What It Means To Travel As A Queer Folk: Lamentations Of A Gay Pilot


We all have different journeys in our lives, and all these journeys have one thing in common: struggles. None of us are alone in our struggles as we suffer in one way or another. However, queer folk have been struggling to gain recognition for their gender identity for a long time.

Pride celebrations have been going around the world, and it is no better time to talk about what it means to travel as a queer individual. Here is what a gay pilot has to say about it.

Why Queer People Travel

According to the pilot, there are many reasons why LGBTQ people travel. One of the top reasons they travel is to meet other queer people in other places. On the other hand, the LGBTQ folks that are still searching for their identity travel to find themselves.

Of course, there are also some queer folks that travel to escape. The intolerance of this community causes a sense of alienation, but they have a worldwide community no matter where they are.

Uneven Advancement Of Rights

Unfortunately, everyone has a different opinion on queer folk, depending on their culture and other factors. That is why there is an uneven advancement of the rights of queer people around the world. Many of these people still face microaggressions, imprisonment, violence, and many other issues.

According to the pilot, his earliest escape has been his imagination. He loved the idea of cities and dreamt of flying to new ones all the time. He would distract himself by drawing imaginary cities and maps that would calm him down.

It is up to us to be a part of this change and ensure that queer folks are given the rights they deserve no matter where they are. There are kind people everywhere, and it only takes a little effort to find them in no time.

What Travel Teaches You

The gay pilot had three important journeys that shaped his life. The different places he went and people he met shaped him into who he is, which is a proud queer pilot. Throughout these journeys, beautiful connections have come that have made life worth living all over again.

Of course, all journeys come to an end, and what matters is what we take from them. That is because everything comes in our lives to teach us something important that we must learn to advance further in our lives. Travel can be your greatest teacher if you let it guide you and have complete faith in it.

Final Words

There are many ups and downs that come with traveling as an LGBTQ. However, no matter what happens, you must have willpower and keep on going ahead. After all, difficulties will come and go, but our willpower is what will drive us to overcome them without any hassle.

If you are from the LGBTQ and have travel stories to share, you are more than welcome. Let us know an interesting travel story you have.