The Peculiar Details Of The Russian Life That You Won’t Find In Guidebooks


The biggest country on the globe not only shares its borders alongside nations in Europe & Asia and also has the Arctic ocean and the pacific at its boundaries. This gives it the finest of both continents’ cultures and geographic locations. For generations, anthropologists & historians equally have been captivated by Russia’s interesting language and highly unique customs. It would appear that certain types of things could not be described to those staring in from the outside. Based on this reason, we have compiled a collection of a few funniest and most peculiar photographs that show what it is honestly like to live in Russia. You would be surprised by these photographs of locals that might have never been seen before.

The Sandals & Socks

Yes, it is correct to conclude that the sandal & sock trend is a phenomenon that is a bit too common in the Culture of Russia. This is something that has been going on for quite some time. The brutal winters may be the only plausible cause for it, but the reality is that there truly is no other reason for it.

Despite this, Maxim actually surpassed himself, even if he did not follow the awful trend.  The woman’s presence along his side makes it even more apparent that perhaps this is not such an alarming trend as it seems.

Bumpy Ride

The bears, Kremlin, and most likely vodka come to mind for most people whenever they think about Russia. But in addition to that, they worry about topics such as this.

Alexandra had just arrived at the traffic light when she saw people staring at her. She has been on her way towards the shopping center that she frequently visits. The motorcycle is the first thing that grabs your attention when you look at this picture. It is hard to look beyond those ridiculously high shoes, though.

Last Resort

It’s difficult for us to understand what’s actually happening in this picture. The young lady is actually kneeling before the portrait of the Russian president. What?.. Why?.. Is that some kind of weird spiritual ceremony? Is she actually praying? Well, that’s possible.

Or is she just being really sarcastic?

We will never find out.

No Rules For The Goths…


The goth culture is quite well-developed in Russia, oddly enough, and seeing a girl like this one in the Moscow metro shouldn’t be too surprising. It’s quite an extravagant look, though, and she took the task pretty seriously: even the contact lenses are here to terrify us…

Or maybe as a result of watching Black Swan, one girl decided to dress up like her favorite heroine and even ride the train in makeup. But not in Russia, where the sole rule is that there have been no regulations; you would expect to see anything like this on the streets.

The Squatting And Staring

Even though you’re not a Russian national, you have undoubtedly seen someone like this before; it is difficult to forget once you have seen the squat and gaze.

“Gopniks” in Russia are folks such as Oleg, who spend their free time sitting in parks, along with the roads’ sides or at local spirits stores in exactly this pose. Oleg is not always alone. Oleg has an acquaintance with Gopnik.

Willy Has Concerns


So, we don’t really know what to make of this one, really. Is it just a peculiar sense of humor? Or Maybe Russian people have a unique way of showing their passion for food?

However, while it has been a popular fact that they feel great pleasure in their traditional food, we can not help but think that wrapping one’s neck & head with sausages is perhaps not the best way of decorating yourself.

The Graduate


The term “Last Bell” is often used in Russia to refer to the typical high school graduation ceremony.

Graduating female students wore aprons with white hair bows, which resemble French maid outfits, while a symbolically last school bell was rung by one chosen 1st grader during the event. This group of girls is delighted to be done with schoolwork and examinations.

A Flexible Schedule


Many parents in Russia want their children to perform at the top of their class in their academic and extracurricular activities. For example, kids learn to play musical instruments early, receive an A+ grade on their report cards, and participate in various extracurricular activities.

Because this girl loved gymnastics, she can take the weirdest positions, just like we see here.

Snapping Away


These days, it is hard to go around the park without seeing at least five individuals shooting photographs of themselves or others in “Snapping Away Posing” situations.

Everyone has a smartphone, and along with it comes a built-in camera that is always ready to take a picture of anything that is even slightly fascinating. This was an excellent opportunity for these Russian women to take benefit.

Hell’s Kitchen

russia 3

Ok, we are pretty sure this is not how Russian women cook, so let’s not think this is a kitchen. It does look weird, though, doesn’t it? Two young girls dressed in a provocative way posing in front of… a dirty wall. Holding… frying pans.

