Travel Advice For Traveling To Lebanon From The US


You may want to travel to many places since more countries opened their borders in 2022 after COVID-19. However, the US state department still advises you not to visit some places.

The department updated the travel advisory for traveling to Lebanon on 6th June 2022. It has changed the level of safety to level 3. This means that you should reconsider traveling to the Middle Eastern nation.

Here’s what you need to know about traveling to Lebanon.

Why Should US Citizens Not Travel To Lebanon?

The state department advises you to avoid visiting Lebanon if you’re a US citizen. This is because of the rise in violent crimes against Americans in this country.

Political violence has also increased in Lebanon, making it unsafe for travelers. As per the travel advisory, you must not visit specific places in Lebanon if you’re still deciding to go there:

  • Avoid traveling to the Syrian border because of armed conflict and terrorism
  • Avoid traveling to the border with Israel because of the high potential of conflict
  • Avoid visiting refugee settlements because of the risk of armed clashes

Will The Government Help You In Violence Cases?

The state department states that the government may not be able to help you if you run into trouble in Lebanon. Here’s what you need to know about the department’s stance:

  1. Consular Officers Are Not Available Always

US citizens in Lebanon may not be able to receive help from consular officers at the US Embassy. This is because of the restricted movement of government personnel in the country.

Embassy workers have to live and work under high security. Their movement is also limited due to the health policies of the nation. In many cases, you may not receive adequate help from consular officers.

  • Difficult To Tackle Terrorist Attacks

Terrorist attacks occur in the country without any warning. Typically, tourist sites are targeted along with shopping malls. Some transportation hubs and government facilities may also be attacked.

This is why the US government cannot guarantee complete safety in this Middle Eastern nation. You may find yourself in an unexpected attack or armed conflict. In most cases, you will have to protect yourself on your own.

  • Lebanese Government Do Offer Protection Guarantee

The Lebanese government also does not offer a security guarantee to US citizens. This is especially true in the cases of unexpected violence outbreaks. Minor family disputes can turn into armed clashes without any warning.

So you may be caught in the crossfire and get hurt. The Lebanese Armed Forces are mainly used in such situations. However, it all depends on the severity of the armed clash.

Final Words

The state department also advises citizens who are visiting Lebanon to draft a will before leaving. You should also leave DNA samples to your medical provider in unforeseen incidents.

It is also best to choose a point of contact for communicating with hostage-takers in the case you get kidnapped.

This is everything you need to know about traveling to Lebanon. You should avoid visiting this country if you’re from the US. This is because you may get hurt in a terrorist attack or suffer from hostage kidnapping.