Top Funny Commuter Moments Captured on Camera


The Commuter Moments Are Absolutely Insane!

You are aware of how unreliable public transportation can be for those of you who have ever taken the bus to reach work or boarded the metro to travel from one area of the city to another. For commuters, the time spent traveling from and to their destinations might feel like one of the most anarchic parts of their day. So these commuters snapped photos of the most bizarre things they witnessed while on their way to work.

Pets Not Allowed, They Said…

A person with a bird on the shoulder

Description automatically generated with medium confidence Some people enjoy keeping a variety of animals as pets, including some that are completely out of the ordinary. Some go after snakes, while others, according to reports, go after their food. This individual has just boarded the ship with two of his pet rats.

There is a possibility that these are mice rather than rats, but we have not confirmed this yet. We are unable to distinguish between the two. By the way, these little pests can deliver a vicious bite. After all, should not they be restrained at all times?

Just Let Me Through Already!

A person in a dress

Description automatically generated with medium confidence How much more can be said about flying to work, traveling to the airport, and being questioned excessively, particularly while passing through customs? You can sense that this woman is quite dissatisfied with the situation by looking at her coming through the door.

Simply getting to the other end of that aircraft, arriving at work, and doing her job to help her firm earn all that money is what she always wants.

Party Animal

A person in a garment

Description automatically generated with low confidence If you have played our game, you will know that some individuals have strange tastes in everything. This individual was on their way to a very specific type of party, namely, the sleazy variety.

We are not here to pass judgment on anyone, but should they dress in that manner just once they have arrived at their destination? What is the purpose of putting it on display? Nobody needs to know what you like to do in your spare time.

OK, Do it Again

A picture containing text, person, standing, posing

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Despite our best efforts, we can not help feeling like this commuter attempting to perform some Yoga movements while stuck in customs. Those with a cynical streak believe that the guard simply forces this commuter to go through the detector for hidden intentions.

Alternatively, she may be wearing something composed of metal and just forgot to bring it off. Who knows what will happen. Allow the poor girl to get through and go to her flight on time!

Get a Room!

A picture containing text, person

Description automatically generated In all seriousness, there is absolutely no other way to put it. While we support all forms of love, we do not believe that it should be displayed in such a public manner, at least not in such a general manner as this.

Holding hands in private is one thing; doing what these two gentlemen are doing in public is quite another. This is completely inappropriate, and we strongly suspect that it makes everyone else in the room feel extremely uncomfortable.

Subway Split

A picture containing text, person, bus

Description automatically generated We have no idea who this individual is, but we have a lot of respect for him. Take a look at this perfectly executed split in midair! How did he even manage to accomplish such a feat?

In addition, we could not help but notice that he has a striking resemblance to Peter Pan. Was he possibly headed to a duel with Captain Hook and simply practiced? You know, becoming a little bit more comfortable before the big battle.

Black Is the New Orange

A person posing next to a car

Description automatically generated with medium confidence However, it is uncertain whether or not this woman is, in fact, responsible for the transformation of this automobile. However, one thing is certain: her clothing is a wonderful match for the car, and if anybody is going to stand out from the crowd on the way to work, it is her.

This automobile is a marvel of breathtaking beauty, the type of vehicle you would expect to see in a film like Vanishing Point or Death Proof.

A Fight for the Ages

A picture containing text, person, bus, subway

Description automatically generated The majority of individuals have to take a moment to prepare themselves for what other commuters may bring to the table on their journey. They will only be able to handle the commotion if they have prior experience.

In the case of those new to public transportation, there is little that can prepare you for a confrontation between Batman and Darth Vader while simply trying to get home. It is possible to see some of the passengers looking puzzled even in the background of this shot.

Couldn’t Help Himself

A person sitting on a bench

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This is, to put it mildly, quite embarrassing. What is even more concerning is that he managed to procure a shirt that would allow him to continue doing what he is doing. It is normal for us to have desires and requirements, but this goes beyond the acceptable.

This is simply obscene, and to put it bluntly, it is filthy. Is not it possible for him to wait till he comes home to do it? What happened to the concept of privacy? People these days have no sense of shame, which is astounding!