Why?… What is this? What does it mean? Did they come here to throw them away? Well, those pans don’t really look that old. Or did these girls just have a bit too much to drink on some occasion and decided to do something outrageous? There are no answers.

Ritual of Cleaning?…

russia 4

Incredibly, this shot was taken in Russia. We are shocked. This nation region appears to have an odd cleaning custom practiced by young women.

Traveling to a nearby lake, they dump cans of Jaguar energy drink over their bodies. Only then could they dive into the lake and wipe away the sins they had gathered during the previous 12 months.

Ok, fine, we understand it’s not the actual Russian reality, and the girl is just in the mood for acting ridiculous right now.

Budget Traveling

russia 6

Most of us know that the Trans-Siberian Railway is the world’s longest railroad. For those who need to travel to various regions of our enormous country, it is a very efficient (even though not the most modern) mode of transportation.

However, you might travel in a slightly less conventional way, and a train is waay too boring, right?.. so, hitchhiking can be a perfect option for you.

And this is not the end of the story. People will settle for the trunk if they can not acquire a seat in the front. As for the freezing cold, it’s ok. People in this country are used to it, so when we need a warm coat, this lady is fine in a dress…

Stunning Pool Party


There appears to be a universal understanding that pool parties soon get out of hand, which is no exception in Russia.

However, despite the country’s reputation for chilly temperatures in the winter, its citizens may still spend a relaxing afternoon at the pool with their friends. There were also beverages and a barbecue in the pool’s center, which was a nice touch.

Unbelievably good times are ahead, it appears! And the fact that these guys can be electrocuted at any second only makes the event more fun.

Is It True

russia 2

I mean, you’ve gotta have a certain level of admiration for a girl like that, regardless of whether she’s Russian, American or smth else. Imagine the level of discipline and dedication you need to have to work out this hard and with such regularity. Imagine, how strict her diet is. Something like this is truly worthy of respect, in our opinion.

Some people might say it’s too masculine and not beautiful at all. But isn’t it her own business? Plus, it’s not about looks, really, but about being a strong human being. And this is exactly what this girl is.

Holly Haloween


What’s happening here? Is it Adult Haloween? Well, doesn’t look like it, these women aren’t scary at all, just badly-dressed. Or is it some kind of practical joke that they decided to make to see people’s reactions? That seems a bit more likely.

Or maybe it’s a revealing photoshoot in a fashion magazine. Yes, the background doesn’t look nice and the clothes aren’t that stylish, but who knows, maybe this is their idea of haute couture…

Wheaty Decision


The trademark of the Russian cuisine, sour bread made from leavened dough has spread across the country, constantly gaining more and more popularity. Sourness is imparted to Russian dishes by fermenting beer or kvas with yeast or an old piece of bread.

This unfortunate pigeon is certainly not enjoying the bread at this particular moment, because it seems unable to either continue eating it or get it off of itself. We only hope it’s not too heavy to fly with it on, ’cause otherwise, a cat might decide to eat both the bread and the pigeon.

Life Is Similar to Rollercoaster


A common misunderstanding is that “fun” would not be among the first few words used to characterize the Russian people.

Even while Russians have a serious side (like any other people, though), they also know how to have a good time when they want to. Here is probably the most hard-core example of Russian entertainment.  Looking at the decorations on the windows, we can conclude that it’s probably a kindergarten, and the only question we have is ‘How on Earth is this legal?..’

Multitasking Master


If you are anything like me, you have tried to do the seemingly impossible and failed miserably. Well, apparently that’s because it was not seemingly, but quite literally impossible.

Here, by the way, is another side of the Russian character: strong imagination. Every Russian person has a bathtub. Not every Russian person has a car. What’s the solution? Take the bathtub, add wheels, a frame, and an engine. And voila! – your new car is ready for usage!

Don’t be surprised, though, if the police forces don’t appreciate your ingenuity.

Slippery Slope


Taking your child to a neighborhood playground should be a carefree experience, but one particular location is everything. It is safe to assume that whatever demons lurked at the bottom of the hole, given the deep, dark chasm at its very end.

