Top 4 European Beaches To Visit In 2022


Europe is famous for its luxurious and scenic cities that make traveling fun. Paris, Barcelona, Vienna and Amsterdam are some of the capitals you must know. Each place has multiple beaches to fulfil your water sports activities during summers and winters.

Are you visiting a European country on your next trip? If so, it is best to know the top beaches. This will help you save time when forming an itinerary and visiting different sites. So here are the top four European beaches you can explore this year.

  1. Cala Goloritze In Italy

Cala Goloritze is one of the top beaches you will encounter in Sardinia. It has a serene atmosphere and a peaceful environment. So you don’t have to worry about getting bothered by too much noise. The beach is a UNESCO site because it was formed by a landslide about five decades ago.

You can sunbathe by lying on the crystal white sand to enjoy the clean beach. Snorkeling opportunities are also available if you want to explore the reefs under the water. The best part is that you can easily reach the location by a chartered boat or hiking.

  • Navagio Beach In Greece

Navagio Beach in Greece is on a small Zakynthos Island, away from the bustling city life. It is famously called the Shipwreck Beach because you will find the wreckage of a large ship at this site’s shore. Many people visit the beach to see the shipwreck.

The great thing is that the beach is highly clean and isolated from the usual crowd. You can easily enjoy a private getaway with your loved one on the island. However, the beach is relatively busy from May to September. Many tourists visit the site during this time of the year, so you may have to explore the place in batches.

  • Sveti Stefan In Montenegro

Sveti Stefan is an isolated island village in Montenegro with a calm vibe and photogenic views. The large rocks offer a good backdrop for multiple pictures with family and other loved ones. Pines, oleanders, and olive trees also characterize the beach to offer you an old era experience.

You can easily laze and sunbathe around the beach by taking your gear. However, you will have to visit the island as part of a tour to explore. This is applicable if you’re not staying at the Aman Resort. The tour may cause you to spend a bit, but it will be worth it because of the unforgettable views of Sveti Stefan.

  • Zlatni Rat In Croatia

This is another European beach you can visit if you are going to Croatia. The site is the most famous one in the region and is located on Brac Island. If you want to enjoy peaceful vibes, you should visit the beach during the low season.

Of course, it may be difficult to avoid the crowd at other times of the year. Zlatni Rat is famous for its white sand, clean water, and cool atmosphere. The cliffs in the background also offer different trails for hiking and scenic views from afar.