Scooter Commuter

A person riding a motorcycle

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If you are traveling to and from daily tasks, you may as well do it in style, and what smarter way to do that than by riding one of these rogue machines? A scooter communicates sophistication. You have probably gone to Italy, where almost every person rides a school bus all over the place.

Her drive to and from business is her favorite time of the day, evidenced by her dress to impress. But, when the sun shines, it makes a difference.

Committed to the Aesthetic

A person sitting on a bench with a dog

Description automatically generated with low confidence When you have fallen into a specific style, there is something to be said for going all-in on a look. This individual planned out every expensive detail.

Many individuals worldwide are drawn to the goth subculture, which is a large number of people worldwide. However, fewer yet attain the same sophistication as this individual, who looked flawless in her attire and cosmetics and had a raven perched on their thigh as they rode the subway to work.

The Fast and the Glamorous

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In most cases, when you consider people who ride a motorcycle to work, you automatically imagine that the person inside the helmet is either an avid heavy metal enthusiast with several tattoos or a tough-as-nails individual like Vin Diesel.

However, the fact is that some people who go to work by motorcycle come in various shapes and sizes, such as this woman, for instance. She does not let her means of transportation detract from her ability to present herself as the most professional person in the office.

A Knight in Shining Subway

A picture containing text, person, posing, people

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The possibility of seeing something unexpected on the train has already been discussed extensively – particularly an outfit that does not appear to match the model of the typical commuter – and we will continue to do so.

This individual most likely wore this attire largely to create a comic impact, a success. We can also see other passengers responding in various ways to what they see on their screens in the photograph. It is not every day that you come across someone dressed in full armor anywhere.

What a Hat

You may find yourself questioning whether or not it is necessary to point anything out while looking something over your shoulder. They most likely asked this question to the people who were passing by them on their way to work.

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Even while they are not legally breaking any rules, they are causing considerable confusion among their target audience. They are sitting quietly, which is more than most people can expect of their fellow commuters, begs why they have selected a piece of lettuce as their headgear for the day.

Commute-Ready Dress

This one is Sophie Turner; you did not know who she was. No, not the same Sophie Turner that portrays Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones, but a different actress entirely. Even though she is a well-known personality in modeling, she always makes a point of dressing to impress regardless of where she goes around the globe.

Even while she was traveling through to the airport carrying her luggage, she looked stunning in her gown, which was complemented by her bags, which were also incredible. Now that is what I call devotion!

Even Celebrities Need to Get Around

A group of people on a subway

Description automatically generated with low confidence When you think about the fact that you have no idea who you will be riding with on your journey, public transportation may be a rollercoaster experience. You never know who you could run into!

However, this does not necessarily imply that you will run into someone you know or someone you have the same interest. Indeed, you may run across practically anyone in the universe on your daily commute – even celebrities such as Sir Ian McKellen! It is a circumstance that would take us completely by surprise.

A Nightmarish Disguise

A yellow stuffed animal

Description automatically generated with low confidence The odd individual dressed up in a costume is something we have all seen, whether on the train or just while walking along the street. On the other hand, this one is a touch sillier than the norm.

The fact that someone is wearing an outfit on the metro is not unusual; something about this one makes us giggle and pull our attention back a little. Of course, this Pikachu outfit would be adorable by itself, but the hand that emerges from the mouth to grab the railing is what truly makes this photo stand out from the others.

Easy Tyga!

A picture containing person, indoor, standing

Description automatically generated Even rappers do not receive free transport to and from the airport. Their record companies may need them to travel across the nation to attend important corporate meetings. Alternatively, they may be travelling to a studio to work with just an award-winning producer.

Who knows what will happen? The time it would take to clear customs at the airport may greatly affect a commute, based on how long it took. Even Tyga is subjected to routine inspections by customs officials.

Apology Pizzas

A picture containing text, person, indoor, group

Description automatically generated When you make a mistake, you have to act quickly if you want to save the relationships you may have damaged. As a result, you will not have time to squander throughout your journey.

