What Can We Expect from Our Airports in The Future? Experts Say They Might Look Something Like This


Airports were being used more and more often.  Airplane travel was starting to become something anyone could and would do.  The more convenient it got, the more we used it.  That was before 2020 hit. 

When 2020 came in, everything changed, especially the way we traveled (that is, if we were going to travel at all).  Travel became restricted, and many airports had to shut down.  Otherwise, the virus would become, well…an even bigger issue!  Now that they have opened, there are any changes.  It is impossible to say what changes will stay in place after the vaccine is widely distributed but let us look at some changes you will definitely be seeing!

Rather than airports growing in size, we might see them grow in technology

Many experts are suggesting that Artificial Intelligence (AI) be implemented at airports.  AI can manage how clean the airport might be, whether it is the bathrooms, seating, handrails, food areas, etc. They can also monitor the air quality in the airport. 

Rather than grow in size, many experts are asking about maximizing space.  Much of airport space is said to be underutilized and done so in an inefficient manner.  Small changes will help solve this issue.

Contactless Travel

This is one COVID 19 precaution that might be here to stay, and that is for the better.  Think of apps on your phone that can help with everything!  Parking, shopping, checking in, temperature screening, and bag check are just a few things that now have apps to run them thanks to COVID 19.  These actually help the process to be more efficient so it’s unlikely that this will leave anytime soon.

Same space, more room

As stated above, many airport design experts say that airports are often inefficient in their design and some simple changes could make a huge difference.  

Experts say that moving security to the front of the airport terminal, rather than having it at the middle will be a huge increase in space.  AI processes, like biometrics and thermal imaging, could speed along the TSA process and add more room in airports. 

This means that passengers would start by checking in at home.  At the door they would complete the bag check-in, and then finally, they would move into TSA before having the rest of the airport before them. 

Outdoor spaces.

If you are thinking about airports, outdoor areas might not be the first things that come to mind.  But what do you do when you have a long layover or if you have to spend a night in the hotel?  Surely you do not want to take the entire time to just sit there.  Outdoor gardens are a great, peaceful space where you could go hang out during a long layover.  Small play structures for children could also be introduced in airports to give young kids a safe place to let some energy out.

Our world is going to change, and in some ways, they will benefit us.