Where can you find the best hot springs in the United States?


The USA is a truly beautiful place. It is a wonderful collage of amazing places to visit, both man-made and natural. Yet while it is a truly astounding place to visit, it is also a location that is enriched by its geography. One of the most amazing parts of American life, for example, is the hot springs. Take a trip to the USA and so long as you go even slightly off the main road, you are sure to find inspiring natural landscapes. And among them shall be hot springs. Where, though, are the best hot springs in the USA?

Castle Hot Springs in Arizona

The first place we recommend checking out is from a trip to AZ. Arizona is a glorious place to visit at any time of the year, but in a late-summer to the early-autumn timeframe you should enjoy something pretty special indeed.

Castle Hot Springs has a lot of luxury around it, too, making sure you can enjoy the seclusion and privacy afforded by its various pools. While you might find yourself in a somewhat desert-like environment, these hot springs add luscious life all around you.

Chena Hot Springs in Alaska

Hot springs in Alaska!? Yeah, we know!

However, the Chena Hot Springs found in Fairbanks are absolutely worth taking the time to come and visit. These are the most remote of hot springs, too, so if your main aim is to find genuine privacy then this is a good place to start.

This hot spring resort offers a chance for you to spend some time getting to grips with the local geography, too. We recommend that you make the time to go and visit the tremendous Aurora Ice Museum. It is one of the most beautiful museums in the country and makes a fantastic contrast to the springs themselves.

Calistoga in California

Head off to the heat of California, though, and you can soon find some of the best hot springs in the USA. These are located in the gorgeous Napa Valley, and should be one of the best places to visit for a variety. There is a large range of hot springs to pick from, and you will also enjoy the presence of many mineral pools.

Given many of the hot springs in the USA don’t have the inclusion of a mineral pool, this can feel very impressive indeed!

Glenwood Springs in Colorado

If you prefer your hot springs to come in a more mountainous location, though, you will want to head on over to Glenwood Springs in Colorado.

This amazing little place is an adventuring paradise, giving you access to all forms of outdoor activities and challenges. From hikers to climbers to swimmers and those simply looking to snap some amazing photos, you will find that a trip to Colorado is very wise indeed. This is the ideal place for you to turn to when you want to push your body during the morning and then relax well into the afternoon and evening!