This individual appears to have an idea that has the potential to either bring someone back or make the situation far worse. On the other hand, he did not have time to wait, and as a result, everyone on the subway with him witnessed him scrawl a depressing remark on the inside of the pizza box.

Matching Outfits

A person sitting on a bus

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Whether you follow the latest high-fashion ideas or not, most of us prefer to dress in a way that symbolizes who we are and what we enjoy and are passionate about.

According to this individual, their sense of style was defined by their seats when riding the train. Even though they very certainly did not realize it until it was too late, it appears that they are amusing themselves with the fact that their shirt matches the train seats identically.

Child’s Play

A couple of people sitting on a bench posing for the camera

Description automatically generated with low confidence Even if you enjoy horror films, it is likely that you would get a little frightened if you saw those characters in front of you in real life. After all, they are meant to be shocking in some way.

By that logic, even if Child’s Play is your favorite classic horror film, you would be a little taken aback if you happened to see them across the street from you on your commute. Even more disturbing than the costumes, this Chucky and Tiffany have the doll-like pose that these characters are known for, down to a T. This Chucky and Tiffany have the doll-like posture to a T.

Even Heroes Need to Commute

A group of people in clothing

Description automatically generated with medium confidence

While you are on public transportation, you will notice individuals dressed in an unusually eye-catching style, whether a costume or just out of place in the environment.

It is not every day that you pass a group of individuals dressed similarly when you are on your way to work. Likely, you have not seen the Power Rangers in a group setting in at least some years. Unfortunately, these commuters were only attempting to save a few minutes on their way to recovering the planet, and they failed spectacularly.

He’ll Need Extra Space

Finally, we have discussed the many types of costumed riders you could encounter on your commute; however, this might be the best. We have to admit; it is a complicated design that took a long time to complete.

We have to ask what possessed this individual to appear as a centaur and attempt to navigate the subway system in this manner. Furthermore, we have to question how they will go through the ticket machines in that outfit to get onto the subway system.

Just Some Books

A picture containing text, indoor

Description automatically generated

To avoid being apprehended when transporting anything illegally, you must ensure that it is appropriately disguised before taking it on board the public transportation system.

This individual most likely had the correct concept at the outset. You are not permitted to bring a chicken into the metro, so no one will blink an eye if you carry a bookcase. That is unless a living chicken was poking out of the handles of the container, in which case they would not do so.

Stop; it Tickles!

A picture containing text, person, indoor, group

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Unfortunately, frisking may be awkward, persistent, and even cause one to feel like they are being abused. However, based on the appearance of this traveller, they appeared to be safe surrounding this security guard at the airport.

Besides that, they could not help but giggle every time the guards came within striking distance and were merely performing their job. This woman looks to be one of the most uncomfortable individuals. She seems to be among the most prickly persons, mostly on the face of the world.

A Dinner Tray and All

The harsh reality is that, while convenient, public transportation is more concerned with efficiency than ensuring that you have all you need to be comfortable and enjoy the journey.

Alternatively, you could always travel the same path as this individual, albeit your other passengers may not appreciate you for it. For example, instead of eating before getting on the subway, they decided to bring their table and eat while riding back to the station.

Autofrisk? Really?

Commuting may be a real hassle. With the growth of robots becoming more powerful with each passing day, people are becoming less and less valuable. Think about this passenger, who was astonished when she discovered that she would be frisked – not by guards, but rather by a robot.

Autofrisk is a reality, and it may soon be arriving at an airport closer to you! Then, all you have to do is place your palms on the panels, and the technology will take over (apparently).

A Sheep or a Coat?

A picture containing coat

Description automatically generated It took us a while to figure out whether this woman was wearing a whole sheep or just a massive coat. Likewise, we were under the impression that this was an extension of her hair for a brief minute.

However, we do not believe anyone would allow their hair to get so out of hand before bringing it trimmed. However, we are willing to wager that this lady and her coat have taken more than one seat on the couch. According to the appearances, she took up two entire seats.

Perfect Moment for a Picture

The most amusing photographs are not necessarily those that have been well prepared and produced. Instead, the most entertaining pictures are frequently taken by someone who has easy accessibility to a camera at the appropriate moment.

