might catch something a whole lot bigger than you bargained for.

I Got Ya Buddy

There’s nothing better than spending the whole day fishing with your best buddy, but a lot of things can happen that might ruin your day in the sun together. Take dropping your favorite lure in the water, for example. While some people might find it easy to just let it be, and get another one, this man knows the importance of keeping a rare lure safe.

Lucky for him, his friend has got his back — or should we say feet. Even though he’s just trying to get his special lure back, we don’t suggest that anyone follow his lead. There are so many things that could go wrong here!

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These

Usually, when a big trip is coming up, it’s hard to get sleep because of the anticipation. To help us through the night, some of us wear sleep masks, play music, or read until we pass out. But this man needed more than that.

He decided to sleep with — that’s right — his fishing rods. He was so excited about the trip he had planned that he decided it was best to cuddle with his fishing rods. Hopefully, his wife or partner didn’t mind having to share the bed with all this equipment.

Fishy Flip Flops

Flip flops are comfortable to wear in all sorts of terrain — sand, grass, and even in the water. This makes them perfect to wear fishing, and so a genius came up with an idea of combining fish and flip flops.

These fishy flip flops are perfect for your next fishing trip or whenever you’re in the mood to frighten and confuse people with their hyper-realistic detail. Although these flip flops are hilarious to look at, they are also a creative masterpiece to admire.

Road Reeling

Heavy rains can lead to floods which can result in disaster, especially if an area isn’t ready for such things. Homes and businesses can suffer, but even circumstances like this can also come with funny moments.

As proof, here’s a man who decided to fish in a pothole even though he’s definitely not going to get any bites. He clearly did this for a laugh, and we’re sure it brightened the day of everyone who passed him by.

Baby On Board

Taking the wife on a romantic fishing getaway is the perfect vacation idea for many. But not every trip will go according to plan. For most people, if the babysitter canceled, it would put the vacay plans on hold.

But this couple wasn’t going to let an unreliable babysitter stop them from having their time on the water. They came up with a solution that would allow them to take even their smallest child on the boat. Although they seem to be having fun, we’re not 100% convinced of the safety of their plan B!

Different Species, Same Teeth

There are about 28,000 species of fish in the world, and while all of them have different characteristics, one of their most unique attributes is their teeth. Each fish has a distinct set of chompers, and this specimen’s teeth look creepily similar to those of a human.

For fish, teeth like these may be a rare oddity, but not so much for humans. Here, we can see that the fisherman who caught this little guy has almost identical teeth. In fact, judging by the human’s chipped tooth, the fish might actually be faring better!

You Need Water To Fish

There are a few prerequisites for a successful fishing trip — more important than your rod, reel, or net is some water to drop your line into. It’s pretty redundant to add a sign saying “no fishing or diving” to a bridge from which you wouldn’t have a hope of doing either.

We doubt anyone’s seriously considering throwing a line in from this vantage point. Even if there was water flowing, that’s one shallow creek! The thought of diving from the bridge, water or not, is even more worrisome.

Age Can’t Stop Me

One of the best things about fishing is that it can bring everyone together. It’s an activity where we can see children fishing with their grandparents, along with their parents and other members of the family.

Age can never stop you from doing what you love, and you know what they say – once you’re hooked, you’re hooked for life. This old man was determined to keep enjoying his favorite pastime, and although he had to use a walker, he wasn’t going home until he caught something.

From The Altar To The Water

Men aren’t the only lovers of fishing as this next entry will prove. To this young lady, weddings must feature the four F’s; food, flowers, family, and fishing. Your wedding day is supposed to be a celebration of love, so why not include a person’s love of fishing?

This bride had to get her daily dose of fishing action, so she went straight from the altar to the water. Indeed, her gown event features a wave motif. We have to say, she seems to have her priorities in the right order.

Lazy Boy Boats

Deciding to spend the day fishing is a commitment of many hours out in the water. This is why there have been plenty of comfort-focused fishing inventions over the past years, one of our favorites being seat pads to give you more comfort while you fish.

What do you get if you want to take things a step further than comfortable padding? These men decided to answer that question by taking their recliners out of the living room and onto the water. The result was hours of comfort as they sipped beer and enjoyed their favorite hobby.

No Fishing On The Fishing Bridge

Imagine yourself walking around the woods looking for the perfect place for fishing, and you stumble upon this confusing bridge. Your first reaction would be to start setting up, until you saw the second sign, that is.

This bridge sure is sending mixed messages! Your dreams of landing that great catch would fade away, leaving you feeling defeated but also confused as you made your way to a more straightforward fishing spot.

Fishing & Floating

Fly fishing demands that you get into the water before casting out your line. This means you’ll need plenty of waterproof gear, and if you’re like this guy, there’s no end to the creative possibilities.

