The most popular tourist attractions in Georgia


Travelers flock to Georgia for its stunning mountain beauty, strategic position at the nexus of Europe and Asia, and fascinating yet turbulent past. With snow-covered mountains and beaches only a short drive away, this former Soviet republic has a lot to offer those looking to go out and explore. Read on to learn more about what to do and where to go in Georgia.

How do you get started planning a vacation to Georgia? Culture Journey’s expert picks for our nine-day trip to Georgia cover all the basics.

  1. Sighnaghi

It’s no surprise that Sighnaghi, the City of Love, has become a popular wedding site. Located on a steep hill overlooking the Alazani Valley, it’s one of the most beautiful sites in the nation. Take a romantic walk along the city’s cobblestone streets and past the pastel-colored buildings to experience the city’s beauty. Look up at the towering Great Caucasus Mountains, which provide a striking backdrop to the well-planned red rooftops of the region.

  1. Telavi

As a consequence of the influence of many different rulers throughout the course of its two-thousand-year history, Telavi has developed a broad spectrum of cultures and architectural styles. One of the few medieval royal homes in Georgia preserved in its former beauty is the Batonis Tsikhe. Divali Galvani, the Kakhetian monarchs’ castle, is a must-see. In front of the 900-year-old sycamore tree in the city, make a wish and see it true. If you’re looking to get away from the city, go to the Alaverdi monastery, which has the largest church in Georgia.

  1. National Park Tusheti

Among the many attractions in and around Tusheti Park National Park are the area’s stunning scenery, ancient fortifications, warm friendliness, and distinctive folk culture. Visitors to Tusheti National Park in Georgia’s northeast should not miss the opportunity to see protected animals like the wild goat. To be recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the broader Tusheti region must meet strict criteria.

  1. Uplistsikhe

Researchers have uncovered one of Georgia’s oldest settlements, the ancient hamlet of Uplistsikhe, concealed in the Shida Kartli region. Because of its central position in the kingdom, the town of Kartli has long been a political and religious flashpoint for the people of eastern Georgia. Tourists can explore the town’s remarkable cave housing complex and discover its architectural significance today.

  1. Gudauri

Gudauri has become one of Georgia’s most popular winter destinations. This ski resort is just a two-hour drive from Moscow with a 2,196m (7,204 ft) elevation and breathtaking views of the Greater Caucasus range. Popular in the area, Heliskiing comes complete with all of the luxuries you’d expect from a European ski lodge.

  1. Batumi

The seaside city of Batumi, one of Georgia’s major cities, has developed a reputation as the Black Sea’s Las Vegas in recent times. It is a popular destination due to its vibrant summer entertainment, bright lights, contemporary architecture, and cultural events. You can happily spend a few delightful, action-packed days here.