There was nothing particularly amusing about this individual on their own, but they just occurred to be in the appropriate location at the right moment. It was, in fact, the ideal opportunity for this photographer to get an image of them along with the hat painting mostly on the subway wall hovering above their heads in the background.

It’s Not What it Seems

Anyone who regularly commutes by airline requires a neck cushion to prevent their neck from suffering every time they fall asleep in their seats during the flight. It is a true lifesaver, but they are rather inexpensive to obtain.

Nonetheless, you might like to think about what color cushion you choose and where you place it when strolling around the neighborhood. We were a little confused by this photograph at first sight, and we were not alone!

No Seats Left

While preparing to start your daily commute, you are probably well aware that it is not much you can do to assure that you obtain a comfy seat – if you are lucky enough to acquire a seat at all.

This individual concluded that they understood precisely what they needed to do to get their commute a bit more comfortable. Instead of wishing for an unpleasant subway seat or preparing to stand, they merely brought their portable hammocks to keep them supported. At the same time, they relaxed on the train ride. We are confident that all of the other passengers on this flight were delighted.

Making Quite a Racket

It is impossible to criticize someone for needing to have a bag with them on public transportation from time to time. However, not everyone has an alternative mode of transportation for their travel, and not everyone will have all of their goods at their final destination.

That does not rule out the possibility that some of the items individuals carry on their journey would draw the attention of their fellow passengers, though. This individual is an excellent example of this, and they certainly raise a lot of concerns about not just why people have such a big racket but also about how they obtained it in the first place.

Grease Lightning!

You know, it is not just Danny Zuko and the T-Birds that have a knack for making a ride more interesting. But, remember, you should not judge things by their cover. It turns out that there are lots of people out there, from all areas of life, who are passionate about nothing more than providing an old automobile a much-needed facelift.

For example, this woman customized her Volkswagen Bug with flashy rims and tires. That was only the beginning of an incredible metamorphosis, and she was behind the wheel of that vehicle in no time.

Cap the Pen Next Time

When you are on public transportation and travelling in an area with just standing room, it is easy to lose track of time. Given all that is going on, it is understandable that things would be chaotic.

This unfortunate individual had everything in order, except one major oversight: they had forgotten to put the cap on their pen. Because it held its position in their hair, the end of the hair brushed against their back every time they moved their head. So even while it makes for a fascinating look, we are sure that is not what they were attempting to accomplish with the design.

Is This Necessary, Maam?

The next passenger does not appear to be impressed by how this guard is patting down her. So what is it that she is doing exactly? Are you taking her chest measurement? At least from this perspective, it appears to be rather strange.

Security procedures and protocol change rapidly at the airport, and the personnel, for the most part, are merely carrying out their responsibilities. But that does not stop millions of commuters from finding these procedures exceedingly time-consuming and inconvenient every year.

The Cutest Stowaway

At first sight, this photo could appear to be just another irritated train commuter, but if you look more closely, you will notice that there is a hidden message. There is a stowaway on board this commuter train.

If you are not sure what we are speaking about, take a look inside her jacket, and you will see a sweet little face poking out at you. Even though this small kitten is not strictly permitted to ride the train, it does not imply that they do not have somewhere to go. In addition, who would want to reveal the secrets of a little kitten?

The Balloon Bandit

We have previously discussed how good public transportation can be, but we also spoke about how stressful it can be. Understandably, some people devote their time and energy to cheering up those riding the metro.

This gentleman provides an excellent example. AKA the “Balloon Bandit,” he works on the subway system, bringing balloon animals to passengers as they ride. It is even possible to see his face in this photograph, which shows him peering directly at the camera behind his book on the floor. I think he is rather pleased with himself.

Crabs Everywhere

In New York City, if you are a commuter, there is not much you have not seen already. In other words, when you see something new, it is likely to take you completely by surprise.

This commuter is willing to vouch that It was a sight they certainly were not anticipating when they boarded the train one morning. It was crabs. In addition, there was not just one renegade crab in the entire subway system here either. The cluster included an alarming quantity of live crabs, the source of which we are unable to determine.