This gentleman knew that being close to the shore wasn’t going to cut it, so he came up with an idea and got himself on a hilarious floating giraffe. Hopefully, his inflatable companion didn’t scare off the fish.

Fishing Is Therapeutic

Avid fishers know that fishing is not only fun, but also therapeutic, and many of these folks are lucky enough to have their own boat. Some love fishing so much that they feel the need to share this information with others.

We all know that fishing is more than just a fun way to pass the time. It’s crystal clear that this boat is owned by someone who knows exactly how therapeutic fishing is — as you can see by the boat’s name, “reel therapy.”

Taking The High Ground

Some people say that those with the high ground usually win, so why shouldn’t the same thing apply when it comes to fishing? While we’ve already seen several people go to extreme lengths like using blow-up floats, and even law-breaking, these men have really made the game their own.

Somehow, these blokes got access to a giant crane and decided that the best way to catch fish was to get high. Perhaps they think the fish won’t be familiar with this kind of approach?

Cats Love Fish

Commercial fishing is an ever-growing industry, and fishermen from across the world would fish on the water for hours to sell their catch to restaurants and local markets. As they go about their business, they’re bound to meet new people and potential customers.

Sometimes, these new customers aren’t what you’d expect. These two men are surrounded by their biggest feline fans. Although stray cats are a burden to many people, these fishermen are happy to share their catch with the local cats.

Loungin’ Around

We’ve seen the two men who brought a recliner on their boat, simply because they value the comfort of a good chair while fishing. This guy, on the other hand, just values his alone time. As you can see, the space is only big enough for himself, which makes it clear that this guy is intent on going solo.

Although the seat isn’t exactly cushioned, it’s still much better than sitting on a plastic or a metal chair. His mini fishing vessel even has a motor that allows him to zip through the swampy water. If he’s not good at maintaining his balance, we foresee plenty of unexpected dips!


The good fortune of owning a boat shouldn’t be taken for granted, and as with most luxury items, there is a sense of responsibility that comes with it. During the offseason, boats must be kept out of the water and moved to a safe place.

Fortunately, loading ramps allow us to do this effectively. Unfortunately, this man absent-mindedly drove off the ramp, forgetting that he needed to back the boat into the water, not his truck.

Flash Flood Fishing

As we have mentioned, floods can be disastrous, especially if the community isn’t prepared for it. However, it seems like this guy was more than just prepared. He had the time to get his pool ready, along with his rod, bait, and a couple of beers to take advantage of the rising floodwaters.

This is the perfect example of turning a bad situation into a comfortable afternoon of fishing. He even managed to get plenty of laughs out of it. He’s living proof that not all heroes wear capes.

Strange Signs

We’ve already encountered signs that tell us what we can and can’t do, but this one is actually funny. It not only asks dogs to “keep their masters on the leash at all times,” but it also says that “swimming is allowed only if you have fins and gills or feathers.”

Whoever thought of this managed to get their messages across in such a cheeky manner. Rather than taking offense, most people would probably have a good laugh and then be happy to obey the rules.

Couple’s Getaway

Some guys are fortunate enough to find “the one,” but what makes them even luckier is when they find someone who supports their fishing habits. This man is one such lucky guy. Although the woman supports his love of fishing, she clearly doesn’t seem interested in the activity.

Aside from the fact that she’s wearing high heels, she’s also talking to someone on the phone. Even so, she seems to be happy watching her partner try to catch some fish. It’s still sweet, isn’t it?

Strong Follow Through

When someone learns how to fish for the first time, they’re taught how to use a fishing rod properly. First, you need to cast out the line and then follow it through with your arms. This guy wanted to cast his line far into the water, so he followed all the necessary steps to do so.

However, he completely forgot the part where you only follow through with your arms. He ended up following through with his whole body. Well, at least he got to enjoy an unexpected swim!

Now That’s A Reel

One of the most important tools for fishing is the reel – it helps you wind your line, giving you control over the struggling fish. Without this device, fishing would be an archaic endeavor. Little did we know, fishing reels can have a purpose outside of fishing.

One clever fishing enthusiast was inspired to take an old reel to the bathroom for one of the most essential parts of potty time — toilet paper. If you ever need a creative use for your old reels, this is a brilliant one!

Not Today Buddy

Most people seem to think that once you reel your fish in, the battle is won. But for veterans who are on the hunt for the big one, they know that the fight has only just begun. This guy was excited to collect the biggest catch of the day, and the only thing left to do was lift the fish into the boat.

However, this fish had entirely different plans. It decided that it was not interested in being tonight’s dinner, so as the man bent down to claim his prize, the fish used its back fin to smack him on the head. Well played fish, well played.

Broken Dreams

It can be challenging to find the perfect spot for fishing. You’ve seen plenty of workarounds in the previous photos, with giant cranes, homemade fishing vessels, and strange floatation devices. This man opted to go out on a limb — literally.

