What tours are worth taking when visiting Hong Kong?


If you have a trip to Hong Kong on your list of things to do, then you are making a very wise choice. Few parts of the world are quite as eye-opening as Hong Kong. This deeply interesting place manages to pack in culture, charisma, and commerce into a comparatively small area. The main issue you might have with coming to Hong Kong, then, is making sure you see everything that you wanted to when you first decided to arrive!

What, then, are some of the best tours in Hong Kong?

Take a street food tour

First off, part of what is so good about Hong Kong is the food. You likely have just arrived from a long journey, so why not start your time in Hong Kong off with some culinary tourism?

Take a tour like the Kowloon Street Food Tour, and you are sure to leave with a very full, satisfied belly. This three-hour tour will help you to learn all about the true quality of Cantonese food, whilst helping you to appreciate the variety available.

You should also look to check out the various food stalls, known as dai pai dongs, which are absolutely loaded with unique foods you have no doubt never tried before.

Street culture tours

Another good way to enjoy Hong Kong to the maximum is to make a move through its numerous streets. Few areas in the world combine street art so well with the general architecture of the area. If you want to get to know the story of Hong Kong and its amazing peoples, then it makes perfect sense to come and take a trip through the most popular streets.

Make a time to head through the commercial districts in particular, and you are sure to see an abundance of eye-catching art that sells the story and the history of Hong Kong in the most spectacular way.

Out of town tours

Of course, while Hong Kong is a massive place to visit it is not just a city. There are many gorgeous outdoor locations that, if you stayed in the city, would never have come to your attention. We recommend you look to take an outdoor tour via the likes of the ghost towns outside of the main city itself.

You might also wish to go to Tai Tong, where you will find some of the most beautiful trees in the world. While many people come to Hong Kong for a city exploration, heading outside of the town to nearby areas can give you an even greater appreciation of life in this part of the world.

There are many unique places to come and see in Hong Kong. Some of the best places to go and visit are going to be outdoors, though, with geoparks and mountainous regions well worth visiting. If you are here for more of an exploration of the geography of the land as opposed to the city, then you should absolutely head out of town.