A Surprise Grocery Store

The last thing you expect when you enter a subway train is to encounter something strange and unusual. As a result, it is always possible to be completely surprised by something you have not seen previously.

This individual experienced an encounter, unlike anything they had ever witnessed before in Seoul, South Korea. Upon entering the subway station, they discovered not just seats and other passengers but also a food store, allowing them to shop while on the go practically.

Lost Lunch

A sense of desperation can not be described as the subway doors begin to close just as you are about to run through them. In many cases, delay results in a slew of issues for individuals.

There are occasions when it is possible to sneak in via a crack in the door, even a small amount. When you use something to block the gates from closing, though, it might have negative consequences. Their food was transported while they sat on the platform and observed.

A Positive Interaction

In most cases, there is not something traumatic that draws passengers’ attention. A strange sight, but one that is also uplifting, might cause individuals to reach for their cameras at random times of the year.

Although this encounter was on the sweet side of things, everyone appreciated the respite from the more exhausting interactions that had previously taken place. The youngest audience member was serenaded by this musician while on the subway train, putting a smile on many people’s faces as they rode the train to and from work that day.

The Plant Man

It is possible that some of the passengers on the train are just looking to make some more money while getting where they are going. In the end, there are many individuals to whom you may communicate your point of view.

The trick is to distinguish yourself from your competitors when it comes to business. But unfortunately, this individual attempted to establish a whole new market. After all, how many individuals can you buy tropical plants from while you are still on your way to your destination on the train or subway?

Going the Extra Mile

The technology you own now is associated with various factors, such as your social standing. As a result, many people decide to take advantage of the latest high-end fashions.

It is clear that this individual wanted to join in on the AirPods excitement, but they quickly discovered something that many others had already learned: while these headphones are convenient, they are also quite simple to lose. His method, however, appears to have been successful, as he was able to tape the AirPods in place without incident.

Hey, It’s Me!

A plethora of signs advertising various products and services will greet you before you even board the train to begin your travel. On their own, they may be rather amusing in certain situations.

The advertisement in question is not particularly amusing, but it is quite funny when you consider who happened to see it. Although he is not well-known, he appears to be quite similar to the model in the advertisement. He even took a moment to pose for a photograph before continuing with his day’s activities.

He Fits Inside a Bag

The most important rule for pets on the subway in New York is that dogs are only permitted on the subway system if they can fit in a bag. Owners are only allowed to bring pets that are readily transported.

As a result, several of the regulations’ meanings have been strained to the breaking point. For example, this individual successfully got their dog to fit inside a bag. Instead of a little lap dog, they could locate a bag that would be suitable for their husky.

Please, Make Plenty of Noise

A musician performing in the subway can provide a pleasant break from the day’s stresses from time to time. It becomes a little more difficult to get away from when individuals are inside trains.

For other riders, being stuck in a single train vehicle with someone loudly playing music may be quite exhausting after a short period. While on their journey, this individual put up some of the loudest instruments accessible to them to perform music – something that we are sure made the rest of their fellow passengers extremely pleased.

The Best Backpack

During your journey, you will come across several items that will leave you scratching your head in bemusement. Other times, you could feel a touch envious of another commuter’s appearance or mannerisms.

This individual made both the person who observed them feel a little envious of their sense of style and us. If you look closely, you will notice that he is carrying a backpack that resembles a turtle shell behind his rear feet. A person who enjoys animals or who longs for a special group of pizza-loving turtles would like this piece of artwork.

Disappearing Ankles

something is amusing about folks who unintentionally match their environment even when they are not on their way to work. That is especially true when their outfits are as well-matched as this.

This individual was having a very routine journey one day when they noticed something strange when they looked down at their feet. After a moment’s thought, they realized that something was lacking from the individual seated across the table from them. After all, was said and done, their socks simply happened to match the floor perfectly enough to make their ankles disappear!

The Costume is Too Good

This image has an empty alt attribute

Although they do not appear realistic, something about certain outfits makes them feel a bit too genuine for comfort. They find themselves in the eerie valley.