That the kids on this playground were running about without a care in the world before this photo was shot is horrifying. A military kindergarten in Russia may use this slide to instruct its young recruits.

Or maybe we are wrong, and the construction workers just didn’t pay attention to what they were doing, and now kids are going to fall into this bottomless pit right into Satan’s hands.

I Do Not Think You Can Soft-Soak Me!


The worst thing about visiting a public restroom is finding that the soap dispenser is empty when you want to wash your hands. Using a soap bar, on the other hand, may transport more germs than merely washing your hands with water alone, according to some research.

It is even more confusing when you see a solid soap bar in a liquid dispenser, as seen in the image below. Cleaning processes in Russia contravene chemical substance regulations, and we do not know what such procedures are.

Don’t Be Such an Uptight


People dressed in odd ways are not uncommon in the United States. And fair enough. It’s a free country. As for Russia, well, one is going to prosecute you there for looking like this guy, but it’s not a part of the social norm, so people will definitely stare, they might even take pictures (as you already understood) and even make some remarks. As far as this guy is concerned, we’re sure no one’s going to say anything to him. I mean, look at him, he’s enormous.

Hard Rock Tools


A real masterclass on being broke, guys. If the only thing you have is skill, if you have broken your guitar and have no money to fix, let alone buy a new one, take grandpa’s shovel. Just take a shovel. what can be more obvious?

And then your own diy skills are the only thing that matters. Skills and time.

So, the individual who came up with this idea was a Russian high school student who had just started taking shop classes and could not afford a genuine guitar. This is quite remarkable!

A Possible Opportunity


Even for those of us who do not drive, working dawn to dawn may be too much both physically and emotionally, especially for those who are responsible for the safety of others.

As a result, by law professional drivers in the majority of countries must acquire at least eight hours of sleep every 24 hours before they go on their next shift. This Russian subway has its very own McDonald’s drive-thru window since hunger may be a significant distraction for the driver.

Off The Tracks


While in love, it is common for people to do things they never expected they would do. When you are in a new relationship, it is hard to identify exactly what causes you to lose your senses and dive into the unknown, but more often than not, first loves end in heartache and disappointment.

Therefore, it is advisable not to go too wild and put your life on the line for that first love (quite literally in this shot).

Take Care


Ok, we see a lady here fixing her car. Seems unusual? Well, it shouldn’t, because a lot of women in Russia don’t really draw a line between what ‘a man’s job’ and ‘a woman’s job’ is.

I mean, they kind of do, but at the same time, the reality of life is that there are many more women in Russia than men. As a result, lots of women are single there, and they are busy as heck dealing with life on their own, doing the ‘men’s stuff’ as well, if necessary. Although, being single doesn’t necessarily mean a miserable existence. I mean, this girl is obviously enjoying fixing her car, isn’t she?

The Russian Edition of White Chicks

Visiting a “dacha,” a house in the countryside, is an essential aspect of Russian culture. Even though Dasha and Masha like spending time in the country and just relax, they will never miss a chance to have a ridiculous photoshoot when they have free time.

Buy wigs and the shortest skirts imaginable, false eyelashes (we’re pretty sure they’re wearing those), and please add pink. Like, a lot of pink. Isn’t it a dream photo?



Russia appears to have a whole separate set of laws regarding equestrian racing, even though nations like England may prefer classic horseback racing with a human rider. Seeing this photograph, it is hard to believe that it was not digitally altered. We still hope it is, to be honest.

Animal rights groups may also raise an issue, arguing that this is apparent animal cruelty. There’s zero chance the bears just decided to do some horse riding, and the horses were absolutely ok with this.

Avoiding Responsibility


And another perfect example of being broke yet creative. If your dog doesn’t have a doghouse, who told you you have to go and waste money on a new one? Do you have an old washing machine you’re not using anyway? Yes? Well, here we go! Your dog has its own home now!

And another thing is, this solution is very environmentally friendly, because you can see how good this person is at reusing things.

The Old Man In The Studio Apartment


Many guys spend their entire lives fishing without ever realizing they are pursuing anything other than fish.

The man in the image appears to be living proof that this proverb could not be more accurate: he suffered motion sickness just thinking about bidding goodbye to his sailing days. This elderly Russian guy illustrates that once a captain of a boat, always a boat captain.

