Where to Go Whale Watching in North America


Whale watching is one of the most exquisite entertainments that you can find. When all else fails, going to watch the wonder of wildlife can be a wonderful experience for anyone. Lucky for you, North America is home to some of the best whale watching destinations in the world. 

If you are unsure where you can go to find whales swimming through the waters, here are our top 4 destinations for an unforgettable whale watching experience. 

1. Vancouver, Canada

Whether you live in Vancouver or are visiting through March to November, whale watching in the city is a popular way to spend your time. Being one of the coldest cities in Canada, Vancouver offers a great whale watching experience for travelers and residents alike. 

Apart from enjoying the diverse range of cuisines available in the city, one can simply go whale watching to encounter a wildlife experience that is unmatched. With many whale watching tours to choose from, Vancouver is home to the Pacific gray whale species and orcas that are truly a sight for sore eyes. We recommend opting for tours such as the Prince of Whales Wale Watching and Vancouver Whale Watch to discover the beautiful nature scenery of Canada.

2. Long Island, New York

Not many people know that they can go whale watching from the comfort of their own metropolis city, New York. While the attraction is relatively new, whale watching in Long Island has gained the popularity that it deserves in very little time. Although whales had always been passing through the waters of the New York Harbor from time to time, excessive pollution in the city is what kept the people from experiencing a true whale watching experience in the past. 

However, thanks to tighter environmental restrictions and rigorous water cleanups across the city, Long Island is finally becoming home to a range of whales. Since 2011, people can now enjoy watching fins and humpback whales in Long Island through the various whale watching tours available, including Captain Lou Fleet and American Princess Cruises. 

3. Sayulita, Mexico

If you are taking a vacation in Mexico between December and April, we suggest adding whale watching to your itinerary. While Sayulita is no more than a small beach town, the attractions that it offers are rather impressive. With mountains in the background and a rich cultural history to explore, Sayulita is becoming a popular tourist destination for people who wish to experience something different and unique. 

Whale watching in Sayulita is a popular attraction since humpback whales are always present there in breeding season. Some of the best whale watching experiences are offered by companies such as Sayulita Entourage and Oceano Adventures. 

4. Monterey Bay, California

If you are looking for a whale watching experience that can be enjoyed throughout the year, then look no further than the diverse state of California. While there are many whale watching areas in the state, Monterey has no competition due to the diversity of whales present here. Whether you are looking for gray whales or blue whales, Monterey Bay will allow you to watch all of them through its long coast on the Pacific Ocean.