An idea that occurred to a commuter while they were on their way to the destination has been shared here with the author’s permission. One of the people who hopped on the train dressed as an army figure was partially captured on camera by a passing train. Even more unnerving, he has mastered the art of the pose!

Why Here? Why Now?

There are several activities you may engage in to pass the time during your journey. Of course, you could always listen to music – presumably with headphones – or read a book or play a game on your smartphone.

What you should probably avoid doing at all costs is chopping onions while on the road. There are several issues here, and the passengers who were upset by this individual had every right to be offended. First, onions are a nuisance to everyone and slicing them while driving sounds risky for starters.

Bring Your Bed

Even if you have perfected the art of using public transportation, a scene like this might catch you off guard before having your first coffee cup in the morning.

There is a lot to see on the metro, but the fact that you do not see anyone is nearly as good a cause to stop. This is especially true if the subway is empty, save for a single bed. We have many questions about this, but the most important is when they did this.

Just Keep to Yourself

At the outset of this photograph, it is vital to note that this is not an official sign. However, it is rather noticeable even as a joking sign despite this.

Furthermore, even though it is not an official sticker, this sticker encapsulates the essence of public transit. Although everyone is traveling close to one another, it is not generally a moment when everyone wants to mingle. Instead, respecting everyone’s personal space is preferable and making the trip as quiet as possible.

Don’t Bother Hiding

This is something we are not sure of. Is this individual attempting to comply with the requirement that his dog had to be in a bag, or are they intended to be hidden?

In any case, it errs on the side of bending the rules a little. The dog appears to be a pleasant companion, and we are sure there were not many commuters who were not a bit delighted to see them. But unfortunately, the dog’s owner seemed content to maintain the illusion that everything was normal.

A Row of Doppelgangers

We already took at a collaborative group as the Power Rangers. Yet, this group We had already taken on a group known as the Power Rangers, which we had previously defeated. Nonetheless, this group seems to take the cake since it appears to have made a less deliberate decision.

Instead, these individuals simply attempted to reach where they wanted to go when a bystander photographed them. It just so happened that a group of folks appeared to be quite similar to one another due to their identical clothing and shaved heads.

Aren’t You Forgetting Something?

While it appears to be “Bring Your Child to Work Day,” we are not convinced that this is the best way to go about it. Instead, this merely demonstrates that becoming a parent is not for everyone.

It appears to be a novice error on the part of the player. It is something that a seasoned father would never do. We are willing to wager that he is completely unaware that what he is doing is wrong on so many levels. Someone should contact the child welfare authorities!

Snooze or Lose

This appears to be a cross between asleep and a nose surgery that went wrong. There is a potential that this photograph was just snapped at the right moment: perhaps the bus or the subway came to an abrupt halt, causing the woman to collide with the railing. We are sure that was a difficult experience.

Also, it is for this reason we prefer to drive rather than take public transportation: to prevent odd mishaps like this one.

Pull Your Hand Out of There

It is a little weird here. He must have been taught that these behaviors are prohibited from being conducted in public; otherwise, he would not be here. Why are you hiding your face, anyway?

Is it true that if you can not see, it follows that everyone else can not see you? That is not how things operate, buddy. People have gone utterly insane. This is bordering on indecency, and we are convinced that it is also against the law. We can only hope that someone urged him to stop.

The Good Life

The good life is being lived by someone, without a doubt. Even though we have no clue how this man could get a sofa into the train, it makes us want to travel the metro only to sit on the couch for a while.

We are curious as to what happens when he has to get off. What happens to it after he leaves? Does he take it with him, or does he simply leave it like that? Did not we previously express that we wanted it for our own?

Enjoying the Breeze

This image has an empty alt attribute

It appears that this individual was on a beach just a moment ago. Then he appeared on the subway at random moments after that.

On the one hand, he appears to be completely out of place, but on the other hand, if you look closely, he seems to be barely bothered by the situation. What gives people the right to conduct themselves as if the subway is their living room is beyond me. This is completely unacceptable.

New Fashion

Is it true that no one said go green? If anyone did, this guy was the one who answered the phone. However, he went a little too far, if not completely out of bounds.