Porch Issues


Having a drink in one hand and a book in the other at the end of a hard day is the ideal fantasy for many individuals.

Building a porch on the exterior of your house appears to be the only surefire way to obtain some quiet time these days. Due to its location on the side of a building with no door as an entryway, this porch is somewhat unusual.

Priority is given to Safety


Taking public transit means putting your life in the hands of someone you do not know, which is a risky proposition. You have confidence in the office because you know that they would never put your safety or the safety of others in peril for the sake of a few dollars.

This is horrifyingly not the case with this image. There is no such thing as an “if it is not broke, do not fix it” situation when the train is in such dire need of repair.

Shoe-ld Has Considered This


David Bowie had a bit too much fun during one of his concerts and decided to bring a fan on stage for a quick drink of booze to calm him down.

Upon closer inspection, it is clear that the singer’s lookalike is nothing more than a Russian woman using a shoe as a funnel to pour a drink into the lips of her close friend. They both look like they are having an excellent time, but we would drink from the bottle ourselves instead.

Those that Love Group Skiing


Weddings are a time to celebrate the union of two people who have found genuine love and want to spend the rest of their lives together.

Rather than merely mentioning their affection for one other, this specific pair decided to honor their favourite sport – skiing. For this reason, their clothing featured both the usual bridal gown and groom suit, plus ski equipment and a matching scarf, gloves, and beanie.

Carrot Queen


Some ladies would desire a glittering new ring on their finger to feel as if they are being loved and appreciated, but the only carat this Russian girl wanted was an edible one.

Months before he proposed, her new husband thought of surprising her with a bathtub filled with all of her favourite vegetables, including carrots. She was ecstatic when she awoke on Saturday morning, stepped out to the garden, and discovered this pleasant surprise.

Tanked That Car Parking


Parking may be challenging on a tight road, but this particular tank cannot use this as an excuse to park in this manner.

Tanks should not be parked in the centre of the roadway, and this one is taking up a lot of sidewalk space. The person who attached the boot to the tank overlooked the possibility that the tank may efficiently run over the boot.

Stopping the Wheel?


We can all learn from the Star Cast band when they sang, “It is not about how much money or possessions we have, but how we use them.”

To give their GAZ Volga, a vehicle brand that began in the Soviet Union, a new lease of life, the owners added a second set of wheels and changed all wheels to 4X4 jeep tires. If you can not afford a new car in Russia, you may always customize your old one.

Fishy Present


Not saying that you fishing the necklace out of the local lake is a bad idea if you will give your girlfriend a necklace.

Even though he went to the trouble of attaching a thread to the fish, this is not exactly a diamond engagement ring. The girl in the image does not appear to be unhappy. Therefore, Russians may be used to receiving marine animals as gifts.

As Hot As Hell


Russia has some of the worst winters in the world, and they last for months at a time. Even during the peak of winter, temperatures may fall to -13F in Moscow, making it one of the coldest places on Earth!

The Russians have developed a tolerance for the cold and often wear fur to remain warm. When the cold became unbearable, one man had a different plan: he sat down on the blaze and felt the warmth radiate from within.



If you have had your automobile stolen several times, you will likely look for strategies to prevent it from being stolen again in the future. Leaving your cat somewhere and then discovering it has vanished is terrible.

People undoubtedly would not have owned vehicles if it were not for insurance! To prevent others from stealing the automobile, the Russian owner of this vehicle presumably does not have insurance, so it stuffed bricks inside the car.

The Generational Gap

In Russia, the generation gap has never been more significant than it is now. Perhaps she walked downstairs to read a book or simply took a moment to relax on the bench.

Even if you do not speak Russian, you should be aware of one Russian custom: the daily “babushka” get-togethers on the benches on the lower level. Although the babushkas may have a few thoughts about her attire, Maria seemed unfazed by the intrusion. Or even more.

Ice Ice Baby


Russian ladies are among the toughest in the world.

Some are so incredible, as seen here, because it appears to be hauling a massive vehicle through ice conditions.