He thought it was a good idea to step on a board that extended from the dock. However, he quickly regretted his decision as the board snapped from his weight. Hopefully, he learned a lesson that not all planks are made for walking.

A Personal Ruler

Fishing competitions are a huge deal — whether you participate in order to win the prize money or just to have fun, it is exciting to take part in one. The winners are usually decided based on the number of catches or from the size of the catches.

In order to do that, you must have a scale and a ruler. But rulers are easily lost, which is why this man came up with an ingenious solution — he drew his own ruler on his leg, so he’ll never leave home without it.

Recycled Lure

Recycling is one of the biggest topics in today’s society. Instead of putting things in the trash, why not make something useful out of it, right? Another genius here understands what recycling is all about, and knows how to bring it into his favorite hobby.

Whoever made these lures loves fishing and is also trying their best to help the environment by recycling. If you love the outdoors and the environment, here’s an idea — turn your beer bottle tops into lures. You can catch fish and save the planet, all in one go.

Bird’s Nest

One of the most popular pieces of fishing equipment is called a bait caster. However, if you’re not that familiar with using this rod, complications are bound to arise. It’s a very sensitive piece of equipment and can be finicky — you must apply the right amount of pressure in order to control it, and the spool isn’t automatic.

If you’re not careful, some kind of backlash might occur, and when we say backlash, we mean it. You can quickly end up with a monstrously tangled bird’s nest on your hands. If you don’t believe us, just ask this guy!

Rod Stands

When you go out fishing, it might mean spending hours upon hours by the docks. You wouldn’t really want to sit on your butt continuously while waiting for a bite, but you wouldn’t want to stop either — FOMO extends to the fishing world as well.

Still, your arms, and hands will need a break eventually, and you’ll have to put your rod down for a bit. This is why rod stands were invented, to keep your rod and bait in the water while you enjoy a moment of relaxation. But what happens if you run out of rod stands? You improvise! And so, we present to you, the human stand-in.

Someone Got Caught

As the name suggests, fishing is all about catching fish. However, it’s possible for the tables to turn. Here, we have a scary situation, where the fish seems to have caught himself a fisherman, instead of the other way around.

Although it’s pretty obvious that it’s just a pair of boots inside the mouth of a big fish, it does look real at first glance. Until you look closely and see what’s going on, this pic is enough to send chills down the spine.


This man decided to go out into the wild for a fishing adventure, but you never know which animals you might encounter in these parts. Aside from the fish, you might find deer, foxes, or even a bear. This guy was so excited to show off the fish he caught that he forgot to keep an eye out for such beasts as he had his picture taken.

It looks like a bear was hidden from view and waiting for the opportune moment to strike. If you were the man in this photo, how would you have reacted as you turned around? Thankfully, closer inspection reveals that it’s a well-made Photoshop creation. So, the proud fisherman had nothing to worry about.

This Is My Territory

Imagine enjoying a relaxing weekend fishing trip, sitting on your boat, holding your favorite fishing rod, just waiting for a bite when suddenly, a crocodile leaps up out of nowhere. Obviously, this man was looking for fish, not crocodiles, so all of this came as quite a shock.

Luckily, he had time to escape from the crocodile’s jaws. In a way, he’s even luckier that someone was able to capture this epic moment on camera. While this wasn’t the bite he was hoping for, he wasn’t too shaken and will still head out on fishing trips.

Gutter Fishing Gone Wrong

Here is a kid who thinks of himself as the pioneer of gutter fishing — yes, that’s right, fishing in sewers. This teenager hails from Texas and has been on the hunt for sewer holes as he’s hoping to get some fish out of them.

Oddly enough, this crazy fishing technique actually works for him, and even has a Youtube video that shows how he caught a largemouth bass. However, this day didn’t go according to plan and he almost plunged into the sewer. Luckily, his friend was there to help him out.

Looking For Something?

Fishing can take up so many hours and it can get really tiring. There are even times when you gamble away your whole day, only to head home without having caught anything. You end up feeling not just exhausted but disappointed as well.

Perhaps this man got tired of waiting and decided to search for fish with his own eyes by sticking his head inside a freezing hole. Maybe he even lost his fishing rod and thought that perhaps he could spot it if he dove his head in the water. Whatever his reasoning, hopefully, it isn’t because he lost his sanity. The water looks far too cold for that sort of behavior!

Snack Table

Fly fishing isn’t normally what you would do at the same time as snacking since it’s a sport that requires you to be in the water and paying constant attention to what you’re doing. But this man enjoys his food far too much to leave it behind when he wades into the water.

So, he came up with a solution that allows him to have his snacks with him in the water. He simply placed a tray table on a mini inflatable boat. You have to admit, it’s a pretty clever idea!