When is the most affordable time to visit Disney World?


As one of the most wonderful places in the world, Disney World does a fine job of making dreams come true. For any parent (or even any Disney fan), a trip here is something to tick off on the bucket list. Kids and Disneyites alike are going to absolutely love coming to a place as diverse and as fun as Disney World. However, the problem that you likely have here is that Disney World can be expensive.

When should you try and plan your trip to come here, then? How can you make sure that the cost is not going to skyrocket?

Never come during the “on” season

While the weather might split the sky during the “on” season of spring and summer, it will also split your wallet in half.

If your intention is to try and come to Disney World soon, then you should absolutely come at a less busy time of the year. While some of the flagship attractions might not be on for that day, it will give you a much cheaper trip. And let’s face it; they could strip back 90% of Disney World and still have more than enough entertainment to be enjoyed.

The best times of the year to come then are probably January and February. It makes sense why, too. For one, the January and February weather is rarely as graceful as you will get in the spring and summer months. However, it is also often warm enough that the kids are going to be able to have incredible fun without being too chilly.

You will also find that this makes sense as it is the end of the traditional holiday season. All of the price hikes that happen during times of the year like Christmas and summertime breaks will evaporate. Instead, the prices become far more affordable because they need to try and get more people in the parks to justify opening.

Avoid new Disney releases

The worst time to come to Disney World, though, is around about the time when the winter gives way to summer. Really, any time after February recess in school is likely to become more expensive. You have a pretty short window in the early months of the year to go when Disney is at its most affordable. Anything after Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, though, is likely to see prices going back up to the usual cost.

However, you might find that September and October can be other optimal months. Again, you have often just missed the traditional holiday months, but you still arrive when the nights are long-ish, the weather is sound, and there is ample things to do.

If you are desperate for an escape around about wintertime, though, the period of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas tend to be smart times to come visit. It really does depend on what has come out that year, though, so try and time your visits for when the peak has been reached in terms of popularity for a new Disney release.

It can be tough to make a trip to Disney World affordable, but timing trips during the right months and releases can pay dividends.