Whole Thing


Like in any other country, in Russia, some stand out from the herd and refuse to make it their life’s goal to fit in.

This woman is a fantastic illustration of how the nation is made up of people of every color and shade in the rainbow. She did not want a conventional wedding gown because she was not a typical woman. This makes complete sense to us. However, to her more traditional and conservative parents…

Stylish Police Offer

russia 1

Expectations for women in Russia are far different from those for men. You might be interested in becoming a police officer to protect your community from criminals and hold them accountable.

It is OK to do it, but you will do it in style if you are going to. This group of policewomen require nothing more than fashionable clothing and a baton for protection. While a result, other mothers may feel secure as they walk their children down the promenade.

Russian Helicopter

It seems unlikely that most of us will be able to own our helicopter shortly, but the Russians are not willing to wait that long!

That Russian urbanite planned to construct his flying helicopter out of an old automobile and what appears to be leftover pieces from a military chopper. It is a long shot, but who knows? This might be the future of personal transportation, either way!

Russian Style Wakeboarding

Because of its frigid climate and frigid seas, Russia has become a popular tourist destination for people worldwide. However, these daring young folks are still able to enjoy their version of a Malibu beach vacation on the sand.

Wakeboarding, horseback riding, and bikinis in the snow are possible at temperatures far below zero. When you cannot travel far for your holiday or vacation, I suppose you have to make do with what you have. It will be alright if you do not mind a tiny bit of frostbite! Observe and learn, Canada!

Grannies in Cage

Although we all know how irritating old folks can be, most of us have learned to be patient with the elderly. But this farmer seemed to have had enough of these two old ladies and has turned his back on them.

We do not know if he is mad at them or just attempting to protect them. On the other hand, an image has the power to convey a thousand words!

The Brave Hearted Education


Some schools could require their pupils to stand up once a teacher enters the class and talk to their educator with the utmost respect. Other schools might have entirely different techniques, such as having the kids address the instructors by their first name.

When a student misbehaves, Russian teachers urge them to stand against a wall with their hands behind their backs, as shown in the photo. Maybe being in jail might not seem that horrible after all.

No Opportunity Is Missed

russia 5

Travelling to Russia will provide you with a wealth of educational opportunities. They sunbathe their trash in this lovely nation, and it is a novel way to use it.

We do not expect this to happen very often in Russia since the weather is constantly freezing and gloomy for much of the year. On the other hand, we lucked to capture this girl on the warmest day of the year, and she is in the mood for some typical Russian sunbathing.

A Baby’s Balet


The film Bolshoi Babylon said it best when it stated that Russia is known for the Kalashnikov gun and the Ballet. Remarks are often made about the country’s athleticism, which is said to meet the aesthetic standards of the classical principles of gymnastics.

Even though their choreography is not groundbreaking, Russians have mastered the art of classical dance and performed it with aplomb and enthusiasm. Stretching is an essential part of the girl’s everyday routine. Is not it evident that she is devoted to her work?

Mayo-r Lunch Is Tasty


Master Chef undoubtedly would disapprove of this meal after a first pass, yet it is usually served in Russia.

Russian food is composed mainly of meat and vegetables that have been heavily flavoured with mayonnaise and/or sour cream. Due to the prevalence of sandals throughout the country, a unique cheese sandal style was created. According to a poll conducted in Russia, many Russians prefer to wear sandals and socks rather than closed shoes.

Ideal Spot


According to a poll that tried to find out how many individuals in different nations had cats, Russians were the most cat-loving people in the world. In Russia, over half of the respondents owned a feline companion.

When scientists were asked why this is the case, they responded that the affection for the feline is a cultural phenomenon. Using the word “train” implies forcing an animal to do something, yet you cannot compel cats to do anything they do not want to do.

Fashion Ahead


Although the world’s fashion hub in Milan, these images of Russian street fashion show that individuals in Eastern Europe also enjoy expressing themselves via their clothing.

When the girl in the denim jacket pulls her hair through the hole in her blouse, it is evident that she is experimenting with a new hairdo. For some, the second image could be a bit crass, but we all remember when the Juicy brand’s trademark was embroidered upon sweatpants as the most significant fashion trend.