Which soda cans do you need to collect to accumulate enough opening tabs to cover your entire body completely? We estimated that there were around a thousand people there. Although there is a good chance that we are wrong, this is both impressive and insane at the same time.

Is it Winter Outside?

We understand that New York City can get extremely cold at times, but to what extent? Is there no reason to cover yourself in this from head to toe? How are you even able to see anything?

There is a good chance that this guy is not even human and that he is some devilish monster who escaped from a secret lab and is now attempting to blend in with the crowd. The meaning of this picture is beyond our comprehension.

It’s a Rainy Day

Everybody knows that the subway can occasionally flood, especially when it rains heavily and the pumps cannot keep up with the volume of water.

However, this is a bit of an extreme case. Aside from that, the small plastic tent she is wearing as her hat will not protect her from the ensuing torrential downpour if it occurs while she is riding the subway. We feel that you will meet all kinds of strange people when you take public transportation.

Willie Wonka in Disguise

When we saw this person, we immediately thought of Johnny Depp in his role as Willie Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. However, this is not (unfortunately) Johnny Depp on the hero’s part.

We believe, however, that he is still on his way to the chocolate factory, despite our best efforts. Alternatively, there is a good chance that he is on his way to a particularly interesting party. Therefore, perhaps we should inquire whether or not we can accompany him the next time we see him.

Vampires Are Real

This image has an empty alt attribute

The following image, ladies, and gentlemen, will dispel any doubt about the existence of vampires. Not only will it dispel doubt, but it will also demonstrate that vampires use the subway system. Even more so, they are well-dressed, just as they would be in a Hollywood film.

We also believe that they are quite polite and may not be as bloodthirsty as they appear to be. However, we probably should not put that last piece of information to the test on second thought.

It’s Just a Dream

This is something that we have all fantasized about at some point in our lives. You dream of waking up naked in the middle of a public space or semi-dressed in the middle of public space. However, we regret to inform you that this is not a dream and that you are awake.

No one knows what this woman is scurrying around in the subway with only a towel wrapped around her shoulders and legs. Is it possible that she somehow fell through a wormhole? She was in the shower one moment, and the next, she was in the middle of a subway platform during rush hour, all in the same breath.

Private Living Room

Travelers who treat the train as if it were their living room are among our most hated fellow passengers. What would you say if you could not explain it? We understand that he was exhausted after a long flight and decided to rest as much as possible while traveling back home.

This, on the other hand, is not correct. Other people must use the metro system as well, which is simply disrespectful. What leads people to believe that they can behave as if they are the only people in the world who use public transportation is a mystery.

Bring Your Seat

A seat to steal on the subway is never guaranteed, and you should never count on it. This is important to remember, especially if you are traveling in a hurry, such as returning home from work.

Most people get around this by resigning themselves to waiting for their ride and hoping that it does not take too long. However, this individual went the extra mile to bring their chair on the train, and it appears to have come directly from their dining room. So how did he manage to lug that around all day?

Don’t Judge a Book

Too many people make snap judgments about a book based on its cover. For example, many people would judge this individual based on their punk appearance.

However, this did not imply that this individual was hesitant to assist someone else in need. Instead, it shows that while public transportation can present some uncomfortable situations, it can also demonstrate how people can deal with problems in which they could benefit from an extra hand.

All Bananas Must Be Leashed

Waiting on the subway platform can result in a few moments of impatience, but it can also result in meeting someone you would have never met otherwise in your daily life.

For example, we are confident that not many people have come across someone who keeps their produce on a leash. Fortunately, we can assume that they would be a responsible pet owner if they went to such lengths to ensure that their bananas did not wander off or misbehave when other people were around.

Harp Practice

On public transportation, it is not uncommon to hear music. You will almost certainly hear some from time to time, whether someone is playing an instrument or simply can not be bothered to put on a pair of headphones.

The fact is, some instruments are more surprising to play than other instruments. Someone playing the guitar, keyboard, or brass instrument on public transportation is something we have all witnessed. The sight of a commuter practicing angelic tunes on a harp may have passed you by, but it has the potential to be very peaceful.